‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Star Amy Duggar Says She Was Physically Abused by Family Member, Not Husband

"It wasn't me, I tells ya!"
“Save your hate mail! It wasn’t me!”

The new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars doesn’t premiere until Friday, but there’s already drama surrounding the season!

Amy Duggar, niece of Jim Bob Duggar and cousin to the rest of the Duggar Clan, will be starring on the new season alongside her husband of one year, Dillon King. After the super-tease trailer for the new season hit the Internet last month, showing Amy discussing how she was once picked up by the throat by a man and held up toward the ceiling, viewers began to voice their concern for Amy. 

Obviously, because the show is about troubled marriages, viewers assumed that the man whom Amy claimed abused her was Dillon, but in an interview with People magazine, Amy and Dillon clarified that Dillon was not the person who (allegedly) physically abused her.

“We got hate mail and all kinds of stuff,” Dillon told the magazine. “It exploded.”

Amy did not reveal who the alleged abuser actually is, but did state that the person is still in her life.

“It was a family member,” she said. “I love the person very much and we’re better now. But I did need to heal from that.”

We may learn more about the incident during this season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ though.

“I can’t say who it is, but I can say, on the show I did forgive them,” Amy told the magazine. “It was a very heartfelt moment where I actually forgave that person who hurt me when I was younger.”

The new season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ premieres January 6 on WEtv. In addition to Amy and Dillon, the season will star Bachelorette couple Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum and several other couples.

Click here to watch the super-trailer for the season!

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  1. Whoever it was, Amy, THAT IS NOT A THING YOU BRING TO A REALITY SHOW, BUT TO REAL COUNSELING! But she’s so fame hungry, she doesn’t see that.

  2. I hope to god and sonny jesus, she’s not going to drag grandpa Duggar (Jim Bob’s Dad) through the mud some more. He was the only one who spoke up on TV and said they should stop having more children, so as soon as he was diagnosed with brain cancer, and was helpless, Jim Bob chose to film him. It was pitiful. They stuck him and grandma in a back bedroom behind the laundry room and on grandpa’s last birthday, they got him up out of bed ( by this time he had a badly misshapen head) and let the kids drag him on an office chair into the living room to look at a cake. His slipper was dragged off and her was so sick, he didn’t give a damn about a cake. Shortly afterward, he died and grandma stayed in the room and took over laundry for 21 people.
    What burned my ass was that during the earlier specials, when one of the Duggars decrepit motor homes or vans broke down, they would call smiling grandpa, and he would come running to help and could fix anything. But, after he died, and since he was a little outspoken about their weird ass religion, Jim Bob took it upon himself to talk about what a failure his dad was, how he could never manage money, etc., etc…
    So, if Cousin Famy is going to throw rocks at a poor dead man, who can’t defend himself, she can blow it out of her ass.

    1. I hope you’re right- she does say “we’re much better now,” which kind of sounds like present-tense, and I’m going to choose to believe that if it were someone who is no longer with us maybe she would say “I’ve made my peace with it,” or something.

      I’m really, really trying to give the benefit of the doubt here to a family that doesn’t really deserve it, but there you go.

    2. So you are also saying this man wasn’t able to walk anymore for a while but they never even borrowed a wheelchair for this poor man? (apparently there was none as the had to use the office chair) They just put him in a bed, never took him for a walk outside? That’s horrible when that would be true.
      Why did his wive accept that her husband was treated like he was when he was ill, why did she accept to become Michelle’s maid?
      Is she obliged to lay her life in Jim Bob’s hands cause he is her son when her husband is no longer able to herd her?
      Where is grandma now?

      Meanwhile the Duggars are gloating to the people around them; none of our kids need marriage bootcamp, see, we are doing it right!
      The Duggar kids are way to happy about getting out of that house to get unhappy about anything wrong in their marriage. They’ll invite Anna over to give their toilets a good scrub every now and then and they are happy as can be. I mean, unlimited internet access, household chores for 3 people instead of 23, Josh can’t walk in anytime, neither can Jim Bob or Michelle.

      1. I believe in their religion, they believe in patriarchy. So , grandma fell under Jim Bob’s headship. After the Josh scandal, Anna an the kids moved back in and there was a need for the space. Also, Amy’s mother divorced, so grandma went to live there. And you’re correct, There was no palliative care equipment in sight when grandpa Duggar was dying. Knowing Jim Bob, he probably dickered over the funeral. Buy used and save the difference. He , after all, buried Jubilee in an ammo box and televised it,

  3. Brother Bad Touch. If the reports from the exotic dancers he slept with are to believed, he has violent tendencies, and we all know Jailer Jim Bob is not above covering things up or hiding them- if it actually was Josh, and it happened at Jim Bob’s, bet Amy’s parents found out when the rest of the world did.

    1. Brother Bad Touch? That is not funny at all cause this really happened, Uncle Bad Touch only replied to a theoretical situation, theoretically (we all know he practised/ is practising what he preached) but I had to LOL anyway. Bad me.

    1. She has said before that she had a bad relationship with her father – from what I understand her parents were not married when they had her, eventually got married (way later in her life) and have since gotten divorced. I don’t think I would ever want someone in my life who choked me sticking around!!

  4. Say it with me now… Jim Bob Duggar. It’s so obvious! So transparent! She probably did something around his perfect little kids that he didn’t like. Their secrets are starting to surface at a rapid pace!

    1. I highly doubt it was Jim Bob. He has never seemed violent in the least. She’s most likely talking about her dad. I seem to recall something about him having a drinking problem at one time. I could be wrong on that though.

      1. It’s been stated on the show that Jim Bob has a horrible temper. I remember how competitive he was years ago against his own little boys in a paint ball game. He pushed Josiah ( I think) so hard in the chest , everyone was outraged. It’s probably still on YouTube .

    2. Too much screwed up men with their status and power as a man going to their head around her to pick from.
      It is actually horrible what this cult(ure) does to men. Can you imagine how much pressure their beliefs and habits put on young boys and adult men? They have to live up to a lot of expectations and ideas. They have to find a way to deal with that somehow, to me it is only logical some find very unhealthy coping mechanisms.
      Plenty, if not all men struggle with society’s expectations of men at some point for a bit or a lot and that’s just the men in “normal” society.

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