Reality TV Star Courtney Stodden Releases Naughty Christmas Song “Mistletoe Bikini”

Can someone hose Santa down please?
Can someone hose Santa down please?

It really wouldn’t be Christmas without a reality star releasing a creepy holiday song.

This year, Courtney Stodden did the honors, debuting her new song “Mistletoe Bikini” earlier this week.

In the song, as well as the semi-NSFW accompanying video, the star of The Mother/Daughter Experiment sings about how she wants to puff on Santa’s um, pipe, all night (as you do), before complimenting Kris Kringle on the taste of his “peppermint stick.”

In the video, a Christmas-bikini-clad Courtney gets spanked by an elf, gives Santa a lap dance and just randomly starts humping the air for short stretches of time. She also angers a disturbing-looking Mrs. Claus. It’s definitely not something you want to watch at work (unless your boss already thinks you’re kind of a perv and you want to keep your office cred.)

The song is catchy, and Courtney’s singing voice isn’t as awful as The Ashley had hoped. While she’s no Adele (or even Britney Spears), Courtney can at least carry a tune, unlike some other reality TV stars who have tried–and failed miserably– to have a music career. (Cough, Farrah Abraham, cough…)

The song is currently available on iTunes, in case you’re still looking for that last-minute gift for Grandma…

Watch the video for Courtney’s song “Mistletoe Bikini” below…and then go take a cold shower…


  1. Okay, I realize Santa Claus is not real………HOWEVER, this truly disturbs me, it’s almost sacrilegious to a very precious belief of sorts of all of us who EVER believed in Santa Claus…I asked my husband what he thought of this, he is always honest about thinking the girl is hot, he was horrified and said, “That’s just wrong! Mrs. Claus should have beat the crap out of her, and Santa Claus should be majorly ashamed!” lol I love my husband, we share so many kind, loving delusional beliefs…. 🙂 I honestly would never watch this again, I do NOT want to add to its popularity in the numbers….youtube rewards videos by the numbers who have viewed them…I do not want Doug and Courtney to be rewarded for this POS…..

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