Amber Portwood Quits ‘Teen Mom OG’ Following Explosive Reunion Show: What Happens Now?

"I'm outta here!"
“I’m outta here!”

It looks like there will be one less “OG” on Teen Mom next season…

Last night, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood announced that she is leaving the show, due to the “disrespect” she’s received since the explosive Season 6 Reunion brawl with Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran. Using her social media accounts, Amber explained to fans that she feels unsafe after the ‘Jerry Springer Show’-esque onstage fight and its aftermath.

“Sad to say but I’m not going to be apart of #Teenmomog. The way I have been portrayed and treated is unfair. @MTV sending all my love,” Amber tweeted. “If I was treated fairly it wouldn’t be an issue but it’s been nothing but disrespect since the reunion show. Which keeps continuing today.”

Since the Reunion show aired, Farrah and Simon have continued to lash out in the media at Amber and their other ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars. Unhappy that the show’s producers have taken no action against Farrah and Simon for what they’ve said, Amber is refusing to film any more for the show.

“Nothing has been dealt with or has made me feel any safer to even move on with people who have continuously hidden things from the network,” she tweeted. “The day I’m shown some respect by the people I’ve worked with for 8 years is the day I’ll be back. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this show.”

Of course, Amber is not the first ‘Teen Mom’ gal to threaten to leave the franchise. In fact, many of the girls have “quit” the show at one point or another. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has “quit” countless times for reasons ranging from MTV filming her ex to disputes with her co-stars. Maci Bookout quit ‘Teen Mom OG’ after finding out that Farrah was coming back, even though she was promised by producers that Farrah had gotten the ax for making a p0rn. (Maci was back on the show within an episode, though.)

Leah Messer was perhaps the most earnest in her attempt to leave the show. Back in 2014, she quit because she was unhappy about her affairs going public, and did not want her breakup with second husband Jeremy Calvert put on the show. She held out the longest and, from what The Ashley heard, got a sizable bump-up in pay before she agreed to come back to the show.

It’s hard for any of the girls to quit ‘Teen Mom,’ due to the insanely big paychecks they receive each season. (It’s difficult to say “no thanks” to over $300,000 a season, after all! From what The Ashley hears, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls make even more than the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls do!)

Should Amber actually follow through with her threat to leave ‘Teen Mom OG,’ that will mean that we will not see Matt or Amber’s baby daddy, Gary Shirley, on the show. The general rule is that if the main cast member (one of the eight girls) quits, the supporting cast members related to that girl will not be on the show.

Naturally, Simon poked fun at Amber’s decision to leave the show.

“Does MTV provide unemployment benefits? If so I quit also!” he tweeted, before mockingly calling on the other girls to quit so that MTV would pay them more money to come back. “I think it’s time for all of us teen moms to join forces and strike! We need higher pay! Shame on [executive producer Morgan J. Freeman]!”

Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier, tweeted his support of Amber’s decision to leave the show. (The Ashley is guessing that Matt is hoping that MTV does offer unemployment benefits….just sayin’…)

“So proud of @AmberLPortwood for fighting for and doing what she feels is right. Love you so much!” he tweeted.

The Ashley reached out to MTV to find out what the network plans to do about the situation. A rep tells The Ashley that MTV has “no comment” on the issue.

UPDATE: In an interview with E! News, Farrah provided her thoughts on Amber’s departure.

“I’m out of the drama,” Farrah said. “None of the girls will quit—they like the attention, need the money and their boyfriends need the money too much to quit. I get that Amber is embarrassed of her actions but she flip-flops all the time. She will be right back to filming. This is so dramatic. She could quit and not make it public if she was truly done.”

Amber posted more tweets on Friday afternoon regarding her departure from the show.

“This is not about just money,” Amber wrote. “This is about respect among other things. If we reach an agreement on how to settle than I’m happy. Until then this is what my decision is.I care for the people I work with but until we’re on the same level then I have to do what’s right for me.”

Stay tuned– this is bound to get more juicy!

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  1. The Reunion Show was perhaps the best show of the whole franchise because MTV finally showed us that the Three Stooges are all just as entitled and can all behave just as badly as Farrah. I’m no fan of Farrah’s and will admit that Farrah can be a dispicable human being and an attention whore, but the same can be said about all of the “Teen Moms” OG and TM2 included. I’m not sure what reunion show some of the commenters on this page were watching, but from what I witnessed, Farrah was the only cast member who behaved like an adult, Dr. Drew included (he did after all incite the violence when he brought up Simon’s tweets not once, but twice). Ambien was a flat out bully in every one of her segments even making snarky remarks about the fan that questioned if she really missed Maci’s wedding because she was getting plastic surgery. Add to that the answers the Three Stooges gave when they were asked if they “work” and Farrah is coming up roses. Ambien took a swing at Farrah and luckily for her, Farrah saw it coming and moved just in time otherwise Amber would be filming the next season as another “Amber Behind Bars Special.” Let’s not forget the geriatric wrestling match that saw the poor elder Michael tossed into the audience like an empty keg from the Ginger’s last beer pong tournament or Catelynn’s behind the stage holla back girl moment and what we’ve got is a perfect set up for the next season. Nowhere during this whole episode did we hear anything positive or spend more than a few moments actually talking about the kids that made this show possible. As far as Amber’s concerned her biggest accomplishments this season were her plastic surgeries, Matt’s naked book cover, and getting out of bed once in a blue moon to keep a promise to her daughter. All joking aside, it’s obvious that Ambien is regressing fast and that she is one slip up away from spiralling out of control. If MTV does truly care about these “stars” they’ll refuse to give into her demands and get her the help she so desperately needs. All of these girls blame everyone else for the problems they created and it’s about time that they all grow up and realize that they’re living in a fantasy world. I laughed out loud when Maci, Cate, and Amby staged their walkout. Get real girls, you made fools of yourselves and lost a lot of respect for behaving like little brats. After watching that debacle, I was secretly hoping that MTV cans all of them and gives Farrah her own show. At least Farrah knows she’s an entitled psycho attention seeker and unlike those other three, she owns it and doesn’t apologize for it. Before there was Farrah, there was Amber and now it appears that they are once again changing roles.

  2. Amber looks fatter now than she did before the mommy make over, also her face when she talks, looks like she has had a stroke.

    Farrah I absolutely F?King hate with a passion, Cait and ty have gone way down in my Estimation, and maci is a stuck up thinks she’s better than you alcoholic liar

  3. Wow-she’s “sacrificed so much for this show?!” That’s a hoot to everyone of us who actually holds a JOB. She doesn’t feel “safe’? Wasn’t it amber who came out onstage and started yelling about how she was a felon? I hope she and that human chipmunk matt do quit. It will be entertaining to see one of these clowns attempt to make a living. It’s not so easy when you dont get a fat check for sitting on a couch.

  4. Amber will be back, she tweeted that she has finally been respected which means she got her raise. If she was being more clever she wouldn’t have exposed herself on social media because now Farrah was right and will probably drag her again. I’m tired of them

  5. Amber hasn’t really learn much or at least as much as she think she has– the martyr act over visitation, Marilyn Monroe get up, plastic surgery and ghetto street behavior on the reunion show. She is still in denial and shacking up with a grade A loser and deadbeat.

    I don’t believe Matt is a pedo, but he is the next worse thing, a deadbeat and absentee father. I do give him a pass on trying to punch out Simon over the pedo comment–that is as bad as a accusation as someone can make.

    Farrah is a despicable person, but her hustle game leaves Amber in the dust. She is flat out bully–when she does up against weaker people or less intelligent people she can grind them up pretty good. Her poor parents take it and Amber just is not sharp enough to go toe to toe with her without looking like a lunatic.

    1. I am not sure there are many people out there that are less intelligent than Foe-bag herself. She is by no means intelligent just because she can treat someone like crap. Have you heard the words that come out of her mouth? Her use of the English language is atrocious! Her spelling of it is even worse.

  6. I don’t have a problem with Amber. I think she’s overcome a lot and for that I commend her. Honestly, at this point I can understand her feelings. She’s getting too old to play around with the bullshit. Farrah and her camp are nothing more than attention seeking bullies. I wouldn’t want to be associated with anything she’s involved in either. Just my opinion.

    By in all honesty, Farrah has no room to talk. I guess the other girls do stay on the show for money. But, so does she… She criticizes them so harshly but, they’re the ones showing some kind of human decency on the show. It’s easy to rag on them about them using the show for money but, let’s not forget who’s the one lying on her back to get that dolla’ dolla’ bill y’all… Plus exploiting herself and child.

  7. Amber should be really thankfun for the life she had. If the situation was reversed and Gary had assaulted Amber and took illegal substances, he would still be in jail and there would be no way he would have been able to see Lea. She is still doing nothing, no degree, no real job and have a mythomaniac BF. Farrah is no exemple but doing porn isn’t illegal and she no reason to be shamed for IMO (You can’t claim for Feminism and slut shame people). Moreover even if Sofia is creepy, Farrah built something for them to be financially secured. Amber nor Caitlyn did that, they both live thei life on a couch, doing nothing and complaining they don’t have custody of their daughters.

    She is being stupid and should really prove that she is better because I’m not seeing it right now. None of those girls are exemples. The only one who is doing something and is still rational is Chelsea.

  8. I’m sorry what? I watched the show and one person came out swinging and that one person was amber. Time and time again if she gets mad she assaults people and its not ok.

  9. Okay…I know how much you all are going to hate me for this but…while Farrah has said and done TERRIBLE things, and is constantly belittling people…she is not wrong. Okay, okay look, I can see how irritating it could be for Farrah to constantly be seen as the worst person alive when she’s among the likes of cate and amber when she sees the things they’re doing that everyone seems to be okay with it. Yes Farrah did porn, but porn is not illegal and they constantly bring it up on teen mom and the girls constantly bring it up when bashing her but Cate and Tyler smoke weed and not only is THAT actually illegal, nobody seems to care and MTV barely talks about it and covers it up. Amber has been to jail for substance abuse and domestic assult…but it’s all about her improving her life and how tough jail made her while all she’s done with her “newfound freedom” is sit around and neglect her daughter for her sleazy boyfriend. And Maci is fine except that she just keeps popping out babies to get a man to marry her and I can see how Farrah with her problems maintaining relationships could see that as entrapment because well…Look I’m not saying Farrah is perfect, she isnt even without a country mile of being even decent, but all the other girls aren’t either. I actually think whoever farrahs therapist is now she needs to stick with because I thought shes the most open and reasonable she’s ever been at the reunion.

    1. This has nothing to do with the fact that Farrah is a whore/prostitute. She got paid to have sex. That is a prostitute. Dress it up and call it porn to make it “seem” legal if you want. Regardless that is not really why people hate her. Fact is she is disgusting in more ways than just getting paid for sex. She treats people as though they are scum. She treats everyone like that. She thinks she is above everyone. I am not sure why she thinks she is better than everyone. Yes, she has several businesses but that doesn’t make her successful. You can’t claim to be a successful business person just by opening multiple businesses. Her parents feed into her horrible treatment because they are scared of her. I believe in loving your child unconditionally but she is downright mentally and emotionally abusive to people and no one calls her out on it. Her parents are so desperate for a piece of her pie (not that pie…) that they just continue to get shit on from her Backdoor. No one stops her verbal abuse. It’s sick and sad at the same time. So yes. She is entitled to do porn but she is not entitled to mentally, emotionally and verbally abuse and bully people.

      1. But Amber is entitled to physically abuse people ???

        And don’t give me that crap ‘ she’s done her time from past mistakes ‘

        Obviously she learnt not a damn thing from her past mistakes from what I saw at the reunion…. what a wonderful clip for Leah to watch when she gets older … proud mommy moment right there!!

        1. Amber was jailed for that, farrah assaulted the producer of the show and got away with it.
          And constantly verbally abuses people, Farrah has never and will never learn from her actions, so what’s your point?????

      2. Farrah’s “businesses” will surely fail. I doubt many people will support a person who treats everyone so terribly on national TV. I think Amber has real mental issues. You can tell she is depressed and that situation with that leeching BF of hers, is a recipe for disaster.

    2. I don’t like Amber, I have never been a fan of Amber, she has more issues than National Geographic. She has, or had, so much potential to do so much more with her life, based on her own experiences and past issues, yet she’s done jack shit about any of it. She’s not a good mom, and I don’t think she’s a good person either. That said, Farrah is absolutely, unequivocally, NOT right! Farrah is a shit storm of epic proportions. Not because she does porn, in fact that has nothing to do with why I don’t personally like her. I actually find that part of her, and her backdoor, laughable most of the time(mainly because the primary subset of her customers involves basement dwellers, and I happen to like a good porn…good, and Farrah do not correlate, however). I don’t like Farrah because she’s the biggest see you next tuesday the TM franchise has ever seen, and that’s saying a lot…because we’ve seen plenty. She’s a bitch to anyone, and everyone, including her own child, and that shit does NOT fly with me. be a bitch to every adult around you, fine, the most people will say’re a gd bitch. But be a bitch to your kid, oh hell no.
      Does she beat her? No. Is she abusive in other ways? Abso-friggen-lutely. She is harming her child every day, or every week, and has been doing so since she was born. but because it’s not the typical view of abuse, it’s perfectly acceptable to society. Nope, not to me it isn’t. She’s failing her kid in every way humanly possible, just short of physically abusing her, and her form of abuse is just as damaging. She leaves her for months on end to go god knows where and flaunt her plastic meatflaps, expecting that everyone around her will pick up the slack. It’s how she rolls. She’s not raising her kid.
      You people do realize that she *pays* Simon to be around, right? That’s why he’s her sock puppet and why his view(s) on her have “changed”. We all know Farrah hasn’t changed for the better, she hasn’t improved on jack, so he surely didn’t change his mind based on her winning personality. Farrah is absolutely *not* a business person, lol. She’s a weirdo that thinks opening any kind of business automatically makes you successful. It’s going to hurt a lot more when the bank decides to bend her over without paying for it, because she can’t pay off her loans. Everything she has, owns, and makes, is tied up in them.

      Sure Farrah is not the only shit show in the TM franchise. So many of them have issues beyond issues, they’ve all reached subscription status by now. With very few exceptions, none of them are all that successful these days. That one girl/woman is, or isn’t, doesn’t negate the shit show that is others, and whta they are/aren’t. MTV keeps backdoor Betty on because she brings in drama, and MTV is ALLL about the drama, lol. We all know it, it’s why *we* watch 😉 So, unless the franchise goes somewhere, Farrah will be around as long as MTV can milk that shit, lol. Do you blame them? for every person that says they can’t watch Farrah’s parts, there are ten that watch *because it’s drama…human nature and all that jazz. I can’t stand the see you next tuesday, but that doens’t stop me from watching her drama unfold…it’s like a weirdly sick tv version of rubber-necking. You can’t help but watch, lol.

      She thinks her backdoor doesn’t stink, but trust me honey, even toilet flanges like yours eventually break down and the stench becomes unbearable.

      1. I want to get one thing straight, Farrah isn’t a prostitute. She was not paid for having sex, people paid to watch her have sex. Calling a woman a prostitute just to be sh*tty and get a reaction is no better than Simon calling matt a pedo for attention. And I never said Farrah was perfect. I said she is right for calling out all these other girls and MTV for the sh*t they let them get away with. I’m actually glad she’s brought it to the light because it is unfair. Farrah has said and done terrible shit, she treats people like trash and is very mentally abusive but I fail to see why that means Cate and Ty get to sit around all day and smoke pot and have it covered up by MTV.

        1. Umm, where did I call her a prostitute again? I don’t see that part in my reply, lmao. I don’t particularly care what anyone calls her. My own personal opinion of her is that she is *indeed a lady of the night, if she has to pay a boyfriend to stick around. You think he’s not tapping that backdoor? Come on now, lol. No, calling someone a prostitute is not, *imo* the same as calling someone a pedophile. Given that one is actually illegal, in most of the world, while the other is not. Your mileage may vary, however. Neither is a nice thing to say, but one can get someone in some serious rl legal trouble, while the other, well…it rolls off like water on a duck’s back. Backdoor Betty and her sockpuppet have been calling Matt a pedophile for a long time now, in every venue/format they can possibly find. Did they really think that shit wouldn’t get thrown back at them, at some point? Piss in the wind, you’re gonna get wet, eventually.

          I also never said anyone gets a pass on their shit. They ALL have it. MTV covers up a lot we don’t know about…until it gets revealed somewhere else. None of these girls/women, boys/men are an exception to that rule, including Farrah. I don’t think *any* of them should “get a pass”. But then again, people’s views on pot will vary greatly too. So I don’t make assumptions based on that alone. For me, Cate and Tyler are bad parents because they’re simply bad parents, and lazy, and terrible for each other(they bring out the worst in each other, and simply feed into one another’s issues, rather than trying to helo solve them, together). They aren’t bad parents for smoking weed, though. I’m no fan of most of the people in the TM franchise, truth be told, save a very select few. Most of them have at least some qualities that are normal, human, and not necessarily negative. Not all of them do, but, most of them do. Even despite their shit storms, lol.

          She didn’t “call MTV out” on that, lol. What she did is called projection and deflection 😉 When she wants her shit storm to die down, a bit, she points out the shit storm of others and cries “but what about THEEEEEEEM”. Although that’s pretty typical and , sadly, normal human behavior, especially when your own self is on blast.

          1. If she paid Simon to get sex that makes him the prostitute not her technically. And MTV do cover a lot because they only need one bad girl per TM franchise. On the OG it’s Farrah on TM2 it’s Jenelle. They are still covering that piece of s**t Amber calls her BF, Maci drinking while pregnant, Lea substance abuse, Kail cheating, etc. Farrah needs to stop running her fake lips about everyone that’s for sure.

            But Amber is ridicoulous right now saying “while I was in prison she was selling her vagina” … but you were in prison nothing to yell on top of the world! And Talks about fakery she just had a mommy makeover …

            I won’t talk about Ty and Cait because it would be just as pointless as they are I will just say that they are the perfect example of failure about adoption.

            Maci I use to like her but now she is farting higher than her a*** but she is no good example either, having 3 unplanned babies, no degree. Thanks God Taylor decided to start his T Shirt company

          2. If she paid Simon to get sex that makes him the prostitute not her technically. And MTV do cover a lot because they only need one bad girl per TM franchise. On the OG it’s Farrah on TM2 it’s Jenelle. They are still covering that piece of s**t Amber calls her BF, Maci drinking while pregnant, Lea substance abuse, Kail cheating, etc. Farrah needs to stop running her fake lips about everyone that’s for sure.

          3. Not all payment comes in monetary forms 😉 She pays her sockpuppet to say nasty shit, and hang off her arm. He in turn sleeps with her and pretends to be “her man”.That is how he pays her. Yep, she’s selling herself, and that, in my book, makes her a prostitute, among all of the other shady shit she and her meatflaps are up to(which someone else below so eloquently already explained, lol). The porn she made and sold, and her play wares, isn’t even the half of it.
            The least she could do is be proud of herself for her accomplishments in her industry…and I don’t mean her porn.

        2. Yes she did get paid for sex. Do you not remember her and her father in negotiations with Vivid Entertainment (I think that was the one) to sell the sex? She got paid for it. Yes, people paid to watch it but only AFTER she got paid by VIvid. Then those who watched it paid Vivid.

          1. Peanut you need to relax. My reply was meant for an earlier comment for saywha and I’m sorry for the mixup. I can see why you would want to explain yourself when my comment was taken out of context due to a fault of my own. But now, a few things. How is it okay for you to make up your own definition for prostitute and call both Simon and Farrah prostitute because they are paid in none monetary ways? So…if my boyfriend buys me a cheeseburger for lunch and I have sex with him that night I’m a prostitute in your definition? If she IS paying Simon to pretend to be here boyfriend, while weird, it’s still not prostitution. “But you just know he’s sleeping with her!” So? He’s an adult and so is she, the only thing I can fault him for is she’s a crappy person and he chooses to sleep with her, but as long as money isn’t being exchanged you can’t call somebody a prostitute. And in the same way you mangled the definition of prostitution, they mangled pedo. Matt is dating a woman half his age, uses her for attention and money and before he was with amber, trolled twitter for other “teen moms” like Farrah and Jenelle, both of which are still have his age. And sorry it’s just flat out weird that a 40 year old man is a religious teen mom watcher when he could be leaving their lives if he’d just care for his own damn kids. He never watched for anything more than to see which cast member was the most damaged so he could move in. Now while no crime was committed, and they’re both adults, Matt watching teen mom as a way into one of the cast members lives can be viewed as pedophilic behaviour. It just takes someone who thinks they’re allowed to change the definition to say it. And saywha yes she sold the rights to her sex tape for money but again, that’s not prostitution. Unless she paid him or he paid her to have sex with one another it is not prostitution. The only way it’s prostitution is if he paid her or she paid him. Two people having sex with each other and either selling the tape to someone or having it released accidentally is not prostitution. You can’t slap a name on something just because you don’t like it, that’s how this whole situation even started and now you’re doing the same thing to somebody after saying they’re disgusting for doing it.

  10. Amber won’t go.
    Please amber call your kid by her name Leah!!!
    Boo boo is so not cute makes you sound like a moron

    1. Aw amber clicked down
      Ahhhh did your fat feelings get hurt?
      The above poster is correct your daughter is called Leah, boo boo is not cute it wasn’t cute when she was a toddler either! Even when your with her you look like you can’t be bothered to parent, I see Leah is now becoming a handful and a little rude, she plays you and Garry like a fiddle, time to stop her acting up like that, she needs to Learn that behaviour is not good

  11. Of course backdoor Betty and her sock puppet have something to say about it. The word close means nothing to her. You know…close your legs..close your mouth…She has difficulty comprehending basic English y’all!

    I may not like Amber all that much, we all know she has her flaws, but god damn Backdoor Betty & Co. just shut the phuck up for once! She has no room trash talking about anyone else and them “being in it for the money”. That slimy wench will take a penny anywhere she can find it, how many different damn interviews does she need to do every year anyway? While shes busy judging others for “wanting the money and drama”(oh, that’s original) she’s borrowing from Peters and getting banged by Paul. She has no real cash flow, everything she has is tied up in loans….because…..shes a moron of epic proportions.

    Her, her backdoor(hell, the whole house) and her douchecanoe of a sock puppet, need to just go away already, lol. They’ll do, and say, anything to stay “relevant”

  12. We’ve just viewed the reunion part 2. I was saddened by this season & I’ll explain why.
    Amber & Matt have owned their mistakes & have seriously worked hard to get both their lives on track for themselves & their family & I love them dearly.
    Both Maci & Caitlyn have also moved forward in a productive way for themselves & their family.
    Then we come to Farrah, and then we come to Farrah, and then we come to Farrah.I continue to wish her all the best but the way she speaks about her fellow cast members is absolutely appalling.Farrah has in no way contributed to the show nor has she been a good role model for any young girls.
    As a Mother, Grandmother, Sister & a Daughter I think Amber, Maci & Caitlyn should all quit & only agree to come back if Farrah is removed. Come on MTV let’s see if you really honor your role to help prevent teenage pregnancies because if you are really true you will chop Farrah as there are no positive reasons to keep her on Teen Mom OG

    1. What mistakes have Amber and Matt owned? On the reunion, she blamed everything on Gary. Matt is still denying that multiple children are his, when there are PUBLIC records showing they are.

      None of these girls should be on a pregnancy prevention show, especially Maci. She’s had 3 unplanned pregnacies. All 4 of them are terrible role models.

    2. Are we watching the same show?!??
      ‘Amber and Matt have worked hard and owned their mistakes ‘ you aren’t serious right ?!?!?

      He still won’t admit to how ever many kids he’s got and she blames Gary for everything !!

      I live overseas and have just watched the reunion , pretty sure it was Amber who waddled out on stage trying to snack farrah first ….yeah yeah farrah called Matt a pedophile .. but Amber should have shown a little maturity and class by not bum rushing into the stage ..

      She’s on stage whining about Gary not letting her see Leah whenever she wants and then does this …

  13. Don’t worry, Amber has since found comfort from Jenelle who tweeted that she was “dealing with the same things”.

    Kind of coincidental that the only two moms who don’t have custody and who are shown failing to show up for their kids are the ones being disrespected/getting a bad edit. If they didn’t have the footage to work with they wouldn’t be able to “edit” it the wrong way. It seems that MTV showed as much of the “fight” as they needed to. We saw the beginning and the end result. Creepy Michael couldn’t have choked creepy matt if you hadn’t walked out and started screaming.

    Of course you want out now that your kid is old enough to talk and use her own words to describe situations. Get off the couch and do something!

  14. It’s so obvious that Farrah Abraham’s has deep psychological issues including self-hate. Farrah Abrams needs to check herself into a hospital to seek the help she desperately needs or her parents need to have her committed for the sake of their daughter and granddaughters well-being!

    1. I’ve worked with people with personality disorders, and Farrah truly fits the definition of a pathological narcissist, I’m sad to say; Sophia is living in a self-entitled world, her growth and development obviously arrested/frozen; she will most likely exhibit these qualities as she grows older, and she will be in conflict with her mother when she is an adult, as rarely do two narcissists of these type get along well together. Debra, especially, is disgusting at the complete turn-around she did as soon as her daughter made big money..all of us basically remember their original relationship…Farrah has only become worse as a human being, not better…Michael does his best to stay in her life and Sophia’s life peacefully, but Michael had very serious financial problems when Farrah first started making excessive money, so he’s motivated by the cash, also, regardless of the caring father grandfather act he projects…Farrah has many more ‘yes’ people around her than we even see, she has absolutely NO motivation to change/improve herself…it’s a very sad, not likely to change situation…narcissists RARELY change, even with therapy; they just learn, like sociopaths, how to maneuver a little more successfully in public to achieve their personal wishes and desires…

  15. Farrah and Simon should have to apologize for calling Matt a pedophile. That is slander. Simon is just awful and until he proposes should not be allowed to be on the show.

    1. I personally do not like Matt as far as what I have seen if him. That aside, Simon basically announced to the world (pretty much because it was said in social media and television) that Matt is a pedophile. I think Matt is a blood sucking leech and a con artist but I do not believe fir one minute that he is a pedophile. If I were Matt I would hire an attorney. I would actually question it if he didn’t. He has a valid case and could sue the eff out of both Farrah and Simon. What they have said could very well harm his reputation (ha ha, yes, I said that) and prove harmful should he ever need to submit that application to McDonalds. He is a fool to just sit back and ignore the fact. And that aside, he is a fool. Lol

      1. I agree. He is a total loser, but blatantly lying about something so serious is illegal. MTV does give Farrah special treatment and it’s not right. If Farrah gets to treat everyone like scum (staff included) with zero consequences the other women should have higher salaries. I know they get paid well but that doesn’t excuse allowing abuse by a coworker.

      2. *sigh* you can’t sue someone unless you can prove damages. There would be billions of lawsuits a day if everyone sued every time someone called them a name. If that was the case, he could sue you for calling him a blood-sucking leech and a con artist in your post.

  16. Abraham she is not worth a first name is rude and disrespectful to her parents,so what do you expect for anyone else.She is rude also not a very nice person,not many people would want to be associated with her.So really she should be the one to leave the show,such a awful self loving person.Should be bye bye Farrah,that way the rest of the lovely well mannered girls could carry on.Just saying ❤️

    1. What other “lovely well mannered girls” are you talking about? What show are you referring to? This is a thread about Teen Mom OG. No lovely well mannered girls there.

  17. She is so delusional. Why does she feel threatened? She was the slapper, not the intended slapee. The line about giving up so much for the show & MTV…. Please.
    Like so many Millinials she needs to learn that words are just words. They can only hurt you if you allow them power. Farrah is a rude, nasty, meanie. But we all know that. So why give her words power.
    She won’t survive with out the golden goose.
    It would be fine with me if they just filmed Gary & his family. Amber doesn’t bring much to the table & watching Mutt, is icky.

  18. There was a TV show in the UK called 7up. Every 7 years the cameras would come back to see what changed in their lives.
    MTV should cancel both TM shows now and if they have to bring them back, do so when the kids are teens, see how the girls are planning to deal with preventing their kids becoming teen parents and how they’ve coped parenting for the past few years.
    Give them a chance to get jobs or spend all the cash.
    Personally, I think it would be a far more interesting show to watch and may even help the original plan of raising awareness of the struggles of teen parents.

  19. it isn’t just Farrah “lashing out” Amber & Cate are doing their fair share as well. She willbe back, she is an ex felon with no real skills. w/o MTV $$ she wpon’t be able to give Matt all her $$$

  20. Amber will be back, she needs to support that loser Matt, the money is just to good to walk away from, she should hook up with Chelsea ex Adam, he is constantly on his periods moaning that he is leaving, every season he is still there unfortunately, its the money that keeps them.

  21. How after all that surgery does she still have a double chin???

  22. She’s not quitting. If you read between the lines she basically just wants a little a$$ kissing/coddling from MTV and maybe a few extra dollars for Matt and she will be back. I’m sure MTV will comply with the terrorist’s demands. They don’t want her beating them up too!

    1. I don’t think that is officially sponsored by MTV. Loophole – she’ll be there with bells on and a big stowaway in her luggage in the form of a mooching man…

  23. She will be back as soon as she gets a pay raise. She will never make that kind of money in the real world because she has no skills or education. I don’t blame her for being pissed at Farrah because F is a diabolical, awful person but MTV will never get rid of Farrah because she brings in the ratings. Everyone loves to hate her. However, Amber will be back quickly when Matt leaves her and she doesn’t even have a couch to sit on.

    1. How does She (Farrah) get ratings?? I skip her scenes. My skin crawles by seeing her, even more when I here her talk. Uuughh.

    2. Sorry, hear her talk, I’m Dutch. Pretty difficult to write Englisch sometimes. But hear and SEE her talk with her flippy floppy duckmouth.

  24. I bet you anything that they are going to combine Teen Mom OG with Teen Mom 2. I bet Chelsea is done, Amber says she’s done, Corey/ Miranda and Adam say they don’t want to it any more. But for the lazies, they will stay on forever.

  25. MTV needs to cancel the show. Wasnt this the cast that was cancelled but begged to come back and MTV renamed the show Teen Mom OG? While the show was cancelled all you heard about was the girls getting evicted and making porns and Catelyn and Tyler doing the reality TV circuit. I FWD thru most of the show. I only like seeing the new little baby’s like Gary’s little one and NOva. Belch!

  26. If Amber wants to quit, I understand. I think Mtv caters to Farrah and it’s ridiculous. That woman is a bully and brings nothing but unnecessary drama to the show. I personally think they should just end the show altogether. These girls aren’t teen moms anymore obviously. They are all in their mid-20’s and some of their story lines have just been beat over the head and needs to stop. I think their kids are older too and shouldn’t be on camera for their whole lives. They should experience normal childhoods without Mtv cameras by their side.

  27. Boo boo! Finally I didn’t like her from her episode of 16 & pregnant. She’s still the same violent, abusive b!tch but with more money and more criminal history under her belt. If she doesn’t like how she was shown on the reunion show then maybe she should of came out yelling like a buffalo. Bye girl bye.

  28. She sacrificed a lit for the show. A lot of what Ambie! A lot of couch sittin time? WTF? You do NOTHING girl! Try being a REAL mom to your kid. Forget trying to make Matt happy and focus on your kid. Matt brings NOTHING to the table. He just leaches off you and your fame and money. If you’re tired of how you’re portrayed then show is something other than an angry couch sitting drug abuser. And you’re worried about your safety? Who beat the shit out of Gary in the past and who came charging and swatting at ho bag Farrah? Other than Michael yelling in your face, no one touched you or swung at you. You girls need a dose of real wake the eff up reality! You guys live in a dream world. You act like fools and still get paid for it. MTV needs to wash their hands of you. You girls are probably more of a burden to MTV then you are a benefit. No one is in your face honest with you. They treat you with kid gloves and that’s the problem. You putting the blame for all this on others and you’re taking no responsibility for what you’ve done. Yes, what Simin said was gross but you should have taken the high road. It’s slander. Quietly consulting a lawyer on the matter is more mature than how you handled it. No one should be patting you on the back for your behavior either.

  29. Yeah sure you’ll quit Amber. And work where???
    Also, can someone tell me what she’s sacrificed to be on the show? Because from what I can see, it’s nothing.
    She’s a miserable lazy entitled bitch who doesn’t even get out of bed or off the couch to see her own daughter regularly.

    1. She sacrificed her “sanity” and “private life”. Boo-hoo-hoo! Everybody keeps telling me my deadbeat boyfriend and I should get a job. Waahhhh I never get to see my daughter because I moved a man twice my age into house before I even knew how many kids he actually has. Uuugghhh I moved his drug addict son in too and everyone online is talking about how I’m a bad mom and how my boyfriends using me online, I’m so sick of people treating me unfairly! It’s not unfair amber, it’s real life. Pull your head out of your ass.

    1. Oh Matt is just pretending he is cool with it………..he will leave her or more possibly, make her stay on the show. He’s so fame thirsty it’s ridiculous.

  30. I actually understand where Amber is coming from. Farrah treats everyone likes shit and gets a pass. Simon is who, exactly? Farrah’s little bitch boy. I’m not saying I agree with all of Amber’s life choices, but the girl has been through hell. She’s trying. It’s really hard when you have a background of family addiction, depression and not a lot of support. When you feel attacked, it’s a big deal.

    1. She’s hardly trying. Trying would be enrolling in NA programs, and following the recovery steps given to her. She still drinks alcohol while claiming to be sober. On top of that, Amber can’t even get out of bed to be a mother to her daughter.

      Trying would taking accountability for hitting Gary and missing days with Leah. Instead, she blames everyone else while crying poor me. That’s not trying.

      1. they tried the show with out farrah and the rantings were low and the show was boring . sad to say but farrah brings the drama that doesn’t prevent them from cancelling the show again

  31. Does she not remember that SHE was the one who started the fight be storming on stage? Also, what has she sacrificed? An actual career? She hardly ever sees Leah, she can’t ever get off the damn couch for more than like an hour. She’s a joke.

  32. She is not going to leave this is all an act to create more drama. She has no job skills let alone ever really had a job and she blows through her money so she will be back.

  33. I don’t understand why they all have to be up in each other’s business all the time. Film your segments, hide in the dressing room during reunion shows and stay out of each other’s lives. That’s a heckuva lot of money you’re gonna wish you had when the show continues and you don’t get your paycheque my dear.

  34. No way is she leaving that cash cow!!!! Pretty hard to go from $300k for 6 months work to ‘ do you want fries with that ?’ ( notice how none of these girls actually finished a degree of any kind ) She is totally doing this to hold out for a bigger pay rise …. Matt will be crapping in his soon to be unemployed pants right about now !!!

  35. What exactly has she “sacrificed”?!! She sacrificed being a high school dropout, hopped up on pills, and sleeping all day in a double wide full of flea-ridden dogs? Cry me a river. She ain’t a quittin’ – it’s a money grab manufactured by Matt. I enjoy TM, but they need to cancel the show (or at least call her bluff) and let these entitled brats learn what real life is.

  36. She won’t stick with it. I’m sure she’ll be back filming in enough time they won’t even have to go an episode without her.

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