See the Results of The Ashley’s “Best of 2016 Reality TV” Survey!

2016Last week, The Ashley asked you to vote for your favorite (and least favorite) reality TV stars, shows and moments of 2016. The response was overwhelming, which proves people really love their reality TV (well…that or, there’s really not much to do in the week between Christmas and New Years…)

The results are in! (Just remember, these results were voted by Roundup readers, and do not necessarily reflect The Ashley’s opinions!)

Before we get to the results, The Ashley would like to thank her readers for another great year for The Roundup! She wishes her readers a very happy New Year, and is excited to bring you the best (and worst) of reality TV in 2017. Stay safe and, if you’re going make a bad decision tonight, make sure there’s a reality TV camera there to film it!

Here we go…


farrah-stockBiggest Reality TV Trainwreck of 2017:

Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom OG)

This award is back where it belongs: in the hands of a ‘Teen Mom’ cast member! Last year, ’19 Kids and Counting’ star Josh Duggar took this ‘honor’ away from the ‘Teen Mom’ girls for the first time ever. (Before that Amber Portwood took it in 2011, Jenelle Evans in 2012, Farrah Abraham in 2013 and Leah Messer in 2014.)  But Farrah has managed to bring it back to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, due to all of her antics in 2016.

Honorable Mention: Jenelle Evans (Teen Mom 2)


flip-or-flop-tareq-christinaMost Shocking Reality TV Couple Split of 2016:

Christina & Tarek El Moussa (Flip or Flop)

This reality TV couple seemed to have the perfect marriage: always happy, new baby, working together on a successful home renovation show. However, Christina and Tarek shocked everyone in December when they announced that they were separating to “reevaluate their marriage.” Tales of nanny-humping, explosive fights and on-camera lies have since hit the tabloids, each story more shocking than the last.

Honorable Mention: Kail Lowry & Javi Marroquin (Teen Mom 2)


teen-mom-ogShow You Were Most Embarrassed to Admit You Watched in 2016:

Teen Mom OG

Keeping up with the hi-jinks of Catelynn, Farrah, Maci and Amber is the guilty pleasure of a lot of Roundup readers! ‘Teen Mom OG’ took this award by a landslide, collecting 50 percent more votes than the runner-up show, ‘Counting On.’ Last year, ‘Teen Mom 2’–younger sister of ‘Teen Mom OG’–took home this award.

Honorable Mention: Counting On


showercap-farrahMost Annoying Reality TV Star of 2016: 

Farrah Abraham

Farrah has been undefeated for this title for the last five years now! The champ certainly earned the honor of being the most annoying reality TV star of 2016, what with all her feuds, online rantings and money-flaunting. (To check out some of her most notable antics of 2016, click here!)

Honorable Mention: Kody Brown (Sister Wives) 


toby-willisMost Shocking Reality TV Scandal of 2016:

Toby Willis arrested for child rape. (The Willis Family)

Toby Willis– the patriarch of the squeaky-clean musical Willis Family–shocked the world in September when he was arrested on a count of child rape. More disturbing details continued to pour out in the days after his arrest, leaving many fans of the family’s TLC reality show in disbelief. Toby continues to sit in a Tennessee jail awaiting his trial.

Honorable Mention: Matt Baier admits he lied about how many kids he has. (Teen Mom OG) 


teen-mom-fightMost Jaw-Dropping Reality TV Moment of 2016:

‘Teen Mom OG’ stars brawl on-stage during Reunion show taping. 

Everyone loves a good on-camera brawl. (Hell, Jerry Springer made a living off of them!) While Farrah Abraham and the rest of the girls of ‘Teen Mom OG’ frequently snip at each other in the media and via Twitter, their feud has never become physical…until October, when some comments made by Farrah and Simon Saran angered Amber Portwood so much that she came out on-stage during the Reunion show taping, ready to give Farrah a free facelift via her fist. The footage, which aired in December, left ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers’ mouths hanging open as they watched!

Honorable Mention: Johnny Bananas keeps partner Sarah Rice’s prize money during the finale. (The Challenge) 


90-day-fiance-happily-ever-afterFavorite New Reality Show of 2016:

90 Day Fiance: After the 90 Days

Fans couldn’t get enough ’90 Day Fiance’ this year, so it’s no surprise that TLC decided to spin off the popular show. In ‘After the 90 Days,’ viewers get to find out what happened to some of the show’s most memorable couples after they appeared on ’90 Day Fiance.’ In 2017, yet another spin-off will hit the air to show what happens before the 90 days begin.

Honorable Mention: Teenage Newlyweds


kuwtkShow That Should Retire After 2016:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Apparently people are tired of trying to keep up with Kim, Khloe & Co. It’s hard to believe but this show has been on for nearly 10 years! It’s no surprise that ‘KUWTK’ has become very long in the tooth. Last year, readers voted to have the show retire, but it’s still going strong…for now, anyway…

Honorable Mention: Counting On


the-voiceFavorite Talent Show of 2016: 

Top Chef & The Voice (TIE!) 

In the first-ever survey tie, ‘Top Chef’ and ‘The Voice’ got exactly the same number of votes for favorite talent show of 2016. (That’s incredibly hard to do, considering how many people voted!) Before this year, ‘The Voice’ had taken this award every year since the first year that The Ashley did this survey!

Honorable Mention: Project Runway


teen-mom-2Overall Favorite Reality Show of 2016: 

Teen Mom 2

‘Teen Mom 2′ kicked all of the other shows’ butts this year, even the “backdoor” of its big sister, ‘Teen Mom OG!’ It should be no surprise, though: the show has won this title every year since 2011!

Honorable Mention: Teen Mom OG


To see the results of The Ashley’s 2015 survey, click here! For the 2014 results, click here!

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  1. Well Yay to the fellow posters, we voted the same and brought home all the winners!! ! Lol you know they say great minds think alike!! I always look forward to the voting at the end of the year!! Thank you @TheAshley for keeping us entertained throughout all of 2016!! 2017 is going to be hilarious no doubt!!

  2. Really, the Kartrashians have been wasting everyone’s time for a decade now? Why?
    I mean, why?? Maybe lots of people love to hate/ dislike?

    Farrah is just trying to copy them. Apparently scandals, being rude, weird, awfull, hated, plastic and a sex doll makes the most money in this world.

    1. Saddest thing about that is they have some really big fans who think the world of them. Of a woman who became famous with a home made sex tape. Just let that sink in. People are crazy for worshiping a family like that, they are fame whores, all of them.

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