Fiance of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Reveals Proposal Details & Wedding Plans

"You asked, Ryan! There's no takey-backys now!"
“You asked, Ryan! There are no takey-backys now!”

Teen Mom OG cast member Ryan Edwards announced earlier this month that he and his girlfriend, Mackenzie Standifer, are engaged, and now Ryan’s bride-to-be has revealed how her oft-bug-eyed boytoy popped the question!

Fans began to suspect that Ryan had proposed at a Waffle House because he tagged the restaurant in the photo of the ring he used to announce the engagement. Luckily, though, the proposal didn’t happen there. Mackenzie said Ryan planned a romantic night out for them for the proposal.

“I just thought we were going on a date, but he rented out a riverboat and nobody was there,” she told MTV News. “It was just us on a riverboat, on the water, and it was beautiful. We finished dinner, and we were looking at each other. He asked me to stand up, and that’s when he asked.” (Kudos to Ryan for planning such a romantic proposal…and staying awake for it!)

Despite the fact that she’s only been dating Ryan for seven months, Mackenzie seems to have already won over the whole McKinney/Bookout/Edwards clan. Mackenzie, the mother of a little boy named Hudson, apparently encouraged Ryan to move out of his parents’ home and helped mend the rift that had developed between Ryan and his father, Larry Edwards. Mackenzie attended the wedding of Ryan’s ex, Maci Bookout, and seems to get along great with Maci and Ryan’s son Bentley.

Mackenzie, who just turned 21,  told MTV News that she and Ryan are already in wedding-planning mode.

“We already booked the church!” she said. “We’re getting married in November 2017. It’s where [Ryan’s parents] Jen and Larry got married.”

Ryan and Mackenzie are just one of the many ‘Teen Mom’ franchise couples who are currently engaged. Teen Mom 2‘s Jo Rivera and Vee Torres are engaged, as are Jeremy Calvert and Brooke WehrAdam Lind also proposed this year to his girlfriend, Stasia Huber, but it’s unknown if they are still planning on tying the knot. Ryan’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars, Amber Portwood and Debra Danielsen, are both also engaged, so there will be plenty of wedding bells ringing in 2017 for the casts of ‘Teen Mom!’

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  1. I think that it is amusing that he is only ready to commit now that maci is married….it also seems convenient that he has gone from living at his parents where jen and larry cooked and cleaned for him to moving out on his ‘own’ and within weeks/months has a fiancé to cook and clean for him. Ryan seems like he has been trying this season and i love mackenzie, but i wouldnt be marrying someone who obviously has no work ethic (teen mom wont go forever) and looks as if he is tripping all the time ….especially as a mother.but im just a fan and can only comment on mtv’s entertaining portrayal of the cast and their lives lol

    1. Despite other children being involved and now spouses I still would not discount a future for Ryan and Maci, which is sad for her other two children. Once the MTV cameras are gone and the reality of family life (for both of them) with no MTV paycheck and without the fame will set in and I don’t see Makenzie or even Taylor sticking it out long term. They have major chemistry and I don’t think its ever been completely over for them. He wants her and she wants him. Its sad but its how I see it playing out.

    1. She has been “ruling the roost” since the very beginning. I know Ryan has not been superdad or even present at times. Nobody seems to think the boys need time to grow up either.(Unless your lord Tyler) Im rooting for the guy and His new girl seems reasonable good luck to them.

  2. It seems that he has substituted his mother with this young bird. I hope Ryan’s feelings for her are legit and that she isn’t being naive about the situation – he obviously have some mental issues and/or drug abuse going on.

    BTW. What’s up with the meanspirited comments about her looks? A lot of young people look older than they are. I don’t understand people’s need to point it out.

  3. I don’t think anyone has seen enough of this girl to know anything about her. What I have to say is that she cannot be the world’s most responsible person/mother figure as she moved in with a man besides her child’s father after she had only been dating a few months which irritates me to no end. On the other hand, if she has made him want to grow up that is great. I’ve always thought Ryan wasn’t as bad of a dad/person as everyone thought that he just had a whole lot of growing up to do. I just hope he’s finally ready to do it and that seeing him so involved with another child doesn’t hurt Bentley.

  4. As a professional who works with addiction, I have been suspicious about some Ryan mannerisms, IE constant yawns, dilated and pinpoint pupils. Hopefully I am wrong
    As for his engagement she seems to be good for Ryan. Like the earlier post said if they can keep Maci from dictating their wedding.that would be great. I don’t understand Maci’s need to evolve him in things That clearly do not fall under their sons interest. It is bizarre. Seems like she sometimes wants Ryan involved for her own “interest”

  5. Let me go on record as saying I don’t give a darned about Debra’s so called engagement. She’s proof that Apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Farrah. Just more cyber b.s. Now let me thank you Ashley for bringing us true facts, not false rumors.

  6. I am so shocked that she is only 21. I had assumed she was closer to Ryan’s age. Not saying that it matters, I am just surprised as she seemed older.

    1. I thought the same thing. She looks close to 30. Im 31 and look younger than her. She ages like a banana apparently.

    2. SAME. I can’t believe she’s 21. I’m 26 and I’m still mistaken for being a high schooler, but she def doesn’t have that problem.

      1. I have the same problem. I am 26 and people think I am 20. I guess it’s a good thing. Or it will be eventually.

  7. So he’s moved out of his parents’ house, and now he has a fiancée. How’s it going with, you know, a profession?

  8. Good for Ryan. Hopefully he and Mac won’t let Maci try to interject herself in the planning or their personal lives “for the sayke of Bentlay”

      1. I spelled it like that on purpose because that’s what Maci talks like. Kinda like how she pronounces Ryan, Rhine.

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