‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards is Engaged! See the Ring He Gave to Fiance Mackenzie Standifer

"Let's get hitched!"
“Let’s get hitched!”

It’s official: Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards is off the market!

Ryan announced on Thursday that he is now officially engaged to his girlfriend, Mackenzie Standifer. The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star posted an Instagram photo of an engagement ring on Mackenzie’s finger, along with the caption, “Getting Married.”

Check out that rock!
Check out that rock!

Mackenzie and Ryan, who have been dating less than a year, have not released any information about Ryan’s proposal (except that it didn’t happen at a Waffle House!) but it will likely be covered on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ This is the second engagement for Ryan; he was previously engaged to Maci Bookout, the mother of his son Bentley. Mackenzie was married once before.

Mackenzie is the mother of a young son named Hudson. In past Instagram posts, Mackenzie has stated how well Hudson and Ryan get along.

“Every single mom’s biggest fear is that someone won’t love on your baby like you can.. That someone won’t be there for your baby like you are.. That they’ll run for the hills when they see just how crazy our life is…But it’s little moments like this that put all those fears to rest,” she captioned a sweet photo of Ryan and Hudson napping on the couch together.

Maci has stated that she is a big fan of Mackenzie. In fact, she even invited Mackenzie and Ryan to her October wedding, where Mackenzie fittingly caught the bouquet!

In a tweet, Mackenzie hinted that she and Ryan will be getting hitched in November 2017.

Ryan is just the latest ‘Teen Mom’ dad to get engaged. Currently, Teen Mom 2‘s Jo Rivera and Vee Torres are engaged, as are Jeremy Calvert and Brooke WehrAdam Lind also proposed this year to his girlfriend, Stasia Huber, but it’s unknown if they are still planning on tying the knot. Ryan’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars, Amber Portwood and Debra Danielsen, are both also engaged.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

32 Responses

  1. He is a gigantic man child.. He is feeling the heat from his family to get hitched and she has been the best of the worst of his last few relationships.. He is in no way ready to be the man of the house.. He can barely stay awake much less take care of a family… Run girl don’t walk!!!

  2. You’re not down-to-earth if you bring someone like Ryan into your child’s life,let alone get quickly engaged to him. You’re probably a fixer, and that ain’t a good thing.

  3. Do we know anything about her? Does she have a job? Maybe she’ll convince Rysn to get one too?!

    Unrelated- I just watched Maci’s wedding episode. In the scene where Matt is on the phone with his cousin, is he wearing a wedding band? Did he and Amber secretly get married?!

  4. Last time he got engaged was when he got a girl pregnant….I think there might be another Ryan Jr. running around soon

  5. And I even thought for a while she could be a renta girlfriend to make Ryan look better.
    She seemed to good to be true. But she is the real deal. She really is. Think she will be such a positive person in both Ryan’s as Bentley’s life.
    I don’t think she is super sweet, think she can be a tough lady too, with tact. Exactly what Ryan is looking for and Maci respects.
    I do agree they are moving a bit fast. Think they have been dating for a while, maybe she wanted to keep things private at first? In that case I like her even more.

  6. Oh and he did a really good job on that ring….maybe he was staying at Jen and Larry’s trying save up money for that thing lol

  7. aw congrats to them!…on the show and reunion she seemed like a good girl that didn’t take any shit. Hopefully she will be a good influence on him and help him get his life together.

  8. Why are they all in this show rushing it?! Maci’s took long but that’s just because Taylor didn’t want to marry her sooner and waited. (She did annoy him with constant talking about WHEN will they get engaged tho) Even Chelsea’s seemed rushed. Even Amber’s was. (She did not marry him yet thank God). The only one who has some sense in his head is Simon who wants in no way to marry Farrah’s crazy ass. But she did buy herself an engagement ring LOL.

  9. Mackenzie seems super normal – which I mean as a good thing. She comes across as really down-to-earth and does not seem like one for drama, or like someone looking for fame. I hope she and Ryan last.

  10. Yay!! I like Mackenzie. She seems very down to earth and it’s good that she has a child of her own so she understands the co-parenting situation he has with Maci. Ryan’s other girlfriends were too immature and jealous.

  11. I’m sorry Mackenzie but I just can’t get over the whole underwear-bouquet-catching-phenomenon! I’m sure you’re a good person and everything but c’mon, you caught a bouquet…. you didn’t win the lottery! I’m pretty sure catching a bouquet (at your boyfriends ex’s wedding nonetheless) does not merit bouncing around and shrieking at the top of your lungs to the point of showing your hoo-ha to the entire world! It was so awkward! I was embarrassed for her!

    1. YES!! I noticed it too and it happened at least twice when she was jumping up and down. I thought it was hysterical!! She does seem like a sweet girl though.

  12. Wow. When I read the line about Adam proposing to his girlfriend this year, my brain read “proposed to this year’s girlfriend”.

    I feel for Bentley if Mackenzie’s statements about Ryan and her son having a great relationship are true. He is a sweet kid who deserves to have a dad who is at least interested in him. I also wonder how Ryan managed to parlay napping into cash because that ring didn’t come from a gumball machine.

    1. Well 1. Just like most of the moms don’t work but get paid from MTV, Ryan’s the same. If he was smart he’d have saved $$. 2. Ryan wasn’t prepared and everyone allowed him to slack Off with Bentley, but maci also only allowed him like 4 days a month in the beginning and acted like it was so awful of Him. I think he figured eh screw it, then she found Taylor.

      1. Ryan probably has a lot of money saved up and stashed away…since 16 and pregnant, he had the support of his parents, lived at home for a while, and really never spent money on expensive things…..maybe Ryan is the one that’s going to end up the most well off at the end of this….MAYBE lol

  13. I think it’s awesome!! She and Ryan compliment each other so much better than Ryan and Maci did. I think he definitely upgraded!! McKenzie will bring him up to where he belongs. With that being said, I think it’s time that Maci find another babysitter other than Ryan’s parents!

  14. Anyone else think that Ryan got engaged just because Maci is now well off the market? The sexual tension between those two is so real!
    I truly believe if MTV hadn’t come calling, Maci and Ryan would’ve made it. He hated filming. It was so obvious. She loved it. And it put him in a filthy mood every time.

    1. A lot of them don’t like filming but the money is good so they grin and bear it. I remember one OG episode where they kept pressing him about his breakup with Shelby and it was obvious he was hurt and didn’t want to talk about it and he said something to the effect “I told yall before you got here I wasn’t gonna discuss that” and he snatched his mic off and walked out. Personally, I wouldn’t ever want to be filmed for anything let alone something millions of people will see and judge.

    2. lol the thought did cross my mind….Maci getting married seems to be the thing that finally lit the fire up under Ryan’s ass to get up off the couch lol

  15. I was surprised how emotional ryan got at the reunion show. In most episodes he seems uninterested in taping. I’m not sure of his girlfriend. I’m sure they get along better than he did with maci though. He still acts young for his age. I can kind of see how he is starting to shape up though. Through all of Bentleys life he has been a much better father than most of the dads on the series. I mean at least he is there and if he was some weirdo I’m sure bentley would turn out to be like a sophia. His now fiance will make him even better.

    Is ryan the one who got a vasectomy or was that another dad?

  16. Well good for Ryan. You can probably fry an egg on a Maci’s head. She thought so high of herself thinking Ryan needed a girl like her, well Mackenzie seems a lot more mature and grounded than Maci so Id say Ryan upgraded big time. Good for them. You can see the positive changes in him since they’ve been dating.

    1. More mature and grounded? I think Maci is very mature and grounded. She’s always been a great mother too. I’m probably going to get a lot of down votes for this comment but I don’t care. I like to say some positive things about these girls once in awhile. People act like they are the spawns of satan…well..possibly Farrah is. But the rest of them do have good qualities.

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