‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Gives Birth to Her Third Child: See the First Photos of Baby Ensley

“Say hello to Number 3!”

Jenelle Evans is a mother…again.

The Teen Mom 2 star announced on Tuesday via Snapchat that she has given birth to her third child, a daughter that she and her boyfriend David Eason planned to name Ensley Jolie.

“Let the collection of baby girl bows begin!” Jenelle posted on her personal Facebook page. “She’s so precious and beautiful. I’m so in love with her already! Happy and healthy!”

In a series of Snapchats, Jenelle can be seen holding Ensley.

Ensley is Jenelle’s first daughter, although she already has two sons: Jace, whose father is Andrew Lewis, and Kaiser, whose father is Jenelle’s former soulmate, Nathan Griffith. Ensley is also David’s third child. He has two other children by two other women.

“She is so perfect!” David wrote of Ensley on his Facebook page. “You were so strong through all this and you did so great Jenelle! You are such a good mommy, thank you for giving me such a beautiful baby girl! Ensley loves you so much already!”

Jenelle officially announced her pregnancy in August, but, as faithful Roundupers know, The Ashley was the first to break the news that Jenelle was pregnant. (Naturally, Jenelle denied it and madness ensued. Jenelle to this day insists she wasn’t pregnant during the sliver of time when The Ashley announced her pregnancy.)

Jenelle’s pregnancy was officially outed via a police report when Jenelle and David got into a minor car accident in July.

“It’s unfortunate because every situation in my life centers around court, cops and getting in trouble,” Jenelle told MTV.com. “Even when I find out I’m pregnant again, it has to involve that. So I waited until all of the focus was away from that police report, then I’m going to reveal that I’m pregnant.”

Anyway, it appears from the posted photos that Jenelle may be pulling “a Maci” (i.e. not showing the baby’s face in photos until she can sell the pics to a magazine).

UPDATE! Jenelle spoke to E! News about her delivery.

“It was a quick delivery and only had to push twice,” Jenelle told the site. “We are already in love with her, and she’s so beautiful! We are just ready to take her home!”

See the first photos of Ensley below: (Click to enlarge!)


  1. I bet she did only have to push twice. Have you seen that gaping hole of hers?? I surprised Ensley just did slide right on out.

  2. Holy crap! That whole Twitter pregnancy timeline rant when she just gave birth??!
    Should you not, I don’t know, maybe take care of and care for your baby, yourself, your family at those times instead of telling the world your truth v2?

    And why did we have to wait for this truth until after she delivered?

  3. I am in no way a fan of Janelle’s past or her previous mothering abilities, and think the way she still acts with her mother is deplorable but I have recently started following her on snapchat and I’ve seen a completely different side to her.
    She is with her little, weird, blended family every single day, seems to be making good decision with her money and income, and is often comprehensible. She seems genuinely happy with this guy, her and the kids always seem to be outside playing and smiling.
    I actually wish her every success with Ensley. Hopefully she can stick with David and continue the stability in these kids’ lives.
    And yeah i know, I’m going to get down arrowed so hard any minute now lol.

  4. I just have to ask, Ashley, in your opinion is Jenelle wanting custody of Jace simply a plot line on the show? That’s the way it seems–all for the camera with no true intentions of taking full responsibility for Jace. If it’s all for the cameras, that’s pretty deplorable and cruel to do to an innocent child. He seems to be happy with Barbara, and it’s clear that Barbara really loves Jace. Maybe she doesn’t behave or react in the most positive ways, but there seems to be love between them. It seems like Jace loves Jenelle, and Jenelle loves Jace, but more in a sibling way as opposed to a parent/child relationship.

    Thoughts, Ashley?

    1. The proof is really in the pudding. She’s been yelling for years about wanting him back, but skips court dates, etc. Jenelle would have had Jace back under her custody by now if she really wanted to. She acts the way she does because of public backlash.

  5. This is so disturbing… Duhhh-nelle I have a feeling this soulmate of the year will be a force to be reckoned with.. He’s gonna end up havin custody of this one.. He’s no Nathan.. No better..but def will want his kid. I mean c’mon already by now if you have learned anything isn’t it that you have horrible taste in men???! Poor kids ?

  6. Congrats Jenelle & David:)

    I know she has massively screwed up in the past but I will keep my fingers crossed for baby Ensley’s sake that she and David can actually have a healthy relationship and take good care of their daughter.

  7. Only 6 more weeks before she can get knocked up again by some other random she is in love with for the moment. Fingers crossed still for a Kiefer Jr! Good lord girl.

    1. Kieffah Jr, when that ever happens, I will register the copyright to all green baby hoodie crochet patterns in my name and become loaded.

      1. And by in your name, you mean TRASHTVSTARTEMPERTANTRUMS right? Not your actual legal name…unless that is your legal name ?

    1. Not a Jenelle fan by any means, but I didn’t have to push much either and I am talking about my one and only birth. I didn’t tear or have to be cut either like a lot of women do. Kegal exercises can be a woman’s best friend as far as not tearing goes and I really think the further along you are or if a woman is past her due date and there are no other complications, the baby is probably ready to just come out with minimal efforts especially for mothers who are not first timers like Jenelle. My friends kept scaring me since it was my first time that I would be in labor for a very long time most likely, but that is something else that I lucked out in. My labor I feel was on the shorter side, nearly 7 hours. Just my opinion and could be wrong. *shrugs*

      1. I was in labor for 16 hours with my first and pushed for 2 hours…I was 6 days pasted my due date. Some women just have an easier time (my SiL was in labor for 12 hours with all 4 of her kids COMBINED! Her first one was only 3 hours…and her last one was only 30 minutes), some just luck out on that front!

  8. Poor Jace and Kaiser. As if they weren’t forgotten/neglected already, now Jenelle has her girl to focus all of her attention on. Kinda sad/weird not to mention the 4 (!) siblings at all.

  9. Im just waiting on the obligatory

    Twitter fight
    Cheating accusations from both sides
    Assaults on the new boyfriend/girlfriend
    The custody battle
    The tales of how David was beating her up the whole time and how awful he really was/is.
    The brief makeup
    The engagement

    You know, the usual ?

  10. I thought it was so weird that David said to jenelle “Ensley already loves you so much!” Isn’t the normal thing to say, “We already love our baby so much!”? It seems like jenelle needs constant reaffirmation that anyone/her own children love her, that her own newborn baby loves her… Is this because Jace seems to love his other “mommy” more than Janelle and that kaiser appears to be so happy and excited and loving whenever he gets to see Nathan?

    1. You are so right on. I’ve made posts about this topic before.
      Years ago, Janelle is in the car with Jace, crying her eyes out. She tells Jace that he needs to tell her that he loves her. She makes a big production out of it. She tells him that it’s his job to make her feel loved and needed.
      Mind you, she’s absolutely hysterical at the time. She doesn’t fake cry like Farrah, she’s the exact opposite. She cries and screams like it’s the end of the world, literally. It would’ve been scary enough for a young little boy to witness all on it’s own. Then you add in what she’s saying and in a little boy’s mind, he is going to feel like it’s his fault that his mommy is crying.
      She’s made a lot of those type of comments to Jace throughout his life.

      Amber has said it to Leah before as well. But to give her some credit, she later on “woke up” and felt awful about it. She said it was actually her job to make Leah feel loved, not the other way around.

      1. And you’ve got to imagine that Jace probably doesn’t really love or even like jenelle very much so then is he worried and wondering if mommy is crazy and constantly having break downs because he doesn’t love her enough? What a horrible burden for a little guy to bear! And of course the reason he doesn’t love her very much is bc she’s crazy, so it’s a vicious cycle.

    2. Because all her kids whine and cry just like her and poor Ensley probably hasn’t stopped crying since she came out so Janelle’s probably like “ugh dude I can’t handle all this crying why are you crying so much dude!” Then she asks if baby E can have hot dogs yet.

  11. I can already see the Nathan style argument where David is trying to tell her Barbara is awful and they need to get Jace back right away and she answers back “Well right now we need to focus on getting settled with the new baby and building our new house so he has a stable home” aka a place where we can lock ourselves in our room and let the kids play outside alone because it’s not as close to the street as our current house

    1. I became terribly freaked out when I heard David happily boasting about how their driveway on the new piece of land would be 500 feet long, and that they were surrounded on all sides by lots of trees, and that it was super private and secluded. I just thought about how easily he could murder her or the children, or beat them up, or shake the crying baby, or do whatever other weird, creepy, unsettling things he wanted to them and that there would be no one around to hear them scream…

        1. The murder part might be much but he definitely seems like he has serious gender issues. I can absolutely see him getting Violent with Kiaser or Jace for acting like ” a little girl”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about them but the episode with the boat ride was absolutely awful. He was downright mean to the boys and she was a moron. She has this way about her where the kids always seem to be an inconvenience but she wants them there to spite everyone.

    1. I’m extremely curious what about Jenelle makes her a “good mom” in your eyes? Like, give some examples of her being a good parent? Call me crazy, but a decent mom devotes time to their kids. Raises them in a stable environment. Doesn’t bring random men in and out of their lives and become pregnant months after meeting them. And a “strong woman” is independent. Deals with her issues head on. Doesn’t rely on men to fill emotional voids. I guess our definitions are different?

    1. It’s not the children’s fault. They are the victims. Poor Jace and Kaiser, now we have another victim in Ensley. This is totally not okay. I pray that the courts do the right thing and leave Jace exactly where he is, with Babs. Hopefully, CPS will finally open up a file on Janelle once she gets home and she has 2 children living with her.
      These two are horrible parents. David yelling that Kaiser isn’t going to be a sissy and that he’s not a girl all because he cried? First off, you aren’t related to Kaiser, secondly, even if he played with a Barbie doll, there’s nothing wrong with that. Thirdly…..I don’t have all day to write the long list of things that you do wrong. In fact, it would be much easier to list the things that you do right.

      Okay, I was wrong.

  12. Hopefully David will stick around at least until the baby is walking…her other 2 baby daddy’s left after like 2 weeks….but congrats to them!….I will say last nights episode Babs was dropping truth bombs about Jenelles irresponsible decisions!

    1. I’m not sure if David sticking around would be a good thing or a bad thing – he seems creepy and abusive (I wonder if he’ll call Ensley a b*tch like he did Kaiser).

  13. I hope her mom has the nursery all ready for when she will have to take custody of this one too. Poor Jace another replacement kid. That poor baby too enjoy your father while you can before they break up and you never see him again and she uses you as a pawn against him. I think if you loose custody of one kid and you still don’t have them back you shouldn’t be allowed to have more. Ugh and the horrible “trendy” name yuck!!!

  14. You can wrap a potato in a baby blanket and it’ll look like a newborn. Good luck getting the tabloids to give you cash for snaps of your squishy faced baby, Jailnelle. Try to take care of this one and stop abusing the other two…

  15. So do the dates add up? Because when she denied it I know some thought her due date would be much earlier? Just curious. Also, jenelle, quit having babies. You are a terrible mom

    1. They add up….I remember the Ashley reported this back in April (9 months ago) and Jenelle denied denied denied until like July

  16. For the love of God I hope her doctor, mother, other children, sister, brother or anyone else on this planet told her to get her damn tubes tied BURNT or whatever!! Sterilize this chick already!!

  17. So they both have 3 kids now. At 25 and 29 (I think). Is that supposed to be an accomplishment?! Stop procreating and do something else with your life please!

    1. Pretty sure her gross baby daddy has 2 kids too. That’s 5 kids and they can’t even take care of themselves.

  18. Good luck to that poor baby. Their is nothing different about Jenelle except her stretched tight botox face, she is still the same heartless cold “mother” as before. She will be pregnant again in no time .

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