Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2016 Reality TV” Survey!

2016This year is rapidly coming to an end! The year 2016 has been a crazy one in the world of reality TV. From splits to scandals, the stars of our favorite reality shows have certainly kept things interesting this year.

Each year, The Ashley asks her readers to vote for their favorite (and least favorite) reality TV shows, people and events. As always, the survey results will be announced on December 31.

Take the survey and vote for your favorites below!

To see the results of The Ashley’s 2015 survey, click here! For the 2014 survey results, click here!

(Photos: MTV, TLC, ABC, NBC, E!, Freeform, CBS, Lifetime, FYI)


  1. I declined to vote for any of the shocking breakups because I was not shocked by any of them. I have watched all the shows (except for Rob & Chyna) and none of those couples stood a chance. I guess Andi was right about Josh. How shocking…not.

  2. Just remove Farrah from Teen Mom OG and give her and Sopha a spot on the next season of Toddlers and Tiaras. Now that’s a train wreck I’d watch in 2017!

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