Videos: ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Reveal Details of Mykelti Brown’s Wedding to Tony Padron

"Thanks for airing Maddie's wedding episode on our wedding weekend, TLC! That was a nice touch."
“Thanks for airing Maddie’s wedding episode on our wedding weekend, TLC! That was a nice touch.”

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown married her fiance, Tony Padron this weekend in an outdoor ceremony in St. George, Utah. As The Ashley previously told you, the theme of the festivities was “Mexican vintage,” but few details of the wedding and reception have been released.

In a new video clip posted by TLC, Mykelti and Tony discuss their wedding day while at their reception.

“When I said ‘I do’ it felt great,” Tony says in the clip. “The commitment was finally made.”

In another clip, Mykelti’s parents, Christine and Kody Brown, revealed more details of the wedding, including the fact that Mykelti and Tony chose to have white Frisbees thrown at them when they came back down the aisle. (As you do.)

“When it was all over, we threw Frisbees over the top of the bride and groom,” Kody says. “There were these little white disc floating through the air, which I thought was kind of a nice finishing touch.”

“My favorite of the ceremony–it was really cold–and Tony took off his coat and gave it to Mykelti to wear,” Christine said. “I think every mom wants to see her daughter protected like that.”

Although Kody and Christine were initially concerned when Mykelti announced that she planned to marry Tony, they stated that they are now very happy for the couple.

“I’m really glad that Tony and Mykelti are married now,” Kody says.

“I’m really excited for Mykelti,” Christine adds. “It’s awesome to have a daughter that’s married.”

We will get to see Mykelti’s wedding and reception on an upcoming episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ but the Browns have not announced when that footage will air. The footage from the June wedding of Maddie Brown just aired on Sunday.

Watch Kody and Christine talk about Mykelti’s wedding in the clip below:

(Photo: TLC)


  1. They all look like they’re freezing! Pink cheeks and noses. I know she wanted an outdoor wedding but thought maybe they would change that or be bundled up a little more since their plans changed to December!?? Yikes.

  2. I’m sorry I sound do dramatic and harsh, but he is truly so revolting-looking! I really hate judging people like that, but, ew.

    1. “I really hate judging people like that, but I’m gonna do it anyway cause I’m an a-hole! Ugly people shouldn’t be able to get married.”

    1. Im guessing a bet not to cut or comb till January?
      I have seen picures from him with a shorter haircut. He looks so much nicer with a good haircut I think.

      I want to know what is going on with the dress she choose. I mean the top. Wear a dress you absolutely love, suits you and fits perfectly not one to chalenge your parents and show you are so independent and different than your family or something like that.

      These kids have a lot of growing up to do together.

  3. I feel bad but … what’s up with her eyebrows? Is this a new fashion trend? I’ve only read the recaps so I’ve never actually seen him on video … he’s very strange ….
    Christine sure seemed happy and overcome. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her candid in that way before lol

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