Next ‘Teen Mom’ Special to Focus on Ryan Edwards’ Parents Jen & Larry: Get Ready for “Being the Edwards!”

“Well it’s about damn time, MTV!”

The Teen Mom Grandparent Specials keep on coming!

Just days after it was announced that a ‘Teen Mom’ special focusing on Farrah Abraham‘s mother Debra Danielsen would be hitting our screens in April, MTV has revealed that yet another ‘Teen Mom’ Grandparent special is scheduled to air on Wednesday. This special, which will be called “Being the Edwards,” will star Jen and Larry Edwards, who are the parents of Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards.

Not much is known about the special, but it can be assumed that it will be filmed in the same way that the previous Grandparent specials were filmed. For last year’s “Being Barbara” and “Being Butch,” (which starred Jenelle Evans‘ mom Barbara Evans and Tyler Baltierra‘s dad Butch Baltierra, respectively), the grandparents were actually the ones doing the voice-overs during the one-hour specials.

Jen and Larry have become very popular with ‘Teen Mom’ fans in recent seasons. Ryan’s dad, Larry, is known for his straight-shooting attitude, and his habit of calling out his son Ryan when he’s being a bad dad and/or human being.

According to MTV, “Being the Edwards” will air this Wednesday at 8/7c on MTV!

Watch a sneak peek clip below:

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I think a Being Kim would be awesome too. Have her talking about what she saw in Butch and telling Tyler how it’s time to get a REAL job. Even though she’s rarely seen her scenes are great usually.

  2. I wonder if they would ever bring the parents together and just have them chat about everything – what would they do differently, what they hope for their grandchildren, etc. It would be interesting to see what they feel they could have addressed in hopes of preventing teen pregnancy and how they feel about the show.

  3. I love Randy and the whole Houska clan, but I feel like a Being Randy would be boring.

    Let’s be honest, we all watch these shows for the trastastic moments and Dawn or Michael could bring that.

  4. Yay!! I love Jen and Larry!….They seem like such nice people, and are easy to watch….unlike Deb (**insert eye roll here**) I cannot stand Deb, and I can’t believe they gave her her own special

  5. Is it just me or are they making an awful lot of specials now? Like that could be an indication the shows are ending?

  6. Being Jeff. Jeff is very pleasant to look at and he’s down to earth. Would love to hear him say funny things about all the hoopla around Teen Mom.

        1. Which is a shame ;-). There should be a picture of Jeff in his army uniform somewhere online. It got a good round of applause around many TM fans/ followers. Thank you for your service Jeff ;-).
          Jeff and his wife are done with the filming. They said it, they did it, they did not come back.
          Now there’s a man, Adam.

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