‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed This Weekend

“I reckon we missed a lot of ‘Teen Mom’ gossip this weekend!”

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday which means you most likely spent the good part of Sunday elbow-deep in nacho cheese. Due to all of the “Sports Ball” action, you may have missed some of the Teen Mom-related things that happened over the weekend. In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 things that happened over the last weekend…

Kail & Leah are being flown to Los Angeles…and they’re not thrilled about it.

Both Kail and Leah indicated on social media over the weekend that they were heading to Los Angeles to film the “After Shows” live. From what The Ashley hears, the show’s producers are hoping to have at least one or two cast members appear at every After Show taping. (The tapings start today, and go for the next five Mondays. They are being held in a studio way north of Los Angeles, for some reason.)

Unfortunately it seems that Kail and Leah are going to get stuck doing most, if not all, of the trips, since Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska have newborn babies at home. That leaves Kail and Leah, who the producers hope will be willing to go to California every week, catching a red eye home on Monday night. The girls are not thrilled, especially Kail, who will have to miss all of her college classes on Monday and Tuesday. It makes no sense to fly the girls across country each week, being that the both live on the East Coast and could travel to MTV’s New York City studio much easier.

Debra Danielsen released a rap video– and then deleted it!

Although it sounds like a joke story that The Ashley made up, Farrah Abraham’s mother really did release a rap song and music video over the weekend. The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star posted her video for her “Debz OG” rap song, but deleted it soon after, presumably because it was getting a lot of negative feedback.

Want more details? Click here!

Farrah Abraham can’t unload her home.

It seems that Farrah is having a bit of trouble selling her backdoor. No, not the “back door” that Farrah made famous in her sex tape; we’re talking about the back door attached to the Los Angeles home she bought last spring! Farrah tried to flip the home, which she purchased for $879,000, but so far she has not been able to sell the home– even after lowering the original $1 million asking price three times, according to TMZ!

At $845,000, the price for the home is now well-below what Farrah paid, especially when you consider Farrah reportedly spent about $100k fixing up the place.

Maybe she can ask her buddies Amber Portwood and Matt Baier for home-flipping advice?

Want more details? Click here!

Javi Marroquin’s plan to write a book (presumably about his ex-wife, Kail Lowry) are back on.

Awhile back, Javi claimed that he was planning to write a book to tell the world what really caused his divorce from Kail. Javi eventually stopped talking about his plan for a book-writing adventure…until this weekend. In a series of tweets, an angry Javi took to Twitter to hint that he was once again aspiring to write that tell-all!

“Every day that goes by I’m getting more and more angry,” he wrote. “I need to chill and see my friends. Asap. And a drink.”

He later tweeted that he was “looking for a publisher” for his book.

This comes just a week or so after Javi took to Instagram live to announce that he would no longer be bashing Kail.

Don’t get too excited to read the dirt, though. If Javi did, indeed, write a book giving the nitty-gritty details about his life with Kail, he would almost surely have to get Kail to sign a waiver allowing it. (Otherwise she could possibly sue him and the publisher for libel.) It’s incredibly unlikely that Javi would be able to find a publisher willing to publish a book about Kail without having a signed waiver from Kail.

Many of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls had to get waivers signed by their exes and/or parents, etc. if the book included negative things about that person. (For instance, Kail’s mom, Suzi, had to sign a waiver, as did several of the girls’ exes.)

Kail Lowry addressed her haters.

In a long blog post on her website, Kail discussed what it’s like to be the subject of online hate (which has surely increased for her since the start of this season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’) She also revealed why she isn’t quitting the show:

“Why don’t I quit the show? The burning question. Because it’s my job,” Kail wrote. “It’s what supports my family. It’s what gives me income until I finish school. Do I think my time on the show is coming to an end? Yes. But until that time, I have to be on the show because it’s my job and what pays my bills and gives me a house for my boys.”

Want more details? Click here!

Someone from Matt Baier’s past resurfaced on Twitter to warn Amber Portwood about her fiance.

Over the weekend (and into Monday) Amber was contacted by Chris, a person claiming to be a former friend of her fiance, Matt. The guy, whom Amber later confirmed did, indeed, know Matt in grade school and high school, claimed that he knows “girls that [Matt] beat up,” and warned Amber that she could find a better man than Matt.

“Hopefully she finds a real man. Unlike Matt,” Chris tweeted. “And I know him. From Winthrop Mass. You are better than this. Trust me.”

“Boys who beat women don’t change,” Chris wrote. “And all those deserted kids and ex wives?? White Trash.”

Want more details? Click here!

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. I enjoy these, but I REALLY hope this doesn’t mean you won’t be doing the recaps anymore!! Cuz I’ve noticed you haven’t done at least the last two episodes… That would majorly suck if you weren’t, your recaps give me LIFE!! (And I especially wanted to read one for this past Mondays episode!! Omg Victoria and her ‘keep calm’ tee, anyone?!)

  2. Wow, are our collective standards so low that more than one person here has commented on how they respect kail for her honestly? Simply because she said she will continue doing this show because it pays her bills? She has done very little, at this point, for anyone to respect. I felt for her and admired her grit in her earlier years with joe, when he ignored her and she stoutly carried on, taking a baby Isaac to register for classes in the face of little to no support from ANYONE. After her joke of a marriage with javi, the way she handles not only her relationships with anyone except that ridiculous gaggle of girlfriends she cant be without, but how she handles HERSELF is just gross. Her boys have no strong family, she ripped that from Isaac TWICE now, as Javis large, close family seeemed to include Isaac as one of there own. She moved Isaac away from his father and his fathers family to live with her new husband in Delaware and then initially resented it when isaacs dad wanted to move close, like she owns the damn state. She’s an angry, self indulgent, immature, loveless, cold woman. I hate when we have to watch the kids suffer most of all on this show, and what Isaac is going through, any of us mothers who watch, I KNOW, are sad for that sweet boy.

  3. Where to start?
    Oh Kail, even with the ass surgery and complete skull tattoo sleeves you still look bad. Perhaps you just need some full maori face tattoos to cover those jowls. You are making Javi look sensible which is also sad.
    Farrah, maybe a power wash or bleaching of the backdoor is in order to sell the house. Does it come with porta potties lining the driveway? I hope it sinks you and you end up living in the back of Froco posting fake reviews. You are a horrible human being that has learned very little in your years on this planet.
    Leah, I remember those fond days that my mom would serve me cold soup from a can while hopped up on adderall and they were the best (can’t wait to hear TA’s recap of that scene lol). Here is a new recipe: put the already-stacked lunchable (I know it is a lot of work but stay with me here) in a microwave for 20 seconds and then smash with the palm of your hand to make paninis 🙂
    Chelsea just keep being you and not wearing the toboggan. You are currently the only one that seems to be normal at this point (now that you are not wearing winter gear in a place that is regularly in the 80s and such high humidity).
    Jenelle congrats on getting a load caught up in there. I feel like you stopped mentally developing around 15 and should stay aware of that as you say or do anything for the rest of your (non-incarcerated) life. I hope you manage to sell your ovaries to the Hard Rock Cafe for us all to enjoy as we gulp down burgers like a goose.

    Best of luck to all of those kids. I hope MTV has a budget for their therapy since their parents don’t seem to.

    1. ESPECIALLY with the a** surgery and complete tattoo sleeves…
      Oh, that cold soup scene. Seriously. Leah knows how that looks (how it IS), so why keep doing it? Good grief. She learns nothing.

  4. I do like Kail’s honesty about why she is doing the show. Everyone else is all I am doing it to create awareness (yeah sure). We all know it’s for the money. I do give her props for going to school. But, a degree doesn’t always guarantee a job or a good one. She is going for film production I think. Yes, she already has her name out there and has contacts there isn’t much to do for that in Delaware. She would have to move to NY at least and with her boys I doubt that will be allowed to happen. I do like her drive but me, and several people I know were fed the same crap about get a degree any degree and you will make more money. Which is not true an a lot of my friends with Bachelors degrees and $40,000 in student debt are going back to trade schools for Dental Hygienist or some other trade. She blows through her money like water so she needs to understand there isn’t always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and start managing her money better.

    1. Well, obviously you were fed a line of crap. Getting a bachelor’s degree in any area does not guarantee more money. If you want more money, then you need to get a bachelor’s in something that actually pays well. For example, majoring in film production, it has potential for her to make a decent living, but when she first starts, she will have to start from the bottom. And in that industry, the bottom gets paid like garbage. It could take a very long time for her to get to a place in that industry where she is making decent money. No question that her income is going to drastically change once Teen Mom is over. Hopefully she is aware of that and is preparing for that situation.

  5. I respect Kail’s honesty. It’s all about the money at this time. I can’t blame her though…Who would turn down that kind of cash?

    1. Exactly…Can’t knock Kail’s hustle. She realized what an opportunity this was and seized it. Now she probably has no student loan debt, was able to go to school and not work a 9-5 while raising her boys, and she’ll have a 4 year degree from an accredited university. All of the girls and guys should’ve been doing this to help prepare for their future’s. Kail knows that eventually this will all come to an end, so might as well get your ducks in a row while getting paid over $250k a year to get filmed doing nothing.

  6. -I don’t even know why people try to tell Amber to leave Matt alone….she’s not gonna listen. It’s like beating a dead horse with a stick…I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already married.

    -What’s up with Javi’s rhyming tweets? Are him and Deb planning to do a collabo rap mix tape??….Put Jo in there and we’ve hit the teen mom trifecta.

    1. Amber needs to woman up and admit when she’s backed the wrong horse. She is having a full latent-teenager rebellion by sticking by this guy when HE IS A COMPLETE LOSER. The world knows it. No, it’s not that we don’t see what you see, Amber. No, he’s not ‘special’. No, you can’t make his life better for him. Holy the crap. Please mature before this deadbeat knocks you up and then leeches off of you for the next 18 years. It’s like watching a train wreck in slo-mo.

      1. I agree, but really, she’s just as awful of a person as he is. If she were with anyone better we would all be talking about how they are too good for her. She’s a piece of trash who landed with another piece of trash. Like finds like.

  7. At this point all of Matt’s children could come knocking on Amber’s door with a positive paternity test and she wouldn’t care. Hope he is not forcing her to stay with him and telling her terrible things like how she will never get anyone else and such. *shivers*

    Javi, all my respect for you went down the drain. You said you WILL not talk bad things about Kail and yet you want to publish a book to stay relevant?! I’m sure the book won’t be really nice and it WILL be bashing her. You’re a hypocrite.

    At least Kailyn acknowledges she is where she is now thanks to MTV and not a real job.

  8. I’m not sure she is just a dumbass. To defend a person like this, your morals need to be lower than the average person too.
    Plus, she lies a lot too and behaves poorly, it might seem like his conduct is rubbing off on her but I would not give Matt the credit of changing an innocent, smart, good and honest woman into what she is showing now. I’m sorry so say this, I believed Amber at first, I believed she had changed. I think she really would like to be a good and honest hardworking person and with the right people around her, she could become that. I really believe there is also so much good in her but it is not growing as it is not watered.
    I sincerely hope he does not abuse her physically too. Seems like he is making her believe she has the power in their relationship, catering and running for her etc, while he has the real power. He is manipulating her.

    1. Ooops, wrong place, tried to respond to a comment about Amber, stating she is a dumbass.

      By the way, you guys really did not miss much when you haven’t seen the Deb rap.
      It was just nothing. It was just boring, bad and attention seeking. Watched with half my attention and clicked om something else halfway cause it wasn’t interesting.
      But I’m double glad I am not in that family, imagine your aunty Debra feeling the need to be the highlight of entertainment of every party in the family. I rather impatiently wait for the usual crows choir with really corny a-rhythmic songs to finish and kindly pad them on the back afterwards for making the effort.

  9. So, MTV create a programme that is supposed to be about the struggles of being teen parents. One cast member is actually setting a pretty good example by acknowledging the fact that this TV income isn’t going to last forever and has made the mature decision to put herself through college and MTV decide that it is better use of her time to schlep halfway across the country for a pointless extra TV show.
    *mind boggled

  10. Am I the only one surprised/a little impressed that Kail said she doesn’t quit the show because of the pay check? All the other mom’s (to my knowledge) have never stated thats why they do the show. They all spout some BS about being role models for teen girls or something. We all know money is why they do the show; it’s nice to finally hear one of the girls own up to it!

    The rest of this sounds like the same ol’ drama recycled: someone complaining about MTV and their contractual obligations, the Abrahams being their trashtastic selves, Javi reaching for some attention, and a Good Samaritan warning Amber away from Matt and her not listening. Rinse, lather, repeat. We are just missing an arrest or court update. Not to worry, I am sure at least one isn’t too far away.

  11. News pile indeed 😀 Thank you for all the updates The Ashley. It’s hard for me to keep up with all of their shenanigans, so I appreciate your updates. I was going through my tv guide today and setting up shows to record, and saw that “Being Edwards” show coming up, and was hoping you’d talk about it, so thank you – are you going to recap that one? I wonder if I’ll like it as much as the “Being Butch” one 🙂 I don’t know, they have some work to do if they want to top Butch’s episode 😀

  12. I have a feeling Javi will never get to write a book because Kailyn is never going to allow herself to be portrayed in an you negative light. She will definantley sue. It’s too bad I really wanted to hear the dirt!!

  13. Of course javi wants to write a book. Proves even more that he didn’t care for kail at all. I know we saw that kailyn didn’t care much for Javi either. But at least we watched her for years and somewhat knew her family life and how her relationships were, so we can see why she jumped into getting married to this guy so quickly. We really have no idea why javi fell in love with her. He seemed to be altogether with a good home and close family. No wonder why we see on the show how she seems to hate being around him. I don’t like her as as person that much. But at least she is a good mom.

    I so wished I would have listen to Deborahs rap song. I was by my fiance all weekend when it was released and I didn’t want him to hear me listening to it. He already thinks I am obsessed with teen mom, I don’t need to tell him I am listening to a teem mom’s mom rap song….and now it’s I

    Amber- there has been no plus side to this guy that I have seen. Except maybe he doesn’t look his age. Few years younger. So good for him. But that’s it. She is aging so fast with the work she is getting done so maybe she’s trying to look in her 40’s like him. Idk. So now he is a big physical abuser. Nice job. Next he is going to be a child molester. Even if this stuff is just rumors I hope most girls would get out fast. She is so brain washed by him it’s ridiculous. Ok, she says shes quit listening to the bad comments. But really that’s a lot of stuff to take into consideration.

    1. I so wished I would have listen to Deborahs rap song.”

      The Way Back Machine.

      Nothing on the net never truly goes away.

  14. Did Deb really think her rap song would be embraced by everyone? Did the negativity really shock her? She is more delusional than I thought!

    I’ll be glad when Kail finds a different job.

    1. I agree, but also think it’s because Amber has dug herself a hole she can’t get out of by defending and supporting this lowlife. She probably feels like she can’t back out now without looking like a total dumbass, but I think most people would be supportive of that decision.

      1. She looks like a dumbass regardless of her relationship with Matt.

        The fact that she is in a relationship with this yuck-mouthed freak-show after all his “flaws” have been revealed- lol, abandoning kids across the country, lying, conning, etc, just those wee flaws.. pffft… simply proves she is indeed a dumbass.

        1. I have no sympathy for her. She ditches Leah for Matt all the time then cries that she never sees her. How many times do we hear “I’m too depressed to see Leah.” Then in the same breath says “Matt and I are going to *insert city across the across the country*”? A lot. The shit against Matt isn’t him being a cheater or a few bad decisions he’s made as a a teenager, these are abandoned children, a sexual assault, domestic abuse, scams, and it keeps going.

          1. It’s certainly colored how I look at her, that she refuses to see this man is a manipulator (add what you like here – ugly, older…ugly…Sorry to be shallow, but facts are facts. The girl could do a lot better than him, and I wish she would). She has such potential. He’s a taker.

            But maybe I was wrong. Maybe she doesn’t have the potential I thought she did. You could be right – maybe she doesn’t have the mental capacity to see through his charade? Sad.

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