Javi Marroquin Asks ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans to Stop Hating on His Ex-Wife Kail Lowry

“Sorry about all the mean stuff. I’ve got your back!”

Javi Marroquin‘s marriage to Kail Lowry is crumbling on the current season of Teen Mom 2, but on Monday, Javi pleaded with the show’s fans to stop picking on his ex-wife.

In a Instagram live video, Javi gave ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans an update on where his relationship with Kail stands, letting them know that they are in a much better place currently than where they were when the Season 7B episodes were filmed.

“Kail is not a bad person, and I do not hate Kail,” Javi said. “Maybe I did say that I hated her at the time [the episode was filmed], but I was angry.”

In a move that surprised a lot of people watching the video (judging by the comments left on the screen), Javi actually defended his ex-wife, and asked the show’s fans to stop bashing her on social media.

“I’m tired of the bashing,” he said. “I care about Kail, I want to see her do well, I want to see her graduate.”

He also stated that he and Kail are trying to be civil to one another because of their son, Lincoln and Kail’s son Isaac. Javi acknowledged that some of his previous actions had created unnecessary drama between him and Kail, and said that he is working to stop doing anything that could eventually hurt Lincoln and Isaac.

“Me and Kail are on the same page,” Javi said, pointing out that the media keeps trying to pit the exes against each other. “I’m tired of the back-and-forth articles saying I did this to Kail or she did this to me. Kail and I are on the same team…I’m not out to get her, I actually care about her a lot.

“Kail’s a good person and she’s going through her own stuff and I hope she gets through it. If she needs my help, I’ll be there for her,” Javi added. “There is no Team Kail and there’s no Team Javi. Stop saying bad stuff about Kail and stop saying bad stuff about me.”

And, just for the record: the fact that Javi and Kail aren’t tearing each other’s eyes out anymore doesn’t mean that they’re getting back together. The exes made it clear recently that their split was definitely permanent.

It’s an interesting turn of events, considering Kail and Javi have been posting cryptic (and sometimes not-so-cryptic) Twitter digs at each other since they officially split back in 2016.

We will get to see Javi and Kail discussing their marital issues on the next season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but the couple never had any intention of getting back together even when they filmed that show back in October. They were simply learning to co-parent better.

While Javi is resolving not to bash Kail anymore, the drama still continues. Earlier Monday,  Javi tweeted that he was upset that someone had sent Kail photos showing a man engaged in some, um, sexual activity with a woman. The person claimed that the man in the photo was Javi, and that the photo was taken while Javi was still married to Kail. (The Ashley is not going to post the photo because, well…ew.)

Javi vehemently denied that the blurred-out man in the photo was him.

“The guy is white,” he tweeted. “I’m not stupid and I’m mad whoever sent it to Kail to start drama. She actually believed it for a second [before] texting me.”

Not surprisingly, the photo can be traced back to a click-bait story posted to Jenelle Evans‘ public Facebook page, which frequently posts weird, fake stories about Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom’ cast mates.

Anyway, a new episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ airs tonight! Catch up on The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ recaps here!

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  1. Kail is a Total B*tch ! So petty and immature. Never liked her…Never will. She’s going to Earn her MTV $$ this season! ?

    1. I know. She loved this person and shared her life with him. He treats her first son as his own and is an excellent father to both boys and she can’t let him stay in the guest room for a night or 2 after returning from military duty? If it was that difficult to be around him, she could have left for the night, allowing him time to gather some of his stuff and hang out with his kid(s). I wonder if poor Isaac ever got a room a Javi’s.

      1. Didn’t Javi blame her for a miscarriage? Made it very vocal and well known that Isaac was not HIS son so he didn’t have to watch him?….or that he didn’t want HIS son around Jo when Kail went to drop off Isaac? Didn’t he freak out constantly about her hanging out with her friends and act super possessive? Wouldn’t he act crazy and roll his eyes like he didn’t want to hear it when they would face time and she would bring up Jo and Isaac?….He never wanted to co-parent with Jo and would constantly gang up on him…The way she was treating him last night was a excessive and she could’ve been a lot nicer, but Javi is definitely not a saint in any way shape or form….If he loved Isaac as his own he wouldn’t have ever made vindictive statements that Isaac was not his biological son. I do believe that he loves Isaac, but he’s not this doting perfect step dad with him…..maybe to his face he is but he surly isn’t when Isaac isn’t around.

        1. I think that all of the reasons you stated are why people say that they USED TO like Kail (because I agree with you, Javi seemed like such a possessive asshole a lot of the time and he threw dramatic hissy fits at the worst times just to screw with Kail’s plans), but the way Kail acted in the last episode was really ridiculous, vindictive, and just plain mean, and it made a lot of people, myself included, feel more inclined to take Javi’s side and to dislike Kail. I get that it was probably super awkward for her to see him after 6 months, especially since they had filed for divorce already, and her whole relationship with him and his relationship with the children was in limbo, but she went above and beyond to make him feel uncomfortable and like he was the last person she wanted to see, and all in front of the children.

        2. Pretty sure it was an abortion not a miscarriage..javi even said in an episode you knew how much i wanted that baby, as if she did something wrong..i think she had an abortion bc their relationship was already on the rocks and he didnt support her decision

  2. These two are playing their fans. They put everything on social media and on these celeb websites to get attention for their TV show. That’s it! They are so fake.

  3. Hi The Ashley, I’ve been loving your website for awhile now and I especially enjoy your Teen mom 2 recaps. They are THE BEST recaps on the Internet and consistently make me laugh out loud at work or late at night when I’m reading them in bed, thus waking my husband—oops. I wish you would get back to the recaps, I’d be willing to read less “news” about the “stars” in order to get more frequent recaps. I remember reading the results of your end of the year survey and Teen Mom 2 seems to consistently rate as your readers’ favorite show and anything about Teen Mom 2 seems to spark lots of activity in the comments section. I imagine it takes you awhile to write your wonderful recaps since you’re so thorough about recapping everything that happens in the episode, paying special attention to the many hilarious, ironic, or cringe worthy happenings, plus you have all the pictures to gather and caption, but I want you to know that your work is appreciated and that for days after a Teen Mom episode airs, I am constantly refreshing your page checking for recaps.

  4. How old are these people now? It’s time they moved on from MTV and matured. Neither of them have behaved well. Javi just had the decency to own up to it.

  5. The one thing about Kail that I understand is she had a sh*t upbringing. She didn’t have a Dad or Mom..literally. How is she suppose to know what a normal relationship is like. Yet, she is an adult now w/ 2 kids. It is time to grow up. But honestly, I don’t think she knows how to be in an adult relationship.

  6. I respect him for that. But I still can’t respect her, she is a horrible person. Great mom yes but a horrible person in general. Hope he gets a girl who will appreciate him which Kail couldn’t.

  7. No, I completely understand that. I’m not saying that they deserve to be bullied online. I’m just saying that anyone on a reality show is going to experience attacks on social media to some degree. Part of watching a tv show or a movie is making judgments on the characters decisions. I think a lot of people forget that these aren’t fictional characters and are real people. That’s why it’s so easy for them to go online and bash them. It’s not right but it’s just the way it is.

  8. Kale is so self centered, so immature, a lousy mom, messed up that Javi you should be very concerned about the crowd she hangs out with. Single moms often have sexually abused kids. She is one out of contoll gal. Someone should care about the kids

  9. I do agree with him that Teen Mom 2 viewers are some of the most vicious viewers out there. She’s not so terrible to warrant a lot of the criticism she gets. Farrah is the only one I see as being worthy of getting bashed. The rest are young women struggling with motivation, identity, self esteem and sometimes drug abuse. While frustrating to watch, I rarely ever see any empathy from viewers, which is scary and disturbing.

  10. Think the bashing to kail was brought on by her. She doesn’t deserve for Javi to defend her. Very kind of him. She lost a great man for sure.

  11. Javi knows he did her dirty! So Kail is being petty AF, but he was taking it on the chin this episode and it all came off as funny. Everyone wants to focus on the sly things she says and her not letting him throw his trash out in her house (lol), but he did take Isaac to lunch with him–Kail doesn’t have to let him have any time with Isaac. If she was being petty in a mean way, she wouldn’t. She’s just doing silly microagressive things to him that make her feel better. Move along! Kail is lola.

    1. Kail was being super petty last night lol…but people are quick to forget the way he’s treated her the past 2 seasons….flipping out every time she was with Jo, saying he wouldn’t watch Isaac because he wasn’t “his” son, blaming her for the miscarriage, telling her not to have “his” son around Jo…ect. Plus you can tell this season Kail is very hesitant to talk about what’s going on with her and Javi, but he cornered her in the car last night and pretty much interrogated her lol. I’m sure he knows that she doesn’t want to talk about that stuff on camera. But at the end of the day, they’re both still young and both still pretty immature.

  12. I don’t hate on Kail at all…she’s a good mom to those boys and had a hard life growing up. People despise her because she doesn’t act like some docile damsal in distress. She works hard and is investing her money into things that her kids can benefit from, like her education and writing books and not making sex tapes. I know i’m probably gonna get down voted because everyone hates Kail, but you cannot deny or refute anything I’ve just said…especially when it comes to comparing her to the rest of the girls in the franchise.

      1. Honestly aside from Chelsea, Kail is the only other girl that will have a positive future outside of teen mom…Farrah will be fine financially, but I think her vanity will be her demise. Aside from being divorced, Kail is making the right choices for her boys, and herself. She is raising her sons to be respectful and kind… She will be the only one out of all of the girls with a 4 year degree from a legit University. Everyone wants to rip her head off because they don’t like the way she treats the guys in her life….but the guys in her life don’t treat her the best either. It’s a 2 way street.

    1. I agree. I don’t hate Kail. She has bitchy moments but I don’t think she’s not a bad person. I think both her and Javi contributed to their marriage failing. I don’t think one is more to blame than the other.

  13. Kail is a miserable b×××× period. Her personality has changed. Why is she so hateful? She ruined the marriage by being inconsiderate and selfish of her husband’s feelings. No sympathy here.

  14. Alright, I’ve tried to be patient. But tonight makes the third episode since we have had one of the fabulos recaps. What gives???

  15. They decided to make their relationship public. I don’t condone online bullying but they not only decided to be on a reality show but they have also decided to post things on social media about their relationship problems. That isn’t the best way to keep others from “bashing” you.

    1. while I completely agree with what you’re saying, I think people watching the show (and the social media) have to take a step back and realize these are people too… What we see on the show is about 10% of what actually happens.

      I’m not defending Kail or Javi at all (although he’s being surprisingly mature atm??) but I don’t think anyone deserves to get death threats and whatnot for appearing on a show.

      (Sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language 🙂 )

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