‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown is Married! Get All the Wedding Details!

"We're hitched!"
“We’re hitched!”

Yet another Sister Wives star has walked down the aisle!

Mykelti Brown, daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, married Tony Padron on Saturday in St. George, Utah. According to People, which had the exclusive on the wedding festivities, over 400 guests attended the vintage-Mexican-themed nuptials at the Bloomington Country Club.

As you’ll remember, The Ashley was the first to tell you that Mykelti and Tony would be getting hitched on December 17.

The bride wore a white tulle and beaded A-line gown, while Tony was dressed in jeans, a burgundy dress shirt and a sport coat. According to the wedding photo posted on People‘s site, Tony let Mykelti wear his coat at the outdoor alter, due to the 40-something-degree weather. (Damn that Maddie— she got to have the summer wedding Mykelti wanted!)

Mykelti’s sister, Aspyn Brown, served as the Maid of Honor, while some of Mykelti’s other sisters were bridesmaids.

To achieve the “vintage Mexican” theme that Mykelti and Tony wanted for their wedding, handmade flowers in Talavera pots were placed throughout the venue, and they served a buffet of Mexican food to their guests. They had eight different flavors of cake at the reception.

The couple danced to Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” for their first dance as husband and wife.

According to People, all 23 members of Mykelti’s family attended– including Kody and Christine, as well as Kody’s three other wives JanelleMeri and Robyn, and her 18 siblings. There’s no word yet on whether Christine and Kody had to mortgage their house to pay for the wedding, as Tony suggested in a recent episode.

Mykelti and Tony will be honeymooning in Seattle, and have said that they will continue to live in St. George. Mykelti has stated that she and Tony will not live polygamy like her parents do.

Wanna see their wedding registry? Of course you do! 

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16 Responses

  1. I’ve seen this a million times in religious fundamental groups, being that I lived in a deeply religious household where premarital sex was unheard of. It wasn’t an option, unless you really wanted to pay the heavy price of constant guilt and shame.

    Typical scenario: A guy pays attention to her, she falls in love with him, can’t sleep with him unless they’re married, gets married super young. I think she thinks it’s going to be like playing house. Marriage is not some fantasy land where every night you drift off to sleep cloaked in magical love holding each other until the sun rises. While I find her naivety kind of endearing, she’s gonna be in for quite a surprise. They definitely rushed this and we all know why.

  2. Maddi and her husband look legitimately happy and passionate and in love and her wedding looked well put together …. Tony’s getup looked very sloppy …. I don’t know …. I hope the best for them …. kinda skeptical …

  3. Something is definitely off about him, but then he’s marrying her so… Hopefully now that they’re married we won’t have to see him on TV as much.

  4. Do they even have a place to put registry stuff? They couldn’t afford their wedding or honeymoon on their own. She is a bitchy sneaky brat and he is a creepy smelly looking guy who can’t even talk correctly. He’s in it to be on tv

  5. So yeah……….his wish is now fulfilled. (You KNOW which wish I am talking about, they said about it on the show). Also ew.

  6. I love looking at registries, but it always makes me want to see their home. Like where did they put the DC Marvel Canvas? Above the bed? The couch?

    1. Are they asking for all those food grating, slicing, cubing etc etc stuff for the whole family?? Their kitchen will be filled to the rim with kitchen gadgets they hardly use.
      Her dress looks very nice from what I can see. His jacket ruins it sadly.
      Congratulations to the couple.
      Be good to each other, bring out the best in each other and reach for the stars.

        1. And so much easier to clean.
          A knife, a board and a wisk can replace so many kitchen gadgets.

          I can imagine though, that the Browns use nicer dicers and such. It might save time preparing large portions of food.

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