EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Answers Questions About His Engagement, MTV & Leah Messer

“Gather ’round, y’all! I’m about to spill some ‘Teen Mom 2’ tea!”

Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert is setting the record straight on everything from where his engagement to Brooke Wehr stands, to the current state of his relationship with baby mama Leah Messer! In this exclusive interview with The Ashley, Jeremy also reveals how MTV has reacted to his rants about the show! 

Jeremy confirmed to The Ashley that he is still engaged to Brooke, despite the cryptic break-up posts that he posted to his Instagram account last week.

“Everyone fights and bickers; we had a petty breakup for a few days,” Jeremy told The Ashley. “We are trying to make things work, and trying to figure out a game plan for where we will live. She’s the only female I’ve ever brought around my daughter. I feel comfortable with her around Addie, and Brooke is going to be a great stepmom for my child.”

Jeremy said that the stress of figuring out a living arrangement (since he owns a home in West Virginia and Brooke lives in Ohio), put a strain on the relationship, as did the constant drama that him being on ‘Teen Mom 2’ brings.

“Relationships aren’t easy, and they’re even more difficult when there are kids involved, and worse when there are cameras involved,” Jeremy said.

“Yeah…so…ignore all those breakup posts, OK?”

Several ‘Teen Mom 2’ scenes have stirred up their share of drama lately, particularly one scene in which Leah is angry when she finds out that Jeremy brought their daughter Addie to Ohio without telling her. Jeremy was quick to tell his side of the story on Instagram.

“I texted Leah to tell her I’m going to Ohio, because we had no running water [in West Virginia because of the flooding],” Jeremy said. “I wanted to spend time with my kid in a non-disaster area! Anyone who thinks that is stupid, sorry.

“I do not need to check with my ex-wife to see if it’s OK if I take my daughter to Ohio on my weekend with Addie,” he added. “Leah thinks she gets to be in control, and that I should have to ask her for permission for everything to do with Addie, and that she gets the final answer. That’s just not how it’s going to go.”

The Ashley asked Jeremy some of the burning questions that ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have had for him lately:

Q: How is your relationship with Leah at the moment?

Jeremy: Things are for sure rocky right now. We are on speaking terms, but that’s about it. I don’t talk to Leah about anything other than Addie. I text Leah every day to ask about Addie and her school, the normal dad stuff, and that’s it. We don’t talk about anything else. I don’t give a damn what’s she doing in her own life. I could say a lot more about Leah, but I don’t, because of my daughter.

Q: How have the show’s producers reacted to your Instagram rants about the show’s editing?

Jeremy: MTV has not reached out to me about it. If they do, I don’t give a damn. I’m going to do it every Monday night. I’m not just trying to create drama. If they show something positive on an episode, I’ll say it was positive. And if there’s something that they air that makes me look like an a**hole, I’ll say that. I’m not going to hide behind a cell phone to protect my ass. I’m not trying to [have people] look past anything I do wrong.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with these Instagram rants?

Jeremy: I just want to put the real story out there. When you’re married to [one of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls], they make you look good. As soon as you get divorced, MTV makes you look like an a**hole.

Q: Many fans are wondering what your relationship is like with your former stepdaughters, Ali and Aleeah? Do you ever get to spend time with them?

Jeremy: I think we talked about that at a ‘Teen Mom 2′ reunion one time, but they didn’t air it. Basically, Leah has said that she doesn’t want me to be part of the twins’ lives because she doesn’t want them to get confused. They haven’t been to my place since Leah moved out. Everyone gets on me about not being in their lives, but I can’t be in their lives if their mom doesn’t want me to be there. They aren’t my daughters.

Q: Do you and Brooke have a wedding date picked out yet? 

Jeremy: No, there’s no wedding date planned. We’re kind of just focusing on moving things forward in a positive direction, and figuring out our living situation and routine at this point.

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  1. In my state it is legally required to notify the other parent when you take a child out of state. So yes, Jeremy should have notified Leah when he went to Ohio. I am not saying he shouldn’t have gone or that she should be allowed to prevent it, but yes he should have just told her.

  2. Holy crap, why doesn’t Jeremy talk about what’s going on with the mother of his child? She’s so fidgety, shaky, skinny, and frail now? What’s wrong with her Jeremy?? I’m surprised he doesn’t spill the beans on how she went from really cute girl to looking and sounding like she’s been hitting the pipe for 20 years.

  3. I don’t think the twins ever called Jeremy “Daddy”, and I can surely see how it would be confusing to them to maintain a relationship of whatever nature they had since he is now divorced from their mother. Especially considering the fact that they are already split between Corey and Leah, adding a third person into that mix would just be awful going forward. I agree the divorce was for the best, Leah and Jeremy both seem happier and better for it having happened. I don’t agree that Jeremy should continue bashing his ex, and yes, alluding to all of the horrible things he “could” be saying does constitute bashing in my opinion. Especially combined with his immature antics, joining Twitter for the two days he and Brooke broke up and adding Leah sure seems like playing games to me. Jeremy could never maintain custody of Addie because his job hardly allows him time to see her, and I’m sure if he was with her 24/7 and being filmed there would be plenty for people to pick-on regarding his parenting. Just leave these two be, they both are doing fine apart and seem happier. Sometimes I get the feeling Jeremy puts his ex down for the benefit of his current fiancé, which, if true, is not healthy or in the best interests of your child OR relationships. Just the way it seems to me going off of what he has said and done in the past and at present.

  4. My question to Jeremy would have been, “Why don’t you try for more custody of Addie? Or full custody?” I mean obviously he knows she was wondering the street alone and a cop brought her home, she eats sugar packets, and is driven around in a vehicle by her drugged up mother. Her safety is definitely an issue, at least in my opinion. If Leah is this careless in front of the camera, how much worse is it when the cameras aren’t around? I think this is a safety concern and Jeremy should step up for full custody. I like Jeremy from what I have seen and I think he is almost too nice to Leah.

    1. Sorry for the down vote,it was a mistake. I actually agree a 100%, especially her driving those bucolic stretches where a split second distraction can end tragically.

  5. This guy goes on and on all the time about how he “don’t give a damn” about what people think. Yet he ALWAYS bitches about how is portrayed and is now making little videos to “tell his side”. If you “don’t give a damn” about other people’s thought about you, why make such a stink all the time?

  6. Kinda funny how people on this site love Jeremy but then you go to Teen no Reddit and not a si gle person has anything nice to say.


  7. I believe everything that he’s saying. Leah wasn’t happy with how she was portrayed, and MTV couldn’t make Corey look like the bad guy anymore because he sure as hell wasn’t, so they tried to put it off on Jeremy. I’ve said it before….Leah was the fan favorite until she turned into a friggin nymphomaniac and became Public Enemy #1…..and now she’s trying to regain the fan favorite status by pretending she’s this great parent and Jeremy is a piece of shit. I totally understand why he’s upset, but i hope he knows people see straight through Leah.

    1. I would have to say that a woman that you can never make happy that becomes a pill head and has a safe word to protect herself is probably best left alone…at a boat ramp. Good luck, Jeremy
      Hope his future custody case goes well and Leah gets the help again that again she so desperately needs again and the place has hot dogs this time so she will stay and complete treatment.
      I think she would make a fine part time employee at Cookies and Co at the mall. She is probably pretty decent with icing and as long as she googles every word, there shouldn’t be too many misspellings. She could take home the left over cookies and make peanut butter sandwiches for the kids. An alternative would be to put Lunchables meat circles and cheese along with ketchup on the cookies and make pizza on those nights she is just too pooped to wait for a hot dog to boil. I’m guessing she could pull that off for 2.5 weeks-enough for that training pay and being 60 short on the till nightly to be worth the hassle. Hopefully they’ll let her vape in the service hall.

  8. You are a asshole. You should’ve been there for her when she was getting treatment she needed you. if you couldve faced your problems with her and tried to work through them and not run away you wouldn’t been in position you are in now.

    1. um….What show have you been watching?…because it was clear as day that Leah was the reason that marriage ended. She was popping pills, spending all of his money on Mary Kay, couldn’t keep the house clean, got mad when he would go to work, had affairs and got caught on a deer cam….so what in the world are YOU talking about?

  9. And we thought he was the sensible one. He’s whining on like the rest of them! Doesn’t see the twins, at all? How is that a good idea. Is Leah going to do that with all the men she meets. The twins are going to have a lot of dad’s that suddenly disappear.

    1. Let’s not pretend Leah refuses cause it will confuse the twins. She is the one that is confused and spiteful.
      I’m not saying he should have visitation rights, just interaction with them every once in a while.
      Hopefully Corey and Miranda will invite Jeremy and Addy over sometimes when the twins are at their house.

      1. Why should they? Jeremy wasn’t a strong father figure in the girlses lives. He was rarely home when he and Leah were married.

  10. He’s right, when he has his child, it’s nothing to do with liah, as long as addie is safe and taken care of that’s all that matters, so liah needs to look at her own behavior around her run away child before saying anything, the police should have charged her with neglect.

  11. So Jeremy is not allowed to see or interact with the twins? That is not in their best interests at all. Imagine the guy you called daddy disapearing from your life, only to come back to pick up your baby sister but never you.
    They are ‘lucky’ their mom did not stay married to their dad as well. That makes it somewhat logical for them, we go to our daddy, Addy goes to her daddy.
    Why can’t Jeremy take them to a playground for an hour every once in a while when he picks up Addy, so they know they haven’t done anything wrong and that he still cares for them?

    1. They called him Jeramy and not daddy actually, also the twins are with their father at times when addie is with her father, I’ve never ever heard those girls call Jeremy daddy,the only kid that called their step father daddy is issac.

    2. He should never have been called “dad” in the first place. The twins have a dad who is involved in their lives- Corey. Jeremy’s involvement in the twins lives hinged on his marriage Leah. Do I think it sucks that Leah has said he can’t see them? Yeah. But he has no obligation to see them and she has every right to say no.

      Btw, I’m not knocking stepparents. I’m a stepmother myself. But I think too many people have a misconception that stepparents will always be tied to their stepkids and that simply isn’t true

      1. As a step-mother, myself, I think what the kids call the step-parent can vary depending on the family, and what the kids are comfortable with. I’ve been a step-parent since my step-son was 9, and just this year, at 16, he’s started calling me “Mom” sometimes. My husband has always had primary physical, and joint legal custody. We have a friendly relationship with my step-son’s mom. I’m fine with whatever he’s comfortable with, and I’ve never asked him to call me anything in particular. I have a really good relationship with his dad, but even if that were to change, I would continue to have a relationship with my step-son throughout the rest of our lives. My relationship with him originally hinged on my relationship with his dad, but we are way beyond that now. I have a relationship with both the father, and the son, that are independent of each other.

        SS also has a step-father who is a decent guy, and I’m not sure if he is called “Dad”, but husband says he’s absolutely fine with it if he does, and is just grateful that his son has so many adults who love him and look out for him. My husband also has a step-father that has been with his mom since he was 9, and didn’t start calling him “Dad” until he was an adult. It is occasionally confusing to figure out which of his dads he is referring to, but it’s not too much different than having two “Grandma”s.

  12. Jeremy is wrong when he says when the guys are married to one of the teen mom’s they make you look good and when divorced they make them look bad. Javi has been shown quite a few times in a bad way when he was still married. That one time Kail went on vacation and he blew up her phone. Also when he demanded that Kail bring Lincoln home to him and not out to dinner with Jo and Vee.

    1. Dunno why you go so many down votes….I agree with you. Javi seemed like he was a handful to deal with. He seemed very immature and vindictive. That’s why I say they can’t blame all of this on editing. Be on your best behavior while being filmed and you won’t be “edited” in a bad light….but i did notice last episode Leah was almost provoking Jeremy with the constant calls….I think that’s why he kept hanging up on her. He knew the camera’s were there and that she was doing it for TV….One minute Leah’s like he doesn’t spend time with her and when he does, she freaks out because he’s spending too much quality time with her and not answering the phone when she wants him too.

    1. Seeking out a platform to drop dark hints about all the stuff you tooootally could spill on your ex isn’t exactly the “high road.”
      Maybe, like, walking the low road in platform heels?
      My dad never said a damn thing about my mom any place that I could potentially hear it. Not one negative word. I legitimately thought they got along well for my entire childhood. It can be done

  13. I’ve always liked Jeremy. I think he’s a cool dude. I disagree with him though. I don’t think Mtv makes him look like an asshole at all. I side with him and Corey 95% of the time when they fight with Leah. I think Leah lies a lot to make herself look the victim. I see right through it.

    1. I totally agree. Jeremy is a good guy overall. Corey too, of course. Leah is 100% addicted to drama. I think she’s gotten a lot better since rehab but she still sometimes lets herself get worked up and spiral into drama. Her family doesn’t help, especially leah’s sister. Victoria is such a shit talker and totally makes little comments to Leah to egg her on and get her riled up on Jeremy and Corey and Miranda. Victoria is a miserable person and should stop shit talking her nieces’ dads.

  14. The Ashley – I have loved your articles for years! Thank you for making me laugh with your banjo-strummin tales of good ol’ Leah Messer and Co. however, I keep getting pop up ads whenever I visit the site, and I get redirected to a page to get my new iPhone. I mean, every time. Anything you can do to fix it?

    1. @Kate– Working on getting it fixed! Please know it is NOT something I was behind. I am working on flushing my ads and getting it fixed! Hang in there with me! -The Ashley

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