Oops! ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Accidentally Posts As Herself While Leaving Positive Online Review for Her Froco Yogurt Shop

"Everyone is just jealous that they can't be the top celebrity in the nation like me!"
“Negative reviews?! I’ll fix that!”

Farrah Abraham‘s frozen yogurt shop, Froco, has gotten mixed reviews since it opened near Austin, Texas, last year, and it appears the Teen Mom OG star is taking it upon herself to improve the reputation of her business…by praising herself in a self-written review on Google!

It appears that Farrah wrote a positive review for Froco last month, and, based on the wording she used, was trying to make it look like the review came from a satisfied customer. Unfortunately, though, the Backdoor Teen Mom forgot to sign herself out of her Google account, so her name and smiling mug appeared next to the “customer” review she wrote!

In the review, Farrah not only praised her shop, but also herself:


"Mom, I'm gonna need you to stop browsing the Forever 21 website and go leave Froco a positive review!"
“Mom, I’m gonna need you to stop browsing the Forever 21 website and go leave Froco a positive review!”

Of course, this is not the first time that Farrah has praised herself publicly. In the “job opportunities” section of Froco’s website, Farrah writes that any employee who gets hired at Froco has to be prepared to work with a “top celebrity in the nation.” 

Farrah does not seem bothered by all of the negative reviews that Froco has received online. In fact, she recently posted a video to her YouTube channel showing her reading some of the shop’s recent Yelp reviews. You can watch that video below:

(Photos: Facebook, MTV)

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  1. Wow what an idiot. I can’t wait until her and Sophia have a loving, nurturing relationship like Farrah and Deb. It would be nice if she could just learn to live off of the interest of her investments and not subject us to her mental illness on a regular basis.

  2. Her voice goes through me, like nails running over a chalk board.

    She is just annoying in every level.

    But fatrah if your reading this, your yoghutrs Suck ?????
    Almost as Gross as looking at your face.

    Would never frequent that shyt hole again, over priced vomit

    1. Aw did daddy mike, hoochiemomaDeb or Farrah down vote, the commenter is correct your froyo’s are vile

    2. Y’all are just being negative because you don’t like Farrah and all it’s doing is making you look pathetic and childish. I’ve been to Froco, seriously doubt y’all have, and it tastes just like any other froyo place.

  3. Omg I just read the Yelp reviews lol. Most people said the yogurt sucks and tastes sour, the fruit toppings had fruit flies around them, the staff is rude, and the tables are sticky and dirty. Yikes.

  4. Is it just me or is she looking just like Debra in that picture?!

    Also, the stuffed mascots on the wall are terrifying! No wonder kids throw up all over the restaurant.

  5. What is the name of sweet baby Jesus is going on in that picture at the top? Is she just completely devoid of makeup or has she had more bad work done? I didn’t even know who that was when I saw the pic without reading the headline.

    She needs to stop with all that plastic surgery because she’s skriting dangerously close to having the same problem Kenny Rogers has – 1 surgery too much that makes you unrecognizable.

  6. Lol, shes so pathetic!!
    Real celebrity Farrah get off your high ass horse and come back down to reality your a joke!! You need help!!

  7. In other news: Froco has a new mascot: Celebratty the red(/orange) panda.
    Did she fall in a fake tan pond wearing sunglasses?

  8. OMG, I just went on Yelp to read some of the reviews. Hysterical! People are saying how bad it is, how children throw up all over the restaurant, hair found in yogurt, reusing dirty cups etc. Sooo flipping funny! You have to check it out.

  9. She is such a jerk off! Hence the strokers she pimps on line. What a delusional loser. I wish MTV would show her the door. The day I had to look at her ugly ass gardening with the shower cap on and abusing her mom, was the last day I watched Teen Mom OG.

  10. LOL WHAT A JOKE, TOP CELEBRITY IN THE NATION???? I DONT UNDERSTAND how delusional this girl is. I honestly think that her child should be talked to by professionals just to make sure her so called superstar mother isnt screwing her up to bad….what. a joke.

    1. Great comment.

      This is The funniest thing I read when I can’t sleep was this article, on delusional Abraham,

  11. Also, I wonder why she wasn’t asked for the current season of Celebrity Big Brother UK as an “All star”. She would say ‘yes’ in a heartbeat. Seems like she wasn’t as entertaining as Speidi.

    1. Because we don’t want that vile bitch in our country, we’ve enough going on here with the invading rapeugees.

      We hate here in this country, she’s neither liked or wanted here ever again.

  12. I’m good to ???????? To God, to make sure that they should not put her yougurt shop in my hometown of MIAMI! PLEASE DONT PLEASE!

  13. That is really messed up!! SAD that she had to do that. I think Farrah is always looking for approval whether she realizes it or not. She has some mental problems going on and needs to seek some more help for them than she is. She has alot going on for herself but the way she TREATS others in her life is so offensive! And her daughter is going to have problems also from the way Farrah is! I know she loves her daughter very much but isn’t acting and talking as a good parent should. The F-WORD pours from her constantly and should STOP!!! Just isn’t cool and it sure don’t help her image at all… She degrades herself and her child by talking like that.

    1. She has a personality disorder. There is not much you can do for that. It’s sad, but people should just steer clear of her, because she is incapable of having healthy relationships.

  14. She seems to continue to open random businesses that she has no skills in doing – this along with promoting ANYTHING that will give her money. One of my pet peeves is when businesses use gmail accounts for their companies – spend a little bit and get a domain name and have an email associated with that.

    1. Her “businesses” are buzzing now because of her as a novelty and people hoping to get on camera, not because the businesses are so great. When the show is over and her act wears off, her businesses will close up. I love froyo spots but never in a million years would I patronize anything owned by her or anyone related to her.

  15. I’m in crisis here. I started to throw away all the food in the house that is not promoted or sold by a celebrity (obviously not the right quality, we live a better life). But when is someone “a celebrity” and how long is “five minutes of fame”?

    P.S. Vaguely remember seeing Farrah “cook” a pasta dish, something with a solid frozen square block of pasta strings being dumped into a pan, was that celebrity-quality too I wonder?
    P.P.S Freezing pasta is a federal offence in Italy I think.

    1. I remember that pasta dish. It was some frozen out of the freezer meal. Remember when she baked that cake for Sophia one year and it looked like someone already ate it for them lol. It was so butchered and crooked. It looked like a 5 year old baked and iced it

      1. Hey, but at least she learned you should not walk around holding two knives, especially when the police just walks in during her education. Remember that lecture she gave Barb on the after show? The police was a few seconds from shooting Barb down I read somewhere recently.
        Luckily Farrah is a very smart and very educated woman!

      2. Remember when she was trying to make a microwave pizza back in season 1 and she did that wrong and burned it. I don’t remember the details exactly but she made the microwave pizza unsuccessfully.

    2. Didn’t she go to culinary school or something? She’s got mad skillz, y’all. Not just anyone can dump a frozen meal in a pan. Or bake a gnarly cake. Or burn a microwave pizza…

  16. Love her or hate her, you have to give her props on busting her chops to build her brand. Even bad publicity is..PUBLICITY.
    Teen Mom show would not get viewers if it weren’t for controversy, she does keep that popping. The majority of the teen moms are walking train wrecks, with drugs and arrests, etc.She is out there trying something positive.Kudos to her for using her money for investments and trying to make her investments a success. I wish her all the best and I am not even a fan.

    1. Using loan after loan after loan to open up new businesses because others are failing, is hardly something I could consider positive. She is a train wreck of epic proportions all in her own right. The fact that she doesn’t need to do drugs to get there, while astounding, isn’t something to be proud of, either.

      She’s got terrible business sense, and her “brand” is only popular because *she is, in name alone. Bad publicity is bad publicity, couple that with bad business sense and you have one massive accident waiting to happen.

      It WILL absolutely bite her in the ass one of these days…and it won’t give her a dime for the pleasure, either 😉

  17. While Farrah might be a hustler, I actually think she will be the most broke when the show is finished. She’s clearly not intelligent or diplomatic so I just expect her brands to sink as she loses relevancy. The other girls can get normal jobs once this is said and done, but Farrah won’t be able to listen to authority or work with other people. She spends very stupidly.

  18. In this YouTube video where Backdoor Farrah was reading her negative reviews she actually said to her “friend” Paola “oh look your review just came up”..meaning a 5 star review given to her by Paola…so she even has people she knows posting phony positive reviews..she buys a yogurt shop with money she received from making a porno of her getting it in her ass by a guy that was getting paid to bang her..how embarrassing it must be to have to pay a man to have anal sex with you? I feel sorry for her,I honestly do..she the most unlikable and unlovable person I’ve ever seen..people don’t watch her because thier her fans..they watch to laugh at her..she’s a absolute uneducated joke..all the money she spent on plastic surgery and she is still homely.

  19. She can barely string a sentence together without using words the wrong way, written or spoken. You can usually tell when she has written something because it’s nonsense. She’s so stupid it’s amazing to me that she was even able to open any business let alone 3, but I’m sure someone else has had to do most of the paperwork and setting it up.

  20. Every time you can’t possibly think Farrah can do anything dumber than she already has, she goes and does it. She is such a dumb bitch!!

  21. She really does have an inflated image of herself. She grew up in her own spoiled world and will always remain there, not ever realizing that the real world is quite different.

  22. How do you know that your businesses are failing, because you’re relying on Paul’s peter to pay Uncle Sam?

    Reviews for your business start showing up under your own name…oh so mysteriously

    Hot mess would be a compliment, so I won’t go there, lol.

    Life is about to bite her backdoor, and it has no intention of paying for it first 😉

  23. Even a child in 1st grade would know to capitalize the A in America. Farrah is a sloppy mess. Can’t stand her and would never give my patronage to any establishment owned or operated by her or anyone even related to her.

  24. Well even if it didn’t have Farrah’s mug posted, the review still sounds suspicious. It’s praising her too much which no one loves to do more than Ferral Boobraham. I swear, Ive seen better heads on lettuce.

  25. This is gold ?? I can’t stop laughing. Not surprised in the slightest but she went way above and beyond with that review?

  26. If the grammar is the same in this review its probably Sophia doing it under her mothers account. A “top celebrity in the nation” would never write as bad as a first grader.

  27. I would not be surprised if all of the positive reviews are connected to her in some way. She is so cringeworthy!

    1. I have been in the comment section on other articles regarding Farrah. There would be the typical ugly comments and then one person defending her down the thread. It was easy to tell her father (Michael) was the one behind them. It’s kind of sad how dysfunctional this family truly is.

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