‘Bad Girls Club’ Series to End After 17 Seasons: Fans React to Show’s Cancellation

“Oh no they did NOT!”

Bye bye Bad Girls Club!

The Oxygen Network has announced that it is taking an ax to some of its reality TV programming, including the long-running show Bad Girls Club! The show, which has somehow managed to run for 11 years, will end later this year. Season 17, which premieres on February 14, will be its last.

‘Bad Girls Club’ is one of the network’s most-popular reality shows. The show’s premise is simple: a bunch of wild and loud women are put together and basically left to fight and bicker on-camera. ‘Bad Girls Club’ has been spun-off a total of four times, and the show’s stars have gone on to do other reality TV work.

Although the show continues to do well in the ratings, it is getting the ax because Oxygen is going to be re-branded as a crime network this summer. The network has been inching its way into the crime genre, adding more and more shows about crime, murder and court to its schedule in recent years.

“The recent expansion of our Crime Time weekend block has enjoyed double-digit gains and has really resonated with our female audience,” Lifestyle Network President Frances Berwick told Deadline. “It’s certainly really encouraging; we’ve always had a very avid fan base for crime programming, and it feels the right moment to go all in.”

Oxygen is also cancelling Sisterhood of Hip Hop and Battle of the Ex Besties because, like ‘Bad Girls Club,’ the shows fail to fall into Oxygen’s new crime genre.

‘Bad Girls Club’ fans are already taking to social media to air their grievances about the show’s cancellation.

“Oxygen cancelling #BadGirlsClub only makes them look stupid… Their own hit show is BGC.. Major mistake!” one angry fan tweeted.

“Life sucks! Bad Girls Club is cancelled and I’m so sad,” another tweeted. “They can’t do this!”

A California-based fan has even started a Change.org petition to try to save the show. His plea is kind of hilarious when you realize he’s talking about a show that features a bunch of girls screaming at each other.

“The show offers many young fans the ability to see themselves in these young girls,” he wrote on the petition page. “Where it is good or bad, whether one likes or dislikes any of the girls broadcast each season, the ‘Bad Girls Club’ inspires these girls who sign up for this show to see something beyond their pasts and change, and for the fans to attempt to do so as well.”

At press time, the petition only had 94 signatures.

The final season of ‘Bad Girls Club’– to be called ‘Bad Girls Club: East Meets West’ will premiere February 14 on Oxygen.

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45 Responses

  1. Why don’t they just give the show to E entertainment like the kardashians, or to Facebook like lonzo ball his reality show. I really just want to see new seasons especially since being a baddie is a BIG trend now, i wanna see some new faces, or else I’ll make my own bad girl club??

  2. WHY did thy end it. I really wanted to be in Bgc thinking that this could be my chance. I’ve always wanted to meet tanisha and hoped that this dream could’ve come true. So pls bring bgc back and maybe on another channel. Just please bring it back

  3. Not To Happy They Took Bag Girls Club What So Ever Was Such An Amazing Show Even Though They Did Things That Was Already Done In Other Episodes But Just Watching Seeing New Females Going Into The Bad Girls Club I Thought Was Nice Really Should Put It Back On And Have Tanisha Still As The Host Which She Was Great At

  4. How can you cancel bgc ive been watching since I was in middle school in the 6th grade now I’m in 12th and I had plans to go on bad girls club and it’s not just all about drama and fighting we learn from it and experience with other females and half the females that was on that show got careers now and their own business or are models and stuff from being on there smh I won’t be watching oxygen that’s some bs!!!!

  5. I hope they put the Bad Girls Club on a different network cuz that show was very popular I used to love that show

  6. I am so sad that the Bad Girls Club is leaving my TV I’m only 11 but I still watch the show I know some of these girls went through pain went through happiness but at one point of time the show has to end it will missed dearly but will never be forgotten #WeWillMissYouBadGirlsClub

  7. Good. This crap show replaced the awesome original helpful show starting over. Jonathon Murrary original partner Mary Bunim would be rolling in her gave at her vision becoming trash t.v.. good riddance

  8. Bad Girls Club made oxygen and now they want to add another crime station. Come on everytime they have something going good they change it to something else. What they should have done was have spin off channel for their crime stuff because seeing crime all the time gets boring. Y’all will see


  10. That not evrn right they are going to regret it when oxygen go out of bissness cause of this… Im telling you.!!!!!

  11. I’m so angry bgc is being took off !!!!! Please put it back on there only show I like plssssssssss

  12. I wish the show wasn’t edging I haven’t watched for that long but I enjoy the show & how they transfom. I’m tired of crime networks. What the hell is a spammer?

  13. It is what it is but I think it’s kind of weird they want to become a crime show only network when you have WE tv, A&E that play crime shows and then investigation discovery channel which is ONLY crime shows. What’s the hype about all the crime shows? Crime, crime, crime, it gets old and overplayed after a while. Networks need a variety or viewers will get bored and ratings will decline. But hey, whatever.


  15. You people are really a mess, when it comes this show. All that hating is ridiculous. Who gives a damn what you boys have to think?

  16. Not 100% this show will stay cancelled it was cancelled a while back but I think oxygen realized they lost a lot of viewers and that’s lot of viewers came to oxygen to watch bgc. I think it will either be picked up by another network or it will make a comeback. The show is made by the creators of real world and this seasons style leaned more towards the real world look making me think this was a way of rebranding so they could sell it to another network.

  17. FINALLY! the BGC is pure trash and the lowest level of entertainment that has ever existed. I am SO glad to see it going. What could possibly be entertaining about a bunch of trashy ghetto girls fighting for the sake of fighting? Good bye and good riddance. And the people that watch it are plain TRASH too.

  18. I was all for the 1st few seasons and that was it….it got too ratchet….does anyone know what happened to Ripsi from season 1? It’s like she fell off the face of the planet after she attacked Kerri lol

  19. Wasn’t a fan of any one of the shows.I’m glad there canceling it. On to better things.congratulations Oxygen station.you finally taking them no class reality shows off air.Maybe I’ll start watching Oxygen station again….??

  20. Agree with the above. Guilty-watched the first few seasons but just felt it was too over the top and such a bad bad bad influence on today’s generation that I have been waiting for it to get cancelled for a long time now. It is basically everything wrong with humanity put on an alcohol-fueled display. On top of which it is a bunch of self-proclaimed “badass” chicks that all really need to be put into a rocket and set on a solar exploration mission. Not sure how the switch to crime shows will go but folks can’t seem to get enough of the stuff at the mo, so it will probably work for a 3 year retool.

  21. Ashamed to admit that I watched the first few seasons. Definitely a guilty pleasure. I can’t believe it lasted this long!

  22. Um it’s about time.

    This show was my guilty pleasure for about the first 5/6 seasons. Then it took a turn for the worst.

    It became all about trying to gang up on each other, fights, jumping each other…I get that it’s called Bad Girls Club but the first few seasons seemed to be about wanting to better yourself & grow. Not act like a total hoosier on national tv. But then again that’s kinda the name of the reality TV game.

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