Amber Portwood Being Sued: Landlord Claims ‘Teen Mom’ Left Rental House Stinky & Soiled

“At least Matt is house-trained!”

Amber Portwood is being sued by a former landlord who says the Teen Mom OG star failed to pay some of the rent she owed–while also failing to clean up after her assortment of pets!

Daily Mail broke the story on Wednesday that rental company Zuluscape filed a lawsuit against Amber on January 11, charging that she was responsible for over $6,000 worth of damage done to the rental house she once shared with fiance Matt Baier.

While none of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars are known for their tip-top housekeeping skills, Amber may take the prize for messiest of the bunch, if the charges listed in the lawsuit prove to be true.

Zuluscape filed the lawsuit in an Indiana small claims court claiming that it took $1,250 in deodorized paint to cover the “pet smell” left by Amber’s herd of animals. The animals also allegedly ruined the carpet, causing the landlord to have to replace all of the house’s carpets and deodorize the sub floors. (‘Teen Mom’ viewers have seen Amber’s dogs use the indoor carpet as their bathroom on multiple occasions last season.)

In addition to all the pet damage, the landlords claims that they also had to fix damaged dry wall, replace interior fixtures and remove all the junk that Amber and Matt allegedly left behind when they “moved on up” to the Indianapolis suburbs.

The lawsuit also claims that Amber owes them over $1,600 in unpaid rent.

The Ashley has discovered that Amber is not the only person listed as a defendant on the legal papers. A person named “Matthew Balen” is also named. His home address is the same as Amber’s current address.

While “Balen” may just be a typo for “Baier,” it’s possible that “Balen” is yet another alias used by Amber’s fiance.

On Wednesday morning, Amber responded to the lawsuit in a series of tweets, claiming that a landlord was trying to take advantage of her fame.

“So I wake up to some scam artist company trying to sue me for a cleaning deposit over a year ago,” Amber wrote. “On a house we had professionally cleaned?

“Lord people never go on TV! Because people will try to take you for everything you have. Here comes the lawyers. So sad honestly…Ugh.”

Amber and the landlord will go to battle next month. The first hearing for the case will take place in Indiana on February 23.

UPDATE! Amber’s lawyer, Jill Barcken-Emerson, has released a statement to The Dirty (no pun intended) regarding the lawsuit.

“Amber and Matt strenuously deny the allegations being made against them, and they look forward to their day in court where they can prove these allegations are without merit,” she told the site.

(Photo: MTV)



  1. Amber says she had the floors professionally cleaned so she is really an idiot. Animal urine soaks into the subfloor and cannot just be cleaned away with a carpet cleaner!! Severe damage (as we all saw by her urinating rescues) must have the floors pulled up, sub floors deodorized, and replacement carpet. AND THESE TWO BUFFOONS FLIP HOUSES?!?!!!

  2. How can she deny that her animals ruined the carpet? In almost every episode, one of them was having an accident. Not the animals fault. Nothing can pry Amber off of her beloved couch!

  3. I surprised that she was allowed to have that many pets on a rental property. The monthly pet fee only covers the changing of the carpets (some states after a renter has moved out with pets they haven to change the carpets) that’s it. The think with dog pee is if you don’t blot (not scrub) or shampoo the spot right away the pee will rot the carpet pad underneath and even the floor. I bet they did a crappy (Pun or not) job at cleaning it up the pee from the animals. She isn’t leaving the show what is she going to do to keep her “moving on up” lifestyle. I love how these girls (expect for Chelsea cause she would be still loaded) trash talk the show in their new houses, with their SUV of the month in the garage, sitting on their asses all day and money isn’t an issue. Well the show got you there not you.

  4. Please for the love of god someone save us. I have clawed out my own eyes after accidently seeing Matt and Amber bumping uglys on the stairs last night. Please send help.

  5. I seriously doubt they have been “strenuous” in doing anything. Ever.

    I’ve got four dogs. All rescues. Ranging from 8-72 pounds. They are a goddamned handful and it requires getting off a sofa to care for them. Yet they’re all potty trained and socialized. And extremely effing happy!!

    Just hearing that someone allows their animals to do that, and also allows them to be in their OWN filth (think about it… if you didn’t have thumbs and the dumb bitch on toilet duty said ehhhh) makes me sick.

  6. Amber: “So I wake up to some scam artist…”

    Well, that’s what happens when you’re sleeping/living with Matt Baier, AKA Grey Baker, AKA Matt Balen, et all.

  7. I’m a 100% believer in rescuing pets!! All kinds of pets need kind and loving homes. But not only do these pets need guidance and attention they need to learn manners. Yes a rescue can learn to do their business outside. It doesn’t take much but it does take time. You need to put a little heart in it. But that would require frequent visits outside. Sometimes exhasbertating but it can be done. So all that being said its no ones fault but her and Matt Balen, Baker, Bucko or Baier. If for as much time as she spent ignoring Leah as she laying on those God forsaken couches, this is no ones fault but their own. Makes me wonder if the rescues knew this was they was the pets would be treated I hardly doubt she would have been able to rescue them….just one more thing. How many times did the dogs pee on production filming them…Rant done…I feel zero sorry for them.

  8. Amber is a real woman ok? She doesnt need you ignorant haters shes busy being classy. being sexy. being forever high.

    We didnt barley even pee on the carpets…ok yes we did sorry folks.

  9. “Lord people never go on TV! Because people will try to take you for everything you have. Here comes the lawyers. So sad honestly…Ugh.”

    I wish someone would respond to this tweet with “We’ve been telling you this about Matt for a long time. Glad to see you finally believe us!”

    1. Ya know, you could. You could respond with that tweet. Why should someone else get all the credit for your thought?

  10. Pretty stinky to foster too much stray dogs in your house but not care for or spend a dime or a minute of your time on your own kids.
    Oh and Ambie, when he did write his name down on the lease as ‘Balen’, you know what that means right?
    Amber? OMG Amber, wake up, he was keeping his options open to leave you (high and dry). You would have had to pay up for all your and his debts cause he would have gone MIA. Check everything he signed, hun, sending loooove.

  11. “Lord people never go on TV! Because people will try to take you for everything you have. Here comes the lawyers. So sad honestly…Ugh.”
    Then stop signing those contracts and you won’t have this problem (even though you created it yourself because you’re lazy) but wait, how will you pay for Grandpa Matts child support cases??

  12. Amber’s response to “haters” who were commenting on how smelly her home must be was this, “They are rescue animals people! They are RESCUE animals!” My response to her would be, “So what if they are rescue animals?” Rescue animals can still tear up a home and stink up a home just as easily as a purebred or a mutt. Good for you for rescuing animals, society now worships you because of it Amber, but that doesn’t mean your landlord can’t sue your ass because the house he rented you is now gross!! And by the way, it is your landlord house and you should have respected it. Rescue animals or not they peed and pooped on your floor ON CAMERA, so there is no use denying it.

    1. Ha! That’s like being prejudice toward a certain type of dog. What just because it’s a rescue means they are incapable of being trained? Her excuse is ridiculous and sad. Part of being a rescue dog “parent” is to make sure they get trained and learn obedience so that they can really be part of the family. It’s like she adopted them and then figured she finished the job. Depending on where she rescued them from, those poor dogs could have stayed in the shelter a little longer and been adopted by someone who would invest time and energy in them.

    2. Think Amber took the ‘PR course’ from the Evans Academy in gel.
      Grey Baker Consultancy and Fundraising finished her education and now she is not able to tell the truth apart from white or dark lies anymore.

    3. Didn’t realize rescue animals were incapable of being house broken ? All three of my rescue cats and my rescue dog were trained to go in their box or outside. Guess my family is doing something wrong.

  13. I’m not surprised. She doesn’t seem to be a very good housekeeper(not even a decent one)
    Remember when Gary’s mom had to bring her new sheets because Leah was sleeping on a bare matress?
    Plus, it’s really hard to keep a clean house from the couch.

  14. I believe it….Amber’s house was like a zoo and all she ever did was sit on the couch…As many animals as they had, that landlord probably has to rip up with carpet amongst other things to get that stench out….and cat pee is the WORST.

    and that quote “Lord people never go on TV! Because people will try to take you for everything you have.”…..ummm….isn’t that what your “fiance” and his son are doing?! But you defend them any chance you get! I’m so sick of these girls complaining about how “hard” their lives are, when they have it SO EASY compared to other teen moms. Be on your best behavior on TV, and you won’t get crucified.

    1. Well said! In the article the landlord said he had to rip up the carpet and deodorize the subflooring as well! Not sure what that is exactly or how he would do that but it was expensive obviously! In Illinois where I live most landlords make renters disclose how many animals they have plus pay a pet deposit. I wonder if Amber had all the animals when she applied to live there. I doubt it. Now she is in her elite neighborhood and probably tearing up her new home, I would hate to go in there and smell that stench!

      1. I know in the article it mentioned only Matt’s 2 dogs and a cat. They “paid” 200 per pet a month, but by the sounds of it, they didn’t pay at all.

      2. remember on the one episode she had to “beg” Matt to get a kitten! She was all like I want to get this kitten for boo boo…She shouldn’t have animals if she can’t clean up after them 1, and 2 she shouldn’t have brought those animals into a house that was not hers, and then expect not to pay damages. Every scene MTV was in that house, there were animal feces on the floor…Only a matter of time before Amber comes out and says that MTV edited the dog poo on the floor to make her “look bad”

        1. Weird she asked Matt’s approval to get a cat, he doesn’t pay bills. She asks him stuff in her baby voice trying to look cute and little and it makes him feel high and mighty I am sure. She tried to act weak and fragile at the reunion show too when she had to sit by Gary. He called her out on not showing up to pick up Leah and she started crying (with no tears coming out) and saying, “I can’t take this, I am leaving I can’t take this”. She tries to appear as a victim and weak at times, and other times she acts like a bad ass. Her asking Matt if she can have a cat was total crap, if Amber wanted a cat she would have gotten one.

      3. Yeah, I rented in Scotland for 6 years and I honestly never came across a single landlord who allowed any pets AT ALL. That’s why I never got a pet until I bought my own place. If it’s not your house, you don’t have the right to stink it out with animals because it’s only going to come back and bite you

  15. Here’s an idea: Have less dogs! And those you have, teach them to go outside to do their business. And while you’re at it, get rid of the 40sth year old dog you’re dating!

  16. Really Amber? Your landlord is trying to take advantage of your “fame”?! We all witnessed how you destroyed that house before you moved your “always classy” lipoed-a$$ to the “rich people” part of Indianapolis. There is actual camera footage of tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb destroying a wall to find one of their 50 cats and the kennel of dogs peeing and crapping all over visitors, the MTV crew, and that house on every episode. We all know that cooking, cleaning, or even the concept of getting out of bed to visit her daughter are too taxing for Ambien, so she needs to just keep her mouth shut and pay for the damage she caused.

  17. Having a house cleaned doesn’t take away stench from walls or fix ruined carpet and sub floors. You can’t replace Leah with forty dogs girl.

    1. Does anyone know they exact amount of animals she had in that home? I am sure the judge will make her disclose that!

  18. POOR AMBER! Yet again, someone is “out to get her”. Professional carpet cleaning isn’t going to get out animal urine if it’s repeatedly peed on it soaks down to base boards. Capet cleaning just gets the carpet. So sick of her excuses and lies. Just like how she says she bought her current house when it’s really a rental. Someone did a Youtube video and pulled up records from the city showing it’s a lease and was never sold. If Amber would lie about something as big as that and wrap half a season around it, why would anyone believe that a carpet doesn’t smell?

    1. She rented it? Seriously? Wow. She was going on and on about being a “homeowner” and talking about her prestigious neighborhood.

  19. Having a house cleaned doesn’t take away stench from walls or fix ruined carpet and sub floors. You can’t replace Leah with forty dogs girl.

  20. The most I see her and Matt cleaning is whatever they can reach with a napkin from those two ass imprints they hand on the couch so I’m gonna side with the landlord on this.

    1. I’d still bang her….I mean ya know, as long as I could just leave and didn’t have to hang around in the hazardous waste afterwards.

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