Rumor Patrol: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kail Lowry & Javi Marroquin Reveal If They’re Really Getting Back Together

"Yeah...that's gonna be a 'no' from us."
“Yeah…that’s gonna be a ‘no’ from us.”

The Teen Mom 2 rumor mill is busy churning out more ridiculous stories!

The latest story involves cast members Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin. Various tabloids have been reporting recently that the couple, who divorced last year, are getting back together.

While Javi did recently split with his girlfriend Cassie Bucka, the breakup was not caused by Javi’s desire to get back with Kail. Both Javi and Kail took to Twitter on Thursday to set the record straight on where their relationship stands.

“Idk where the rumor started about me and Kail getting back together. No. Never,” he tweeted, quickly adding, “Not tryna disrespect but we are much happier apart.”

Kail also told a fan who asked if she and Javi were getting back together that the rumor is “false.”

The exes seem to be in a better place now than they were a few months ago. On social media, Javi posted a video promoting the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ (where their divorce drama is currently playing out), and commented that things are better now between him and Kail.

“Omg I’m so not ready to relive this honestly,” Javi wrote. “Make sure y’all tune into the season premier Monday though! To be clear I promote this ’cause this is our job essentially and me and Kail moved past this. I’ve got so much love for her.”

But…to clarify: not the kind of love that makes him want to get back together with her.

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  1. OMG what would there be to watch? These two have no emotions for each other and are horrible at expressing the ones that they do. This screams “We hired a publicist” lmao.
    Kail, no one wants to see your water buffalo-esque jawline giving the tv news or even fashion advice *cough stupid tattoos cough* and no one cares about Javi or his lack of ability to play anything other than “hetero-normative male Juan Wayne silent and stupid type”. We can all go to a gas station and see that stuff. Try being real people with interests (people can have hobbies AND kids) and I think you’ll find that more rewarding than any fat paycheck from MTV. Oh who am I kidding, that is the only way they’ll make it in this world. How else is someone under 30 supposed to buy a big ass house and have all of the things that their parents worked for 40+ years to get???

  2. Who are these delusional people that want kail & and javi to get back together. You must be out of your mind. Why would you want to put javi back in that abusive relationship.

  3. hopefully for the sake of their beautiful boys, neither one gets married any time soon or ever, especially Kail!

  4. I would love it when you would recap Teen Mom UK too Ashley. What a bunch of brats already.

    One of them thinks she looks like a Kardashian and says she gets more attention from guys cause she is prettier then her BFF (nice one). They go to some half deserted pub where only a part of the public is their age but the girl is disappointed she didn’t find MrRight there. Right…

    There is also a Chelsea situation going on between one of the Teen Moms and her.. well.. not her boyfriend, he randomly shows up, stays at her house, sleeps there and with her and goes MIA for days.
    Luckily he decides to come clean and tells her he just wants to see his daughter, not her. Now there is an idea, Adam.
    She is pretty upset and talks about raising her daughter without him involved (while he just said he wanted to see his child and stay involved, he just doesn’t want to be with her) but decides she will find a man “who will take care of her and her daughter” someday. I guess her storyline will involve trying to find a sugar daddy.

    1. Totally forgot this golden couple:
      Baby dad an the teen mom have been apart for a while but got back together. While they were apart, he knocked up another girl and now has a daughter. As there is no better way to lay a sturdy foundation in an on and off relationship, she got pregnant too. Cause everything is fair when you have to compete with ‘the other wo..oh, wait, girl’ to get your man back.
      Wait for it…
      She has to get her pregnant self in a car a few times a week to drive him to his other baby momma to pick and drop of his child (while she stays in the car).
      Priorities kids, you can always get your drivers license (back) later (with the MTV money) but hurry to become a father.

      Luckily, she feels like she is already the mother to his other child too. She receives an agreeing look and nod from him for that. They will have two kids in a bit and their first daughter’s mom will be just her babysitter I guess.

      Are there so many selfish idiots getting pregnant too young that MTV can cherry pick the best of the worst?

        1. Indeed, poor girl. On the upside, the odds are they won’t stay together anyway.
          Holy cow, putting a child on this earth to compete over who gets to keep that w@nker.
          Did he look a bit stoned to you too?

  5. So Javi it’s ‘your job essentially’ to have cameras filming you to show the world what an insecure, needy bitch boy looks like? Jeez I thought your job was being an Airman in the military..

  6. This is why you don’t get married and have babies as a teenager or young 20 something. It virtually never works out. Plus she’s obviously not into guys so there’s that too….

    1. Thank you for letting me know. This is a weird problem that randomly happens with the iPhone users. I’m on it! And sorry for the annoyance, I promise those aren’t on purpose! :/ -The Ashley

  7. Why would out of all people these two get back together?! I can imagine a quickie but not like dating again, they are divorced, moved on.

  8. When your ex says “Never!”, “Uh, no disrespect”. But also says “he has so much love for you”. Auch!
    Basically looks like he is saying she is an impossible bitch to have a relationship with but has pity for her cause she is just screwed up and can’t help that?
    Alert-alert-stay away men! Not the best letter of recommendation ;-).
    But as we know Javi, he probably doesn’t want others to date Kail. Poor guy has to get used to the fact he can’t think he owns her and everything about her anymore cause she is married to him.

  9. “Idk where the rumor started” yeah right. Probably you two started it. Attention whores, especially Kailyn.

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