‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Reveals the Extravagant Christmas Gifts She Bought Her Daughter Sophia

"I also got Sophia a life-size cut-out of her favorite person, ME!"
“I also got Sophia a life-size cut-out of her favorite person, ME!”

Every year, little children make their Christmas wish lists for Santa Claus. While most kids ask for things like dolls or toy trucks, it’s a little different if you are the daughter of Farrah Abraham.

The Teen Mom OG star told In Touch Weekly that her seven-year-old daughter, Sophia, asked for a variety of extravagant things for Christmas including, but not limited to, a Jacuzzi.

Of course, Farrah said she bought her daughter everything on her list– and more!

“On her wish list was a Jacuzzi, golf cart, her Apple computer that she wanted, and a miniature horse,” Farrah said. “As a mom, I check off all of that and some stuff from her store.”

Must everyone on ‘Teen Mom’ have a horse at some point or another!?

This is not the first time Farrah has been in the news for “spoiling” Sophia. When Sophia lost two teeth earlier in the year, Farrah gave her $600 from the “tooth fairy.”

Don’t worry, though! Farrah told the magazine that Christmas isn’t all about mini-horse-buying and Jacuzzi-installing for her family.

“We love the tradition of always meeting Christmas Eve, and doing a big family lunch or dinner, so we always do that,” she said. “Family plans-other than being with each other and spending quality time, that’s what really matters. But this year is different; Sophia is seven, and every year with a child is different.”

When your mom gets you the wrong Jacuzzi for Christmas...
When your mom gets you the wrong Jacuzzi for Christmas…

Yeah, apparently “seven” is the year of the Jacuzzi.

Farrah even shared a happy family Christmas memory with the magazine about her mother (and frequent insult target) Debra Danielsen. Apparently the generous gift-giving gene runs in Farrah’s family…

“I remember this one Christmas, my mom got me all these Ty Beanie Babies. At the time, for me as a child growing up, that was a big deal, so yeah, my mom pretty much just bought them all,” she said. “We had so many gifts that year, it was nuts. And I just really love and remember my mom decorated the whole house with nutcrackers and trees and garland-we’d go all out.”

Farrah said she has decorated her humble abode for the holiday, but she didn’t go as far as Deb.

“I have yet to totally immerse myself in the Christmas spirit like that,” she said. “We just did the lights up everywhere in the yard and the house, and Sophia wanted to do her Christmas tree this year, so I let Sophia decorate.”

Who has time to hang garland when you’re searching the streets for a mini horse and a Jacuzzi?

(Photos: MTV)


  1. That child is too spoiled. I hate the way that Farrah talks to her mother. It’s so disrespectful. Sophia will treat Farrah the same way. What goes around comes around.

  2. Deb you really should have swallowed that night.

    What a vile nasty pos you brought in to the world.

    You’ll all reap what you sowed

  3. I bet daddy Derick is spinning in his grave at the way this bitch has dragged up his child.

    He’d be disgusted that she will not let his mom see her granddaughter ( he’d hate farrah) for all that she’s become and all that she’s enabling his daughter to be.

    Sophia will be a 100 times worse to farrah when she’s older and in therapy because of her cuckoo mom and grandma.

    The kid really has no chance and is already a lost cause with no friends.

    1. I agree – imagine the extreme pain the poor horse would suffer as the person Farrah hired to turn it into a unicorn stapled/nailed the horn onto the horse’s forehead….

  4. Who cares what she spends! My children got thousands spent on them this year. And no, I’m
    Not wealthy by any means. But Christmas time? They get what’s on that list and then some! My children are well behaved…not teen parents, straight A students and athletes. And if they want a jacuzzi, I’d buy the jacuzzi.

    1. That’s fan-freaking-tactic Little Old Me. That’s right. It’s your money and you can spend it however you like but show some class. Don’t discuss how you spend or how much you spend. It’s tacky and low class.

  5. Something needs to snap this girl out of it! She’s absolutely delusional! Raising kids isn’t about projecting you own needs and wants onto them , reliving your childhood vicariously through them is a huge mistake!!
    Her daughter is going to turn out just like she did… they’re both rude and entitled. Sophia can still be saved but Farrah is to far gone.
    Sophia will end up treating Farrah the same way Farrah treats her mom.

    1. That would be a best-selling new book by Farrah for the self-entitled narcissists being raised at the moment, the title would be adjusted to “1000 ways to make a child worship you for as long as you have money”…not all parents are guilty, it’s the culture, the cult of personality out there, that the younger generation is being bombarded with that is turning them into that, making them believe they DESERVE IT, as Matt would proclaim…….

  6. Your rite Farrah who has time to hang garland and all that when you’re searching for mini horses! I’m not one to sit and judge, but you say that Christmas is not all about gifts, it’s more about quality time, that’s what really matters. Hmmm… However;it sure seems to me that you make a point to showboat or flaunt what you buy or do for Sophia. I just have a couple of questions, while you’re spending quality “Family Time” together, do you ever talk about or discuss what you can do for a child less fortunate than yours and have you ever thought how you could maybe give your child $300 for the tooth fairy but maybe you donated to the other $300 to buying books that you and Sophia went to read kids who are spending their Christmas in the hospital?? Just kinda wondering, it’s about sharing and giving and NOT JUST TO YOUR OWN! Don’t take what I’m saying wrong, I think any parent who has the means, wants to do,give,and provide even more than what they remember having as a child. I got that. There is nothing wrong with that idea at all. I’m with ya, but I’m not with spoiling your child to the point that they try to outdo their list from last year with gifts that are on adults list. I don’t see it as a good “Tradition” to start that Sophia has this EXTRAVAGANT list, and she has the idea that on Christmas EVERY gift she asked for will “Magically” show up for her. That’s simply not how “Real Life” works, and I just think Sophia may have the wrong idea of what the Christmas Spirit is REALLY ABOUT!

    1. Absolutely, the first thing that struck me when I read this was the timing. Couldn’t wait until after Christmas to boast about what a great mom she is, making sure her daughter gets everything she wants. Not even trying to keep the magic of Santa, like everything, it’s all about Farrah.
      What, imo, would be preferable parental behavior, would be to see how extravagant my 7yo daughters list is, and instead of rushing to call a magazine as soon as you ticked off the last item, take the opportunity to teach her or show her how less fortunate children will be spending Christmas and give the child the opportunity to reassess her want list. Learn the difference between want and need.
      I recall that the late Princess of Wales took a very young Prince William to visit a homeless shelter to help him learn and understand how privileged he is. Different circumstances I know, if Farrah wants to buy expensive gifts, rightly or not, she has at least earned the money, but to not consider the long term effects, combined with all the other parental choices she’s made is heartbreaking.

  7. She flonts her money around too much, and I don’t like the way farrah treats nor talks to her mom. So disrespectful, but farrah has no class anywho, so I guess that’s why she is the way she is

  8. Jacuzzi U can FIND anywhere! Where does Farrah live in the OUTback where there is NO phone’s or screws to WiFi? Get REAL Farrah! Even a mini horse if U can Google it U can find IT! She said not doing that CHILD any favors! She is SPOILED as it is, so PILE more worthles CRAP that the kid doesn’t need or want REALLY! She just ask 4 this stuff ,2 see if Farrah is dumb enough to just roll over & give in, no questions ASKED! Kids want Boundaries. That gives Sophia Security, like having a loving Hug by her Mother rather then Farrah buying Sophia affection. Which is unnecessary, that child had more ,”STUFF” then she will ever need! Stop NOw Farrah because ever year YOUr going 2 have do things BIGGER & BIGGER every Year! What rpR U going 2 buy Sophia next Year Farrah? A private Island of SOPHIA’$ very own?

    1. There are so many private islands actually for sale – I watched a show and was amazed – who buys an island?! People like Richard Branson….anyway, what I was going to say is what you stated is right, what is she going to do, to up this year’s list? We almost shouldn’t mention items like private islands – it will give Sophia ideas. since her mother thought it was fine and dandy for Sophia to surf Instagram and solicit strangers for friendship, talk, whatever…I’m sure Sophia knows how to search her own name and her mother’s name, and will be reading these posts at some point, saying to herself, “AN ISLAND? Why didn’t I think of that???”

    1. Another porn, sell her body more, another reality show looking for drama to get attention.
      The only thing stopping her will be jail.
      Another fight, another DUI, prostitution, plenty of possibilities to get her there.

      1. Opening businesses doesn’t make you successful. Using loans can be a tricky business in and of itself. Relying on them entirely to run your business, is a recipe for disaster. Farrah doesn’t even “run” those businesses, to begin with, lol. I wouldn’t count that as a measure of success, or even a positive thing for her, or Sophia(who really is all that matters here).

  9. Why did Farrah feel the need to broadcast her gifts to the world? Spend your money how you choose, but maybe keep a few Christmas secrets and surprises within your family.

    1. She always says how she keeps it classy but this shows how truly classless she is. A person who has money never brags about it or flaunts how much they spend or on what they spend it. If she has to talk about it she is not as wealthy as she would like us all to believe. I would like to see her credit card statement.

  10. Maybe having Sophia help select gifts for the homeless and actually help deliver them so she could see how those less fortunate live would be a more worthwhile gift. Farrah’s life is all about the superficial and the material things that money can buy and she is teaching her daughter that these are what’s important. Watching the dynamic of her relationship with her own parents make it clear that Farrah is repeating what she was taught and the cycle goes on. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional splurge and taking the time to enjoy the money that was earned through hard work but to not show your child both sides of privilege is doing them a huge disservice. Compassion, grace and the desire to share with those in need is a gift that no amount of money can buy.

  11. I don’t think it’s safe for kids under 16 to use hot tubs.
    Stop buying and spend undivided attention with her..just her. No Simon, parents, etc. Even if it can only be 2 nights and a day since Farrah does have 3 legal businesses and other adult ventures she books.
    Time is what kids yearn for, it’s what they remember, and what will mean the most to her.

    1. I wasn’t even allowed in hot tubs until I was about 16-17. And even then I was never allowed to use the ones at hotels.

  12. Let Farrah go she is NUTS and her daughter is a little Farrar. I can’t watch the show because of her. And when teen mom is gone Farrar wI’ll go back to port with her BIG lips and tits

  13. This makes sense. Farrah’s parents sucked but bought her a bunch of stuff. She is just repeating the same behavior. Generations of bad parenting!

      1. ITA!! Not that I have them anymore but my 17 little buddies have since passed away…I too take offence. Ferrets are kind, loving very smart with individual personalities…all of which the queen of porn in her own mind, possess none of those qualities. NONE!! PS I started with two, then with all the abuse that happens to the little babies. I opened a ferret rescue…

  14. Poor kid. When MTV walks away and mommy’s businesses can’t get by on her “fame” anymore, she’s going to wish some of that money was still around for college, and therapy.

  15. While it’s great she has all this morning to care for her child and more, she’s literally ruining this girl in every way possible

  16. Terrified of how Sophia is going to turn out. Forever grateful to my parents for teaching me the value of money and having to work hard for everything you have.

    1. Sophia is already horrible
      Nasty and violent, all taught to her my her Gunt of a mother

      Every one of them in that family are fkd in the head, the brat has no chance

  17. That child will have zero clue how to live in the real world. She’ll have to make porn just to get by. Way to go Farrah.

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