12 Months of Farrah Abraham: The ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Biggest Scandals of 2016

"Just wait until you see what i do in 2017!"
“Just wait until you see what i do in 2017!”

Farrah Abraham certainly didn’t shy away from controversy in 2016. The Teen Mom OG star made headlines constantly this year, for everything from her parenting choices to her social media ramblings. She feuded with everyone from her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars to her parents to Nicki Minaj, garnering her plenty of the attention she craves.

Here, The Ashley takes a look back at the most outrageous Farrah Abraham-related scandals, quotes and actions of each month of 2016….

January: Farrah Gets Her Daughter Involved In Her Spat with Nicki Minaj


Farrah kicked off 2016 with the first of many feuds—doing some online sparring with Nicki Minaj. To be fair, Nicki started the fight when she tweeted that Farrah was a “c**t” after she watched an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Never one to let an opportunity to fight via the Internet pass her by, Farrah jumped on Twitter and unleashed her wrath on Nicki.

The fight itself wasn’t the worst part, though. That came when Farrah posted a video of her then-six-year-old daughter, Sophia stating on-camera that “Nicki Minaj is a total loser.” Fans scolded Farrah for getting her young daughter involved in the petty online spat.

February: Farrah claims she was “almost raped” by an Uber driver…but later admits that the guy just looked at her weird.


Farrah got herself banned from using Uber after she stated on her now-defunct “Farrah & Friends” podcast that she was “almost raped” by an Uber driver in 2015. She also stated that her sometimes-boyfriend, Simon Saran, came to her rescue after the alleged almost-raping.

“An Uber driver almost raped me so I don’t know about Uber,” Farrah said. “I felt like I was almost raped.”

The only problem? No one even attempted to lay a hand on Farrah. In fact, a month later she admitted that the Uber driver in question had just been looking at her strangely.

“I wasn’t raped,” she later clarified on Nik Richie’s podcast. “I felt like I was getting raped…I felt like I almost got raped. You’re violating me by looking at me. Don’t act like a rapist … I have a severe problem with that.”

She told Page Six that the driver was “looking at her lecherously” and that “it could have escalated into a rape situation,” adding that she “got into the car and the gentleman was looking me up and down.”

Uber later revealed to Page Six that its investigation into the incident had uncovered that Farrah was banned because Uber claims that her companion (most likely Simon) was dumping drinks all over the Uber driver’s car. As you do…

March: Farrah Calls Her Sick Daughter Sophia “Stupid” For Not Wanting to Go to a Party


Farrah has been known to lash out at everyone from her parents to her producers to random schmucks on the street, but usually her daughter is spared. That wasn’t the case this Easter when Farrah called Sophia “stupid,” among other things, when the little girl—-who was sick at the time—-refused to go upstairs and get ready for an Easter party that Farrah wanted them to attend.

“I don’t know why Sophia needs to act like a heathen, get up there,” Farrah told Sophia. “Sophia is too stupid to get ready. It’s not my issue right now.”

When Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, told Farrah to take it easy on Sophia because she’s sick, Farrah lashed out at her, too.

“I gave her medicine, I already did that stuff. It’s ridiculous how she’s acting,” Farrah said of Sophia. “Between the two of you I don’t know what’s more irritating.”

The episode was taped in March, but didn’t air until September. After catching a lot of flak from fans, Farrah told Radar. “I can be stupid, anyone can act stupid. I keep it real. I’m not allowing my daughter to be spoiled or not responsible for her actions.”

April: Farrah leaves an offensive racist comment on Blac Chyna’s Instagram account.


Farrah’s feud with Blac Chyna seemed to come out of nowhere. When Blac Chyna posted an Instagram video of herself singing Beyonce’s song “Sorry,” Farrah left her thoughts in the video’s comment section…in the form of a horribly offensive and racist remark.

“F**kin monkey ewe s**t come up 4 what she is a nothing,” Farrah wrote.

Blac Chyna’s fans were outraged, with one commenting to Farrah, “You have the nerve to call her a monkey, one of the biggest and most known racial slurs to call an African-Americans?”

Farrah later commented that Blac Chyna “has drug issues.”

May: Farrah compares her seven-year-old daughter to a stripper working the pole.


Farrah is no stranger to the adult entertainment world (“Backdoor Teen Mom,” anyone?) but she still managed to ruffle a lot of feathers when she insinuated that her seven-year-old daughter Sophia may have a future in the industry as well. Farrah posted a photo to Snapchat of Sophia playing on a jungle gym pole. The picture itself was not offensive, but the caption Farrah posted along with it certainly was.

“So this is why the playground is popular – oh boy,” Farrah wrote.

She was so proud of the caption—obviously comparing her daughter to a stripper—that she posted the picture to her Instagram account, adding, “#parenthood few do it right,” (which really made no sense but, hey, it’s Farrah…)

June: Farrah posts photos of her daughter doing sexy poses in a bikini during a modeling shoot.


Farrah’s parenting choices made headlines (again) in June when she posted modeling photos of seven-year-old Sophia in which the little girl wore a full face of makeup and a bikini. In one photo, Sophia looks much, much older than seven as she poses suggestively while halfway emerged in water.

Fans were outraged by the photos, commenting that Farrah was out-of-line for allowing her young daughter to do the photo shoot.

“She is a child!” one person commented. “Why in the hell are you trying to make her look sexy!?!? Is this not something to be reported? Now all the pedophiles have something to look at, this is infuriating and disturbing.”

Farrah later told People that she saw nothing wrong with the photos.

“There’s a lot of young children who do modeling, and everyone loves her pictures,” she said. “I think because we’re on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ we get bad criticism, but Sophia’s doing amazing in modeling…I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

July: Farrah explodes on Dr. Drew after he makes comment about her; accuses him of watching her sex tape “daily”


Dr. Drew Pinsky felt the wrath of Farrah in July. During an appearance on the Allegedly podcast, he was asked which ‘Teen Mom’ he would like to strangle if he had to. Drew chose Farrah. His response did not go over well with Farrah, who later told Radar Online that she now feels “unsafe” around Dr. Drew.

“I will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning [sic],” she wrote.

Although Dr. Drew specifically stated in his original interview that he was not sexually attracted to Farrah or any of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls, Farrah seems to think otherwise.

“Ok Dr. Drew it sounds like you want to strangle me and f**k me, gross!” she wrote in a statement to Radar.

She also claimed that Dr. Drew probably watches her “Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape “daily.”

August: Farrah allows her daughter to send and receive messages from strangers via Snapchat.


Farrah’s daughter Sophia got her own Snapchat account this summer, and Farrah saw nothing wrong with the youngster using the social media site—even when Sophia started sending and receiving messages from strangers using the app! Sophia was so overwhelmed by messages that she eventually begged her followers to stop messaging her.

“Give me text, I’m coming for you,” she said in a Snapchat video. “Excuse me, you guys are texting me so much could you please stop.”

Alarmed fans alerted Snapchat that Sophia had an account, despite the fact that she is only seven. (Snapchat requires its users to be at least 13.) Sophia’s account was terminated, but Farrah later told Radar Online that she saw nothing wrong with Sophia chatting with people on social media.

“I’m right there,” Farrah told the site. “Seven-year-olds are lighthearted when it comes to Snapchat. If she wants messages and she’s hyper then good for her before bed time.”

September: Farrah announces that her daughter will be allowed to hire and fire employees working at her boutique.


Farrah’s daughter Sophia is only a kid, but the ‘Teen Mom’ star sees no reason why she can’t fire and hire employees who work at the clothing boutique recently opened by her mother. Farrah also claimed that Sophia would be expected to work at the Texas-based boutique, as she is its “owner.”

“[Sophia] will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store,” Farrah told Radar Online. “Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.”

The boutique has been open for a few months now, but it’s unknown if Sophia has given any employees the ax yet.

October: Farrah says that Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier looks like a pedophile, which starts an on-stage brawl at the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion.


Farrah and her sorta-boyfriend Simon caused the biggest brawl in ‘Teen Mom’ history in October when, during the filming of the Season 6 Reunion show, they claimed that Amber Portwood’s fiancé, Matt Baier, looked like a pedophile. Simon started it all in September when he joked that Matt was a “red dot in your community,” making reference to the sex offender-tracking website that uses red dots to mark where known sex offenders live.

During the Reunion taping, Farrah and Simon were asked about Simon’s comments, and Simon explained that it was said “in good fun.” Farrah, however, saw nothing wrong with Simon’s comments, and even added, “I’m sorry that Matt probably looks like it!”

That comment caused Amber to come out on the stage, swinging at Farrah.

The episode aired in December. (You can read The Ashley’s recap of it here!)

November: Farrah appears to be giving her daughter weight loss tea in an Instagram ad.


Farrah likes to show off her body on social media, so it’s no surprise that one of those weird Instagram weight loss tea companies sought Farrah out to do some advertising for them. The problem came when Farrah posted a photo that showed her and Sophia holding “Flat Tummy Tea,” along with a caption that insinuated that Sophia was also drinking the weight loss tea in an attempt to detox after eating too much Halloween candy.

“Teatime,” she wrote, “Sophia & I after all that candy.”

Fans were alarmed that Sophia was drinking Flat Tummy Tea, but Farrah later stated to Us Weekly that Sophia wasn’t actually drinking the tea; it just looked like she was.

“She has strawberry milk and I have my tea,” Farrah told the magazine. “She wanted to take a pic like that, so no, my daughter does not have tea in her cup.”

Farrah’s explanation didn’t satisfy all of her critics, though.

“How stupid is she?” one follower wrote of Farrah. “Even if she didn’t give Sophia the tea that is known for having a laxative effect, she is insinuating that she needs it.”

December: Farrah buys her daughter a pony, Jacuzzi, a Mac Book computer and a golf cart for Christmas.


The year was almost done but Farrah managed to grab a few more headlines before 2016 came to an end! Right before Christmas, Farrah bragged that she was buying Sophia all of the super-extravagant gifts that the little girl had asked for, including, but not limited to a pony, a Jacuzzi, a Mac Book computer and a golf cart.

“As a mom, I check off all of that and some stuff from her store,” Farrah told In Touch Weekly.

Fans thought that Farrah was full of it until she posted photos to her social media accounts on Christmas morning showing Sophia playing with her new mini horse, holding her new Apple computer, driving her new pink golf cart and swimming in her Jacuzzi.

(Photos: Instagram, MTV, Snapchat)


  1. totes agree poor kid will end up an alliance or druggie as hasn’t had a decent role model.michael ok but completely shouted down and no balls to tell his daughter to grow up live in the real world and smell the coffee.Mtv shud fire her jus want her4the ratings

  2. By far the worst thing is that Farrah is allowed to interact with her child without timed supervised visits, frankly I am disappointed in Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services for not stopping by from time to time. No one should really fault Sophia for being a ‘brat’ because there is no positive role model, emotionally stable or responsible adult involved with her upbringing. Farrah’s sister is the least volatile of the family dynamic but she has the good sense to keep her children off screen.

    When Farrah eventually publishes an unintentional satirical ghost-written book on Child Rearing, she will be confused as to why it’s in Fiction section. The only thing I did give her credit for is actually spending time with her daughter but that’s even more damaging for Sophia. The saddest is she is setting up Sophia for unhappiness in her future by Farrah’s examples and behavior:

    Mad at someone? Scream, insult and belittle them. That goes for personal AND professional relationships.
    Criticism, or even constructive criticism? Call them crazy and then jealous. Stupid works too. Or threaten to kill everyone on Big Brother.
    How to deal with death? Make videos at the grave and make sure to get some crying. Yearly. And post EVERYTHING on social media, even your grandparents body at the funeral parlor.
    What’s the most important thing in the world? Fame, objectify yourself, pop off to other celebrities for exposure, ANYTHING.
    On boundaries? Farrah has no idea what boundaries are as indicted by unable to distinguish between being looked in the eyes and attempted rape.

    While that behavior is not against the law other than threatening to kill other celebrities on Big Brother, what should be is endangering her child. Any parent who willfully denies that having their child pose in sexually suggestive stance in full make-up wearing bikini is dangerous and warped, that’s stepping over the line from distasteful to maybe I should tip off CPS that they should keep an eye on that kid before they slip through the cracks. Compounded with her daughter’s personal contact details being known by complete strangers, why is CPS not at her house right now after that? Any device that has internet access can dangerous. Numerous cases of strangers hacking into nanny cams, one asshole was caught screaming at a child in a crib to wake up and another creep was caught when her parents heard his voice over the hacked monitor, it doesn’t get more horror movie scary than that.

    Basically any device with a camera can be dangerous, so compounded with letting Sophia pose in icky photos that only pedos like, letting a seven year old child give out contact information, not finding it odd that grown adults are flooding messages to a child who is barely out of kindergarten. Considering how Farrah is so open, proud of her sexual exploits and dresses extremely inappropriately sexual bodes even worse for Sophia, she doesn’t get the luxury of being just a kid. Ultimately Farrah cares more about Farrah than anyone else, or she would try to give Sophia the most normal, grounded and loving childhood she should have.

  3. I think she has a sick, demented need to destroy people that she perceives to be weaker than herself and that includes her own child. It makes her feel powerful and in control. A sociopath does not feel love or empathy for anyone or anything. She may not be beating or physically abusing Sophia (that we know of), but is simply destroying her mind and soul. Absolute child abuse.

  4. Farrah shame on you! You are so out of touch with parenting skills it makes me sad. Your daughter is going to be so mentally screwed up. You are teaching her nothing in life but how to be a bitch to EVERYONE,That selling your body is ok, that being fake is ok. How about teaching her about morals,treating people with respect,keeping your mouth shut when you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, do unto others as they do to you, dressing her like a little girl,how about not bringing so many men in her life and that material things don’t mean anything at the end!! How about some love in that house?? Take her to do 7/8 year old things. Dress more appropriate when your out with her, Your daughter has asked you not to talk so mean to people after you asked her what she thought you could change as a mom and you spoke so awful to her it was so sad!! When your 7 year old realizes your a bitch wake up!! YOUR own mom was talking about wanting to die because you are so mean amd disgusting to both parents!! I just don’t understand how at your age how much hate you have in you and toward your own baby girl! Having a child is a blessing. ..Farrah get some help its not to late you can change. Being so bitter and just so mean all the time is not healthy. you had all that work done to your face your body and your are pretty but your outside does not match your inside. I’m very surprised that child protective services has not been called on you. And MTV should immediately pull her from the show the disrespect for the staff is unreal and it’s not fair to your other girls who get it and are wonderful mothers she should not be rewarded!!! MTV with be just fine without her trust me!!! Remember life is going to be rough because she has no father figure..Change your ways for her Farrah and she definitely needs some discipline in her life and stop rushing for her to be a grown up. Yup I could go on and on. On a positive you can change and fix this. Remember the past is the past in moving forward make good decisions that u want Sophia to be proud of and really think before you speak…thinK before you speak..good luck

  5. I chose her rape comment as her worst offense, but really her worst offense is ever being born to be honest. I don’t care how bad that sounds.

  6. Said she would have sex with any man paying enough money (aka looking for new clients?), said she would like it when Sophia will make a porn too once she is an adult ‘all the power to her’, made a new porn while she still denies being a porn actress, still made her daughter wear make-up, bought her own engagement ring (bahahahaaa), still treated her mom like poo and still let’s the MTV crew pee & poo outside cause they are not allowed to park where the golden back door is parked. Yuck-yuck-yuck.

  7. I’m surprised she wasn’t charged with anything after accusing that Uber driver. People sue for everything nowadays and I think the Uber driver would have been in the right if he had sued her. I by no means like the sue-happy times that we live in, but here it would have been justified. Maybe hitting Farrah in the wallet enough would have finally made an impact on her. Not gonna lie though I would have liked to see the impact Amber’s fist had on her face.

  8. Sexualising her own daughter. That is so wrong. I thought she was on the right track. I have no issue if somebody wants to do porn but accusing some body of rape and giving her daughter so little chance to be a child. that beggars belief.

  9. Sophia would be better off being raised by wolves! I feel so guilty watching her walk down the proverbial railroad track toward the speeding train and being unable to save her. She will grow up and be just like Farrah who, no doubt, learned much of her parenting skills from her own mother…and the cycle goes on. MTV could never have known the kind of dog and pony show they were getting when they signed Farrah Abraham up for 16 and Pregnant. Farrah needs her own spin-off…21 and Psycho! As long as the money is rolling in, Farrah will sign the contract. Sad…

  10. Farrah is a fake and disgusting person in general, she thinks she’s better than everyone when the truth is nobody in the right mind would touch her used and abused body, she’s desperate to get married but im sorry you can’t turn a ho into a house wife. I sincerely feel sorry for her daughter who has to live in the fast life that is Farrah. Sophia should be taken away from her mother and I use the word mother loosely Farrah love’s Sophia but is teaching the child it’s ok to treat anyone negatively and that there’s nothing wrong with being sexy or in the porn industry….no 7 year old child should know the word sexy let alone pose for sexy shots barely dressed and wearing heavy make-up, Sophia should be playing with dolls and dress up with friends not acting like an adult. SHAME ON FARRAH I HOPE SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANYMORE CHILDREN,Farrah is failing as a mother/role model for Sophia who sadly never had the chance to meet her father god rest his sole.

  11. She is so rude to her Mom and everyone.She needs to be off the Shiw. She is just to much that’s why she cannot keep a Man

  12. Did she go mental b/c her parents are messed up, got prego at 16 or when Derrick died? There should be one for Amber too b/c she is a physcho in sheeps clothing.

  13. Farrah is a horrible person. Her daughter will one day grow up to be just like her and maybe worse. What is Farrah going to do when Sophia talks to her they way she talks to her Mom.

  14. Everything she does is appalling but calling a man who is doing his job a rapist could of lost him a job got a criminal record for merely doing his job.She thinks shes gods gift to the world and can do and get away with everything without a consequence.Calling her dad Michael.When her mom did slap her she deserved it but that should have happened long ago.None of the other teen moms have become divas like her.She even said she was buying a house for2million dollars-had to get the price in there.Sofia I feel sorry for as she copies as any child does the parent and 1show when Sofia was about4she was putting lipstick on perfectly without a mirror.My 12 yr old still can’t do it right with a mirror.Maybe the world should stop talking bout b itchy farrago as that is what she wants to be in the public eye24/7.Shes a rude spoilt brat end of

    1. A lot can be said about Farrah, but the girl knows how to make money compared to the rest of the girls. And I’m not referring to her porno.

  15. If I had talked to my mother the way Farrah does ( and to her child, her crew, the world…), I would have had the taste slapped out of my mouth. I wouldn’t have a hair left on my head and I’d be crawling around on the floor, looking for my teeth. That’s what she needs, a good ol’ beat down.

      1. She’s been in therapy for years and doesn’t bother to put any of their advice to use. I’ve raised three children to adulthood. None of them would ever dare speak to me the way she does. They were raised to respect their parents, to be rewarded for good behavior and to learn from their own mistakes. If any one of them came at me or their Dad, a la Farrah, they would get their teeth knocked down their throat. Then, they would be offered some therapy. Girl needs took down several pegs.

        1. So you think it’s okay to beat a child if the child dares to talk back to its parents? That’s just wrong, IMO. A child should never be abused in any way!

          1. I don’t believe in abuse, but I believe in RESPECT. My kids had it easy. We had a thing we said when they were growing up, “everything you do or get, depends on how you act”. My kids are not my friends. They are my kids. I do believe a little fear goes a long way. My kids know right from wrong and fear the consequences. Nothing wrong with that. And yes, I did spank them when they needed it. My oldest is nearly finished with his Masters Degree now and has been teaching for a few years. He has remarked many times how thankful he is that he was raised properly and how many students need the discipline he and his siblings got growing up. I have never been called to a school for any trouble, my kids have never messed in drugs, never been in trouble of any kind, no teen pregnancies, all are pursuing higher education. Yeah, if they would ever talk to me and call me the names I’ve heard come out of Farrah’s mouth, I’d smack the shit right out of them.

  16. Farrah is a garbage person and a terrible mother. I totally don’t blame Nicki for calling her the c-word. She deserved it. After all these scandals involving her daughter, I’m surprised CPS hasn’t investigated.

  17. While all of these are absolutely terrible the worst is really saying she was almost raped when a driver was just looking at her. It’s an insult to the true victims of sexual assault, a heinous act like that should not just be thrown into conversation lightly or jokingly. Farrah a piece of trash who has absolutely no respect or sensitivity. Also Sophia looks like a children of the corn.

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