Upcoming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Special to Focus On the Show’s Fathers: Get Details!

“A special about us?! Well, ding dang!”

It looks like Adam Lind is finally getting his wish: MTV is airing positive footage featuring the dads of Teen Mom 2!

Well…sort of…

The network announced today that it will air “Teen Mom 2: Greatest Guy Moments” on Wednesday. The special will feature flashback clips of the men who have had children with the show’s stars: Jenelle EvansKail LowryChelsea Houska and Leah Messer. While the special will probably consist of mostly funny clips, don’t expect it to be a complete love-fest.

“[The special] will feature highlights with Adam, Nathan, Jo, Javi, Corey and Jeremy,” MTV reported. “From snuggles with their munchkins to feuds with their former partners they would probably like to forget, we’re looking back at the good, the bad…and the dads!”

“Y’all better include that time I dressed up in that dern Santa suit! That was funny stuff!”

(Jenelle’s newest baby-daddy, David Eason, and Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer are both absent from the list of dads who will be featured on the special.)

Last week, MTV aired a special about the Top 10 ‘Teen Mom 2’ Moments of all time.

The Dads special will air on Wednesday right before the new episode of Are You The One?

From what The Ashley hears, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ guys were unaware that MTV was planning to air a special about them. The last ‘Teen Mom’ Dad special, “A Weekend at Corey’s” did pretty well in the ratings, though.

Click here to read The Ashley’s recap of the last ‘Teen Mom’ Dad special!

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  1. I am seriously curious to see if Adam keeps his word and doesn’t do another season. I thought they would just give him more money and he would cave but this season he is really having nothing to do with the film crew so maybe he actually means it?

  2. I’ve been impressed with the way Jo has matured in to a loving and thoughtful dad. He is secure enough to let his son still have a relationship with Javi. Outstanding Jo!! Isaac is such a good hearted little man. It’s funny to hear him call his mother out for fighting with Javi. Smart little guy

  3. Although at times some of the guys have been horrible (and some continue to be), I think it’s kinda good to feature the struggle teen dads also have. I truly believe Corey and Jo are good parents – I have really liked Corey from the beginning and it seems like he tried his best to step up and take responsibility for his actions (impregnating Leah so quickly). He has stayed a constant in the girls lives and that scene where he talks up Ali and tries to boost her confidence melts my heart. Jo has been a major ass, but he truly loves Issac and I think he really tries to do what is best for him – He even tried to be friends with Javi and seemed to adore baby Lincoln too. A lot of the dads get partial custody and thats got to be hard when you can’t see your child every day.

  4. Although I can understand why Cole wouldn’t want to be included, I think that looks pretty rotten if they didn’t at least ask him to film. The guy is a step-dad to Aubree, and by all accounts, a good one.

  5. Curious to see what MTV is going to do about the signing and whining. They will either give the complaining dads their way to look good or they will edit a bit of an undertone in it to defend their past storylines/ editing and also look good. Anyways, MTV will look good.

    They just filmed Nathan taking Jen to court, filmed him holding Kaiser again while crying at the reunion, I don’t think they make him look bad (I felt so sorry for Jace by the way, Nathan did not have the time (and permission prob.) to interact with him while he has been in that boys life for a long time, Jace looked a bit down standing outside that trailer. You could see Nathan hesitate but he had to go see Kaiser.)

  6. This is gonna be so boring….and it’s pretty bogus. It’s clear that MTV is trying to keep these dad’s happy….whatev’s.

  7. A lot of these guys say they hate being on tv but this isn’t really supporting their case lol. If you don’t want to be on tv then don’t go on a dads special. I’m glad Cole isn’t doing it lol.
    Don’t get me wrong though, I’m definitely looking forward to this haha!
    Also … that’s. Lot of baby daddy’s that aren’t with the moms

    1. I don’t think this was especially filmed. By the sounds of it they are using already filmed, but unseen stuff and recycling it into a special.

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