‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Welcomes Second Baby: See the First Photos of Her Son’s Cute Face!

“I pushed him out!”

It’s a boy for Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer!

Just one day after Jenelle Evans welcomed a baby girl, Chelsea announced that she had given birth to a baby boy. Chelsea’s little one came a few weeks early, as he was originally due on February 14, but it appears that both mom and baby are doing great.

Chelsea wasted no time in sharing the baby’s name and first photos with her fans.

“Welcome to the world sweet boy,” she captioned a photo posted to Instagram showing the baby’s hand. Soon after, she posted a full portrait of her newborn son, announcing that they have named him Watson Cole. Chelsea’s husband Cole also posted the photo, adding, “My heart is so full” to the caption.

This is the first child for Cole and second for Chelsea. She is already the mom of seven-year-old Aubree, whose father is Adam Lind.

Watson is already stylish in his “Watson DeBoer” blanket!

Fans were surprised that Chelsea had chosen to share her son’s photo and name right away. (After all, her fellow ‘Teen Mom’ers Maci Bookout and Jenelle Evans purposely kept their baby’s faces out of the public for a long time. Maci even stated that she only did that to piss off the show’s fans.)

While Chelsea was open about her son’s name and photo, don’t expect to see any ‘Teen Mom 2’ footage showing Chelsea squeezing Baby Watson from her loins. She has been adamant that MTV cameras would not be allowed in the birthing room.

Back in December, Chelsea explained that she wanted to keep a lot of the pregnancy private, out of respect for her husband.

“This is Cole’s firstborn baby and he didn’t sign up for this show so I just want him to be able to have his moments to himself and not have to feel like he has to share them with everybody,” Chelsea told WetPaint. “So it’s a hard line that I’m trying to balance right now…I didn’t have [cameras] at doctor’s appointments or anything…but they’re at the baby shower for a while.”

See more photos of Baby Watson below:

A photo posted by Mary Kneip (@glammamary) on

Watson Cole

A photo posted by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on

A photo posted by Mary Kneip (@glammamary) on

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Snapchat)

39 Responses

  1. I’m sorry, I’ll say it, I don’t think Chelsea has cute kids. Like she’s a great mom, very smart, and a beautiful girl, but I don’t think Aubree or Watson is THAT cute. I remember back in the day everyone would gush over Aubrey and I never really thought she was that cute. She’s a sweet little girl, and maybe she’ll grow into her looks. But sorry I don’t think she makes cute kids.

  2. Unlike Maci and Jenelle Chelsea has class and so didn’t play any stupid games. Congrats to both Chelsea and Cole! And welcome to little Watson! This is the one teen mom birth that I genuinely think is wonderful.

  3. So happy for Chelsea and Cole, he is adorable! Even happier that this outshines Jenelle’s birth ? Patiently waiting for a Jenelle meltdown..

  4. Congratulations, Chelsea, Cole, and Aubree! So happy to see your little family thriving.

    Side note, there seem to be a TON of downvotes on these congratulatory comments. We know Jenelle is still bitter about The Ashley calling her out on her lies, anyone think it’s her? I’m waiting for the twitter meltdown.

  5. Of course the baby is only a few hours old and already being stylish!!!! I love that idea for a swaddle. I bet Jenelle is pissed cause her co star who had her second child with her husband is outshining her and her third replacement kid from soul mate of the month. Oh I bet she is fuming. HAHA!!!!

  6. Ok totally eating my words in my snarky comment about his name probably being stupidly spelled and hipster (although the blanket is hipster beyond) because I really love the name Watson and that baby is damn cute!

  7. I bet she was holding that baby in as long as she could so he doesn’t share a birthday with one of Jenelle’s numerous offspring.

    1. Good one you know Jenelle is pissed about it and I am waiting for the pity party. That couldn’t of been more perfect.

  8. The baby is so darn cute!! How much did he weigh? Length? His name???? Eh not so cute. Colby would have been my choice. But what the hey. He’s precious. ? congrats.

  9. A few days ago I was reading teen mom Reddit and someone commented that Chelsea could have her baby before jenelle (since Aubree was 5 weeks early). The next person said that wouldn’t be the killer for jenelle. The killer would be if Chelsea had her baby one day after. And now it has happened! Seriously made my day! ???

    1. At first when I read it, I thought it said Weston and I was like, “I love that name!” And then I read it again and I realized it said Watson. I don’t like that first a first name at all.

  10. So I’m super petty but I was looking at their Instagram announcements and Jenelle’s has like 250k and Chelsea’s has over 700k – you know someone is going to be PISSED!

  11. Not crazy about the name, too ancient for me but her kids her choice. Congrats. Im glad your baby was born after Chinelle’s, that will surely piss her off.

  12. Congrats to her and fam hes precious. I like how she shared the name and photos without shopping it around to tabloids. Way to stay down to earth!! Lovely

    1. I’m happy for her too. I’m glad she finally grew up and stopped relying on her rich daddy to pay her bills for her. That was ridiculous when he was doing that

  13. Omg, anyone know where she got that adorable baby blanket with his name printed? I want to get one for my friend’s baby shower ? Also Little Watson looks like Aubree already!

  14. I think everyone knows jenelle and crew are seething right now because of this.? But anyways, congratulations!

    1. Bahaha. That’s what I thought. Wait for the post about how when someone else welcomes another child they get congrats and when she does it she gets criticism…..although any idea sees why lol

      1. It’s either going to be what you said or she’ll be mad that Chelsea didn’t wait a couple of days to announce so she could have her moment.

    2. “Duuuuude?! Why’s everybody so happy for them, but all I get is hate?! It’s like people don’t even care. I totally turned my life around, but MTV never shows the good stuff!”

      I cannot wait for Jenelle’s pity-party!

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