Chelsea Houska Reveals How Much of Her Pregnancy Will Be Shown on ‘Teen Mom 2’

"Sorry MTV, but I'm not doing that again!"
“Sorry MTV, but I’m not doing that again!”

Chelsea Houska is almost ready to give birth to her second child– but don’t expect to see her in the stirrups, squatting out the kid on an episode of Teen Mom 2!

In a new interview with WetPaint, Chelsea revealed that, while she does plan to share special pregnancy moments with ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers, she will be keeping a lot of baby-related things private, out of respect for her husband, Cole DeBoer.

“This is Cole’s firstborn baby and he didn’t sign up for this show so I just want him to be able to have his moments to himself and not have to feel like he has to share them with everybody,” Chelsea told the site. “So it’s a hard line that I’m trying to balance right now.”

Chelsea, who is expecting a baby boy in February, said that ‘Teen Mom 2’ cameras will “for sure not” be present when she gives birth, but she did let them have a peek at some of the other special pregnancy events.

“I didn’t have [cameras] at doctor’s appointments or anything…but they’re at the baby shower for a while,” she said.

Season 7B will be the first time that the fourth wall is broken on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ so producers will be shown in a similar way to how they are on Teen Mom OG.

“It’s going to be a good season, it’s pretty positive. This season with [my producer] Mandi, we both get along with her great so I think Cole is in it quite a bit more than he has been previously,” Chelsea said. “So it’s kinda nice that it’s focusing on our relationship and not so much any negativity.”

Chelsea said that both the Houska and DeBoer families are eagerly awaiting the baby, who is due on February 14.

“Everyone is so excited,” she said. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had a baby in the family. And it’s Cole’s parents’ first grandbaby.”

To watch the trailer for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here!

To see photos from Chelsea’s recent co-ed baby shower, click here!

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  1. I know I’m late to the party but I was on a hard earned Christmas vacation when this “news” broke. I don’t want to dismiss Chelsea’s accomplishments, but can we all stop pretending that this girl works for a living? Having MTV film her joking around while giving a friend a face massage once a season does not amount to a career. I’d respect her a lot more if she’d quit the show completely in the name of “keeping her life private.” I’m so tired of hearing her “I’m not allowing the fans to see my life” excuses (Engagement? Wedding? Baby name? Now birth?). Why bother filming at all? We don’t tune in to watch her speak like a baby and burp like a trucker while surrounded by her menagerie while she sits on the couch in her sweat pants praising her “Coley” while bashing Adumb. What we can all learn from Chelsea is that being a Teen Mom in America is easy as long as you have a supportive family to bankroll your lifestyle until you decide to grow up or you win the reality tv lottery like all of these ungrateful premadonna TM girls.

  2. Time this boring bitch
    Left the show, her baby voiced segments are as annoying as her gossiping old woman of a father

  3. I find it funny that ppl want all these TM girls to be good Moms, work a real job & have success in their lives yet when someone like Chelsea is actually doing it, the same ppl are bashing her. Calling her boring or calling for her to get of the show. Not everyone can cause as much drama a Jenelle, Cate, Amber, Farrah…now there is the drama you are looking for

    1. I agree with you. Honestly speaking, i was considering chelsea as boring at first but then i reakized that hey, she is actually the mozt normal of them! Respect for chelsea.

    2. She’s the most normal, and the best parent, but I wouldn’t want to have to spend time with her. She comes across to me as a ditsy, shallow dingbat, and I can’t stand listening to her obnoxious baby talk. In some ways she seems to be the most mature woman on the show, but in others she seems like a naive 12 year old girl playing house.

  4. So basically her segments are going to be extra boring LOL…But I will say, the girl is putting her family first, and ensuring that her and Cole’s relationship will last a long time.

    1. True to that but I think a big reason as to why she is stable is Daddy Randy’s bank account. I am not saying it’s a bad thing. But she was raised around a lot of money unlike the other girls that grew up in either middle classed or very low income families. Where the ability to have nice things isn’t anything new to her. If she wasn’t on the show she would still have the same life.

  5. I think she’s being very respectful. You can’t help who you fall in love with, people saying he chose it when he chose her are horrendously mistaken. He met a girl, he fell in love with her, she just happened to be on TV.

    I think it’s a wise choice and she’s allowed her privacy, for any reason she pleases. If she truly wanted to be selfish she’d put that delivery on TV against Coles wishes, and I’m sure they’ve talked heavily about it. Her and that family are going in a much more positive direction than any other cast member and I applaud her for that.

    1. Someone had pointed out (I believe on Modern Topics) that all the other girls claim that their boyfriends don’t like the attention/fame yet they film all the time and capitalize on it and film all reunion/catch up specials. Chelsea and Cole seem to actually mean it when they say that Cole isn’t too comfortable with filming.

    2. She is most definitely the most respectful and upstanding Teen Mom of the entire bunch and a fantastic role model. She is wise and discerning of what to let the world see and it is so honourable. Which is super impressive in the world of reality tv! When I say he chose it, I don’t mean he had to be all in super pumped about it. If it bothered him that much it would have eaten at him and he would have refused. It does bother him but they stand up for their boundaries and they have been able to make it work. I’m so proud of them for not pimping themselves out. Amber should probably be taking notes from Chelsea!

  6. If you didn’t want to have anything with your pregnancy filmed, here’s a thought: Don’t get pregnant while filming the show! Oh wait, they couldn’t wait……….only excuses imo. And yes, WE KNOW it is Cole’s first baby, you don’t have to tell it hundred times lol. Don’t get me wrong, she is a good mother and has no drama during her segments………but give me a break with “I didn’t choose this, they are filming me but I am prohibiting them this and that” with aureola on her head.

  7. I do have to say I disagree with her saying he didn’t choose this. He chose it when he chose her. But I will also give them credit for standing up for their boundaries. Their kids will be better for it in the long run. They will turn out well and not train wrecks. She’s somehow managed to find a balance with a “normal” life and still milking mtv lol. Good on her!

  8. Sooo, her segments will focus on positive things and their relationship, is that a promisse??
    If I have to watch her spell the name or hear her say ‘you know who’ one more time in Aubrey’s presence…

    1. P.S. Ashley, can we have an article on Nathan’s latest TMI statements regarding his sour relationship with Ju Jitsu Jessica?
      Im sorry but Im just looking forward to the comment section.
      You got your priorities straight when you continue to chase a disturbed and abusive gall who is trying to make sure you’ll never able to have kids again and loose custody to the children you do have.

  9. struggle??? It’s no struggle, it if were so awful she would not be on the show and neither would her squeaky voiced husband. They both like the money and attention.

    1. Agreed. At this point she should totally quit and focus on her life. People say good for them being normal but they aren’t being normal. I don’t believe she really has a job and if you go on Instagram, Cole is out there promoting products as much as she is so I find that funny. Though I agree that they are a better couple in the long run in the series, its hit the point where id like to see how things go with no cameras around and come back a few years later and see what happened when they got hit with real world problems.

  10. What is the point of this show? We get shown such a small preplanned portion of their lives. Time to end this show and let these girls try and lead a normal life!

  11. I’m so very impressed with Chelsea! She doesn’t air her dirty laundry on tv (except Adam but that is all), she’s a good mom, a good partner and has made something of herself. She’s a good role model. And yes she does have MTV money but she really did show what is possible as an average teen mom. She struggled with her GED but overcame, she finished her education in something she loves, and she seems legitimately happy! Good for her!

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