“16 and Pregnant” Season 3 Star Danielle Cunningham Pregnant with Third Child

“I’m having another one!”

Another 16 and Pregnant baby is on its way!

Danielle Cunningham, who starred on the show’s third season back in 2011, recently announced that she is currently pregnant with her third child. In a post made to her Facebook page, Danielle indicated that she is about three months along and that she has been sick a lot from the pregnancy.

“Well I guess I can go ahead and share with the world that I am about 3 months pregnant and boy has this been a heck of a ride,” Danielle wrote on Monday. “Puking non stop, dehydration, passing out..man oh man, idk but this baby is making this precious adventure a challenge. But here’s to new beginnings and on the road to achieving greatness.”

Danielle is already the mother of Jamie Jr. (who was born during Danielle’s ’16 and Pregnant’ episode), and daughter Jayleigh, who was born in June 2013. Both Jamie Jr. and Jayleigh were fathered by Danielle’s ex-boyfriend, Jamie Alderman. Danielle and Jamie broke up several years ago, and Danielle has been with another guy since 2015.

Danielle is currently in school to become a nurse.

The girls from “16 and Pregnant” have been keeping busy making more babies lately. Just this month alone, three girls from the show’s second season–Ashley SalazarJenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska– gave birth to a child. In addition, four other ’16 and Pregnant’ girls–Katie YeagerSarah RobertsHope Harbert and Briana DeJesus— are all pregnant and due to give birth later this year.

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18 Responses

  1. Why can’t these girls wait to FINISH SCHOOL AND GET A JOB to support all their litters? Jesus. Condoms aren’t that expensive at all y’all!

  2. Ugh, remember when she used to do those ridiculous shopping haul youtubes, trying to stay relevant?

    I remember being embarrassed that we’re from the same state while watching her 16&P episode. She is white trash in it’s purest form.

  3. Why, oh why do these girls keep popping out babies? Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until you’ve finished school? Or until you’be known your partner for longer than 5 minutes? Don’t they realize what a hard job it is to be a parent? I don’t get it. It’s not that hard to put on a condom, people!

  4. Oh wow, she will even beat Jenelle with how fast she has a third kid. Never thought I would say that. But I gotta say this: IF YOUR MOM STILL CAN GET PREGNANT, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO HAVE YOUR OWN CHILDREN!! So she was a grandma at what, 34?! I mean, it’s her fault she hasn’t taught her anything from her own teenage pregnancy. She should have taught her all about not having a kid so young and use protection. There is a big possibility the pattern will continue with Jayleigh.

  5. Teen mom the program that promotes teenagers getting knocked up over and over again.

    Raises awareness on how to take the tax payers hard earned $$$??

  6. Thought this show was supposed to be raising awareness? How many have multiple children with multiple partners and how many completed their education and / or are working full or part time?

  7. Why oh why oh why don’t these morons wait until they are settled down, have a career and are financially stable. Why do they breed constantly.

    1. You did read that her mother is only 40, right? In all likelihood she is simply following the model thaf she has had. By now she probably thinks she has no prospects anymore.

  8. I remember before her episode aired she posted that she was hoping to make Teen Mom so she could “make the big bucks”. Aim High Danielle!

  9. This girl is a mess…from smoking week while her kids are asleep to live blogging her binge drinking….an absolute MESS

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