“16 and Pregnant” Season 2 Star Ashley Salazar Welcomes Second Child

The '16 and Pregnant' baby boom has started!
The ’16 and Pregnant’ baby boom has started!

It’s a boy for 16 and Pregnant Season 2 couple Ashley Salazar and Justin Lane!

The couple announced that they welcomed their second child– a boy named Phoenix Roy– on Saturday morning. The baby weighed in at 6 lbs., 14 oz., according to an Instagram post made by Justin. Phoenix arrived ahead of his January 28 due date.

The couple– who have been on-and-off since their ’16 and Pregnant’ days– are also the birth parents of seven-year-old Callie. They placed Callie for adoption with Ashley’s aunt and uncle, but both Ashley and Justin are still very involved in her life. Ashley’s struggle with her decision to place Callie for adoption made her episode of “16 and Pregnant” one of the show’s most memorable.

Based on their recent social media posts, it appears that Ashley and Justin are not currently together.

Baby Phoenix is the first of many babies who will be born to “16 and Pregnant” girls in 2017. Season 2’s Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans are both due to give birth very soon, and Season 4 girls Sarah RobertsKatie Yeager and Hope Harbert are all expecting babies in 2017. Briana DeJesus, who also starred on Season 4, recently announced that she is expecting her second child in July.

See the first photo of Baby Phoenix below:

A photo posted by Justin Lane (@justinacube) on

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. True story- her OBGYN on her 16 and pregnant episode is my moms favorite OBGYN and was my first obgyn as well. I hated going to the same one as my mom though so I begged her to switch.


  2. What’s up with the Baby’s chest ??
    This girl is as immiture now as she was all those years ago, poor kids brought in to the world by this fuckwit

  3. If you’re an on/off couple, don’t bring a child into it! Ugh, that’s the most frustrating thing about this whole situation. Kids DO NOT fix relationships you morons!

  4. She was really annoying on her 16 and pregnant episode….but congrats to her on the healthy baby boy. Cute name.

  5. Was it just me or was her story the most uncomfortable. Her aunt and uncle had to be the most understanding people to take her child, give Callie back and then got her again but let her be that involved. As being part of a family that had an open adoption for my last two sibs I see the difficulties in it. It always seems like the birth parents want to take claim on them when they are old enough and thrust the sibs to bond even when they weren’t raised together but it gets confusing. Big props for people who go thru that and I do hope things work out for this child.

    1. Her 16 and pregnant episode, i seriously wanted to shake her. She put everyone through so much for her selfish wants. One minute she’s like I can’t take care of the baby here you go, the next she’s all like no i wanna try, the next she’s like no it’s too hard, the next she’s like i regret it i want her back, it went on and on and on. I’m glad they didn’t give her a spot on any of the teen moms. That one hour of her immaturity was way too much air time.

      1. Agreed she was just a spoiled brat she was so poor me poor me. I do like how her mother finally put the smack down and told her if she tried to get Callie back she would cut her off and disown her cause it wasn’t fair to Callie “she didn’t have a vote in it”. It pretty obvious she didn’t learn lesson cause she went and got knocked up by the same guy and surprise they are not together. I am waiting for the whoa is me posts about how it’s so hard to be a single mother and how she still wants Callie back feel sorry for me. She is so clueless.

    2. I don’t agree with full open adoptions I can see why Brandon and Theresa are getting fed up with Tyler and Cate. My sister did an adoption and she gets pictures and updates but she didn’t want to disrupt her sons life so she doesn’t visit him and is letting him decide when he is old enough if he wants to meet her. I think that’s a better way to do things.

      1. Exactly! If it were me the pics and updates would be enough just to know they grew up well and if one day they seeked me out i’d explain everything but I would never want to disrupt their life. I was adopted as was my half sister to my family and my half brother to a different family and in all honesty I never really wanted to seek out my birth parents. The stress of feeling the need to make someone happy that had someone else do that for me shouldn’t be put on me when I didn’t choose it. I do care deeply for them for letting me live and putting me in a situation to have a wonderful life but unless I choose it I don’t think that should be the burden of a child.

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