EXCLUSIVE: ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 2 Star Valerie Fairman Has Died

valerie-fairman-deathThe chaotic life of 16 and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman has reportedly come to a tragic end.

Numerous sources tell The Ashley that Valerie, who starred on the show’s second season in 2010, has passed away on Wednesday at the age of only 23. She leaves behind her daughter, Nevaeh, age 7.

Valerie starred on the same season as Jenelle EvansChelsea HouskaKail Lowry and Leah Messer before they were chosen for Teen Mom 2.

While Valerie’s cause of death is unknown at this point, her struggle with substance abuse and troubles with the law have been well-documented.

As The Ashley told you previously, Valerie had been arrested numerous times since her appearance on ’16 and Pregnant,’ (most notably in February 2015 on prostitution charges).

From what The Ashley can gather, in April 2016 Valerie had been sentenced to two years of parole, stemming from her previous arrests. Last month it appears that she violated her parole and had a hearing scheduled to discuss the violation. It is not known if that hearing ever took place.

Valerie's last mugshot: taken one week before her death...
Valerie’s last mugshot: taken one week before her death…

Valerie ran into more trouble with the law just a week before her death. She was arrested in Pennsylvania on December 15 for resisting arrest and giving false identification to police. Valerie was released on bail, and was set to go before a judge for her preliminary hearing on January 5.

Valerie’s friends and family have been posting memorial messages on her social media pages.

“Valerie you will forever be missed,” Valerie’s sister wrote. “I love you baby girl and I will always [love you].”

“RIP I’m gonna miss you Valerie Fairman aka my daughter,” a family friend posted, along with a photo of her with Valerie.

Her ex-boyfriend, David Pryce, also posted about Valerie’s death, hinting that it may have been drug-related.

“I will always miss you Valerie and I want to tell anyone who is selling s**t to people to stop,” he wrote. “We have lost too many loved ones to what you are doing…”

The Ashley is not sure where Valerie’s daughter Nevaeh is currently living; however she was at one point living with Valerie’s adoptive parents.

UPDATE: TMZ has released more information about Valerie’s death. According to Valerie’s mother, Janice Fairman, who spoke to the site, Valerie was found unresponsive in the bathroom of a friend’s house. Emergency service personnel responded to a 911 call that claimed Valerie was in cardiac arrest, but the 911 dispatcher later stated that the situation was “possible DOA” (dead on arrival), and the dispatcher asked the paramedic to bring a container to place needles that were found at the scene.

Toxicology tests are currently being conducted by the coroner to determine Valerie’s exact cause of death, but everything is pointing to an accidental drug overdose.

Valerie’s mother told TMZ that Valerie had been attempting to get clean in recent months. She had checked into a rehab facility after her April 2016 arrest, but wasn’t able to get clean. Valerie had been unsuccessful during four previous rehab trips.

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(Photos: Facebook, Parkesburg Borough Police Department)


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  1. There was reports of her giving birth to her second child in the beginning of 2016 but there’s no mention of her leaving behind any child except her 7 year old daughter so I’m confused as to how many children she had

      1. Beth, start a gofundme for Nevaeh’s sake. Valerie cannot provide for her as I’m sure she intended, but something can be done!

      2. You’re nearly the only person who can rightfully do so in Valerie’s honor, please take heart, & action at this time! Sending you unconditional love, Beth! Thank you for bringing Valerie into the world as well!

    1. What if you start a go fund me for Nevaeh in Valerie’s honor? The money can be placed in a trust fund for her so she will not face poverty in the same way as Valerie and you have. Valerie’s fame can provide for Nevaeh in death, a bittersweet comfort of monetary security maybe?

      1. I and my daughter Nina had to take it down as Janice verbally said I was not going to not get any ashes she never gave me any even after we did ..I asked to have visits with my grand daughter she said NO. I am looking into a lawyer through legal aide ,I know Valerie wanted me in her daughters life but Janice Fairman has control issues and honestly I just see her as using children as her meal tickets,I mean I could be so rude to this woman but the Christian part of me is saying no. I have to remember she adopted Valerie and cared etc for her when I couldn’t,that I will always be thankful for. thank you for your kind words and advice I am doing all I can with what legal rights I have, I biologically am the only person{parent} in the picture when it comes to Valerie ,I am told Janice and Mat share joint custody,but she told me by tex message yesterday she has full custody nO judge will allow ME to see Nevaeh!!? I mean how old is she? 80 something? I would of thought she be more open to my visiting but she as I said thinks shes in control,I know I have to have some legal rights even though she says I don’t. See Janice cant use my past against me anymore, I have been clean since 2004,i have gotten married,have our own house,i was supervisor of habitat for humanity,ihave become a positive member of society!! I have my other grandchildren in my life ,my other daughters,i have come along way BUT SEE Janice doesn’t want to except that. Shes looking at the past ,BUT I ask for prayers not for me but for Janice..God will make a way for me to visit my grand daughter I just have to wait ,its in Gods time not mine

  2. This is so so sad. I always said she should have been on teen mom 2. Maybe things might have turned out better. She was a bright girl who just got caught up in crap. A young life wasted.

  3. What I don’t understand is why so many people wait for an addict to DIE before they feel any compassion towards them.. when Leah was clearly addicted to pills for the past few seasons everyone was so quick to judge her & put her down.. when jenelle was arrested for posession & clearly high on heroin, i remember people saying she didnt deserve to have children.. when Valerie was arrested for prostitution did any of you say she was a beautiful girl who was struggling with addiction? Did anyone pray for her to get help & get her life together? ..Now that she’s dead everyone sees her beauty & potential.. too little, too late!

    1. I agree with everything you said but the Jenelle part. I have zero sympathy for that girl..ZERO! Yes addiction is horrible but JE is just someone I can not have sympathy for. If that makes me cold hearted then whatever. She is a horrible human being. Now I did feel bad for Leah bc I do think she’s a good person.

    2. You do have a point. Everytime you say something nice or warm about one of the disliked moms you are downvoted to shreds or accused you are Jenelle, Amber or mama Dawn or friend.
      I guess compassion and care does turn to frustration when someone has been called out/ warned and adviced so many times but won’t listen.

      I was very happy and impressed to see Leah’s progress lately. She has said her and Corey co-parent well and I believe Corey said something likewise. She is not going to fight for more custody and she has started college. I have said this before, Leah is actually very smart and a good learner.
      Im glad the twins are safe and well taken care of again and Im glad they have their mom in their lives.

      Having a mom and dad is importantant and good for a child, unless the damage and risks are to high.

      Jenelle has been a good student too, she is smart and I do think she has a kind heart and would like nothing better then having a happy and healthy life and marriage. Sadly all of that is deeply burried under her emotional and drug related issues. It not fair that her kids should suffer from her inabbility to overcome those yet. So no, I do not think she should be allowed to raise children.
      Same goes for Amber, Farrah and Adam.
      It frustrates me that these people are not willing to make more effort to overcome their issues as they are parents.

  4. How truly devastating. I can’t help but wonder how differently her life would have been had she not gotten pregnant so young instead of being forced to grow up too soon. Please young ladies and men out there, take this circumstance from Valerie and don’t be on a hurry to grow up too soon. Enjoy your youth. Respect Valerie enough to stay in school, be a teenager and live life fully on her honor.

  5. In my thoughts and prayers. My heart gos out to the little girl she left behind and to the family. It’s a heart braking to here this beautiful young girl life is ended so young. I pray this will open eyes to all the other Young people out there that if they continue doing Drugs this will happen to anyone. It only takes ones… Praying for the family…
    IAM very very Sorry For your loss

  6. So sad. I pray that my children do not turn to drugs…such a sad outcome for Valarie & her daughter. Drugs take over your life & never being rid of them is the scary part.

      1. And the FB page The Girls of 16 and Pregnant revealed it first and Modern Topics posted it about an hour before The Ashley. 🙂

          1. What really matters is a little girl lost her mother and two mothers (adoptive and biological) lost their daughter right before Christmas. 🙁

        1. Big fkn deal!!!!!

          Someone’s has died and your bitching about who reported it first, youand guest are utter fucking twonks.

          Rip Valerie

      2. @The Ashley

        You don’t have to explain to Guest.
        Guest should be more concerned about a young girl dying, than bitching about who broke the news first, guest needs to get off his/her high horse.

        Rip Valerie

  7. That’s just awful. Really sad to hear this, not because she was on TV but more because it’s Christmas and this must be a horrible time for her family. Sad, sad news.

  8. And they call this girl a “tv star” ????? So much for decency. People are idiots if they think that this show was something worth watching, only MTV and other stations would make it something good to be 16 and pregnant, not married, living off the government to take care of your baby………plus, she had been arrested several times ???? Dang great role model for the youth of America……..

    1. This show may have deterred some girls to having unprotected sex. I don’t think they made it look glamorous. It showed the struggles they went through. They showed how a lot of the boys would leave and they would now be single mom’s.

    2. How can you possibly talk about decency?
      Addiction is a disease, the brain patterns of those who suffer with addiction are very different than the brains of those who do not suffer from addiction. This can be shown on brain scans.

      And unfortunately, because of the nature of the disease, it can make do things that you’d absolutely never do under normal circumstances, like prostituting ones body.

      This is not something to demonize, or continue to stigmatize, because it only serves to harm those who are suffering, and only makes it more difficult to find and seek out the proper treatment that they so desperately need.

      Also, many, if not most addicts also suffer from mental illness, which contributes to addiction. It’s used as a form of self medication.

      On the topic of government assistence, statistically speaking, the vast majority of people who are on government assistence also work full or part time. These are people with jobs, who are struggling to make ends meet because the government allows companies to pay their employees an unlivable, starvation wage.
      Walmart is a prime example of this. They refuse to offer full time work to 95% of their employees so that they can avoid paying for medical benefits, and the pay minimum wage, and actually teach their employees how to apply for Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps.)
      That’s what’s indecent, not sick people, or people fighting to take care of their families.

  9. It’s a shame she couldn’t find that exact thing that would help her get past her issues. That she couldn’t find happiness with her family friends and her daughter. Drugs are horrible. It takes so many young lives. I hope she is at peace and her daughter grows up well without her mother

    1. Ugh. I feel bad that I giggled at this comment because this whole subject is NOT a laughing matter at all. A young life has been lost and its extremely tragic. Just couldn’t help but giggle at “angles.”

  10. This is such sad news. A life lost and so many touched.
    This most be so hard on her adoptive parents. You could see those people tried so hard and loved her so much in her episode. It is horrible to have to worry about your child, to live longer than your child is beyond words.

    People who make or sell drugs should be punished so hard it is not worth it to anyone anymore.

  11. Last I heard she was living in Delaware but it looks like she made her way to Pa which is a stones throw from Philly. Here in Philly and surrounding townships there has been a bad batch of heroin going around. I recently loss a friend a month ago to drugs and I found out he was dabbling in heroin too and I have a strong suspicion both he and Valerie met the same fate. This is disturbing and sad. This girl had such a troubled life. I hope for all the best for her daughter and family

    1. I am sorry about your friends passing.
      I live in the Philly area myself (about ten minutes from the airport) and the heroin problem in general is getting out of hand. My friends and I have found needles on the side of the road and a few at the trolley station behind Springfield Mall.

      1. Thanks. Yea the heroin thing is insane here in Philly and Lehigh Valley. The cops here are starting to carry Narcan with them to resuscitate those that are suspected of overdosing on opiates.

  12. I’m am praying for her family and her daughter who now has to be raised without her mother. I lived not too far from her in DE. I had friends who knew her and said she was wild but, always fun to be around. It’s a shame such a young life was taken so soon.

  13. Sad…she was so young. I actually liked her episode of 16 and pregnant…shame she couldn’t get her life together.

  14. Moderntopics.com actually posted this story begore you did, so noone needs to credit and link vack here….just saying

  15. This is so tragic. She was a very lost and angry young woman; her episode was so hard to watch because it was so obvious that she was struggling and searching for love. I’m so sorry to hear that she has passed and that it seems like she was never able to find what she was searching for.

  16. What a tragedy:( . I remember her episode. She was so beautiful! Praying for her family and friends but mostly her daughter. I lost my dad when I was two years old.

  17. My thoughts and prayers go out to Valerie’s loved ones, especially Neveah. It would be nice of MTV to make a college fund for her. My heart bleeds for that poor child.

  18. This is really sad news, I don’t think it matters how it happened really or what choices she made, to lose such a young life is tragic, particularly when she had a young child herself ?

  19. I personally know Valerie and I pushed her away for reasons of my girl now I feel bad I can’t bring her back to help her she will be missed rip Valerie

    1. I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m sure there wasn’t anything you would have been able to do. Sending love to you and her the people that knew and cared for her.

    2. I’m truly sorry for your loss. I don’t know the specific circumstances here, but I know from my own experience that it came down to pushing them away or going down with them. That distance didn’t mean I loved them any less, but I firmly believe it’s why I’m still alive now. It’s rarely that black and white in the moment though. This is all hindsight for me. I mourn those losses. I miss them every day. I couldn’t have done anything. No amount of talking or being around or whatever. This isn’t on your shoulders either. Even it feels that way. I’m so sorry. Mourn your loss. I think you ought to stay away from forums like this for a little. Randos that never knew her will likely make harsh comments and speculate about your friend and her life. That wont help you mourn the person you actually knew… Just a thought

  20. Prays for her daughter and family. What a tragedy so close to Christmas. ?

    Though, I had already seen this sad news on The Girls of 16 and Pregnant and Modern Topics before The Ashley posted.

    1. So you saw it before
      Big fkn deal!!!!

      Who posted this sad story first is if no matter.

      What matters is a child has lost her mom, so please keep the snide patronising comments to yourself.

      This isn’t the time or place to bitch about that

  21. Prays for her daughter and family. What a tragedy so close to Christmas. 🙁

    Though, I had already seen this sad news on The Girls of 16 and Pregnant and Modern Topics before The Ashley posted.

  22. She was obviously a troubled girl. I feel terrible for her daughter and family. Unfortunately, at such a young age, I can’t help but think it was substance related.

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