‘Counting On’ Star Jill Dillard Say She Will Return to Central America Even Though She’s Pregnant

“Don’t worry about us! We’ve packed a bottle of mosquito repellent!”

Jill Dillard is currently pregnant with her second child, but she’s not letting that get in the way of her travel plans! The Counting On star recently revealed that she and her family are planning to head back to the mission field in Central America very soon, and some of the show’s fans are deeply concerned for the health of the Dillards’ unborn baby.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Jill revealed that she and her husband Derick, as well as their toddler son Israel, will be leaving Arkansas shortly to return to El Salvador. The couple returned to Arkansas in August 2016, after living for nearly a year in Central America. In December, the couple announced that Jill is pregnant with their second child and that she is due in July.

“We are planning to go back [to El Salvador] very soon,” Jill told the magazine. “Then we will come back [to the United States] for the birth of the baby.”

According to Inquistir, the next mission trip by S.O.S. Ministries, which is the organization that sponsors the Dillards’ mission trips, will leave for Central America on March 10, so it’s likely that the Dillards will be part of that group.

Fans were alarmed by Jill’s decision to return to a country that has been greatly affected by the Zika virus.

Last year, experts in El Salvador advised women living in the country to put off getting pregnant until 2018, in an effort to keep them from contracting the virus and having babies born with major health issues.

Last June, a study found evidence that the Zika virus could cause brain defects among babies whose mothers were infected with the virus while in their third trimester of pregnancy.

“She is pregnant. Why would you want to move where Zika virus runs rampant?” one person wrote in response to the story on the Duggar Family blog. “Isn’t it harmful to the fetus and possibly a newborn? And the other diseases that could harm her unvaccinated baby. Just not safe,IMO. I wish them well but do hope they reconsider since she has two little ones to factor in.”

“It’s just not wise to be in a foreign country with an undiagnosed medical condition (Derick) and expecting a baby (Jill). Have and use some common sense that God gave you,” another wrote.

In addition, the threat of gang violence looms. Jill and Derick have stated in the past that they have been staying in a dangerous part of El Salvador, and that they are ever-fearful that they or their son Israel could be kidnapped while they are in Central America.

“It’s one thing to live in potentially dangerous parts of the world if it’s just the adults. It’s quite another to place a child and an unborn baby at risk as well,” someone commented on the blog. “The Dillards made no bones about the risks involved with where they were acting as missionaries…I am not sure just what they are trying to prove. It’s one thing to place your faith in God, but quite another to act irresponsibly in the process.”

Jill and Derick have not yet commented on the negative feedback they’ve received since they announced their decision to return to Central America.

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  1. TLC needs to cancel any show with large families claiming to practice Christianity. These religious zealots make Devil worshipping a cake walk. From salacious scandals of sexual abuse, multiple non-legal marriages, procreation factories evidence by the belief of not using birth control in the name of Jesus and the list goes on.

    But, this is just ridiculous. Jill’s husband is clearly sick-he looks decrepit. She is pregnant and they are doing missionary work; not only is the Zika virus a threat, but so is violence. God would never tell you to throw away your common sense and safety to do missionary work. Especially considering there is an unborn child in utero. I just can’t with these people.

  2. Why do missionaries go to CA? It’s one of the most Christian places on earth. That’s like going to an Ice Cream store to talk about how great chocolate is

    1. Because remember Catholics are “Heathens” to the Duggar cult. So they have to guide them in the “right way” of Christianity.

    2. Because it is highly Catholic and as far as they are concerned Catholics are not real Christians. They are there to convert the Catholics to their brand of Christianity.

  3. They are so foolish. I could see if they were building hospitals, schools or something important. But all they do is learn Spanish, give out coloring books and talk about Jesus. They could do that “God’s work” here in the states. I thought Derick was reasonable when he first came on the scene but I guess he drank too much Duggar kool-aid? Too bad they don’t value his health and the health of their children first.

  4. Yeah they do believe in that. That whatever their child is born with was God’s will and they should just let it be. Notice how on the show with all their bible thumping friends that none of them have any disabled children? That much baby pumping there is bound to be some. In that belief for example a child is born with cerebral palsy they will just leave the child to their demise in hope the child doesn’t make it and it was “God’s Will”. Or not do anything to try and help the child they are just considered a lost cause. So I can believe that they are having the attitude that if the baby is born with Zika then it was just God’s will. What exactly do they do down there besides sit in a super nice apartment (for CA) all day and “learn” Spanish? So she probably wont even contract Zika.

  5. What idiots!! Why would anyone in they’re right mind put themselves in that situation? I can see if it was just the two of them, but why put the children in danger? They should have they’re children taken away if they are gonna be that stupid!!

  6. I feel like there is more to the story, like SOS ministries wouldn’t let them be away from the mission field for a nearly year and continue to sponsor them. If she’s due in July, she conceived in the states, which is why their trip home was extended and I bet their sponsoring ministry called them to “remind” them that their hiatus from CA could only be so long. Their ministry is paying for a home and utilities that they haven’t used in 6 months, so that’s not okay. Maybe they just need to find new jobs….?

    1. This. My grandparents were missionaries in Burma back in the 50’s and 60’s. Their kids (my dad and uncles) were conceived while on leave in the states (except for one) and all but one were born Burma. They couldn’t just leave Burma when they felt like it, not just because of processing but also their mission sponsors and they couldn’t just return when they felt like it either. I can’t imagine living like that or being pregnant going back and forth now that I’ve had my own children but it’s definitely a calling.

  7. Jesus God Jill! Why would you bring your children to a place where you fear they might get kidnapped? Seriously, if you wanted to be a missionary and live in dangerous places, then maybe you should’ve waited to have kids. You and Derick could’ve had the time of your life traveling the world and saving heathens for a couple of years. If only there was a way to delay getting pregnant…

  8. THIS shows how CLEARLY they don’t see their children as human beings but just first/second etc. in line. It’s so incredibly sad how they keep on getting pregnant with such ease while people are struggling and would do anything to have a HEALTHY baby including not risking their fetus’ life with Zika. I had such high hopes for Derick but he really became as dumb as everyone else so he is the perfect fit for this family. Ugh, how can someone who has seen “the real world” make such stupid decisions?! JEREMY, YOU BETTER NOT BECOME LIKE THIS, DO YOU HEAR ME?!

    1. Do they think that if this baby gets Zika and dies that they can just “replace” it with another one? I guess if she plans on being pregnant your entire adult life and having 20+ children then maybe she doesn’t think it’s a big deal if one dies. How horrible though! I can’t imagine any woman feeling that or doing this voluntarily. Is her family or Derrick persuading her that it’s not a big deal if one baby is kidnapped and the other dies of zika?

  9. I admire their desire to serve and do good works….but there is plenty of need right here is the US. Lots of homeless, children’s organizations, veterans,etc. Why go abroad till after the baby comes???? Unless that’s where your income lies. #Idontgetit

  10. What terrible excuses for parents. Your job is to protect your children. Yet you go to Zikaville with your baby and then pitting your unborn child at risk. Also you spent all your airtime in CA whining about how dangerous it is and fear for your life over a fallen shower curtain rod. All to what? Paint people’s nails while telling them (Catholics) that will burn in hell for their beliefs. Stay home, guys. And Derick, go to the bloody doctor. No not the family one that lost his license before, but a proper one.

  11. I believe (I could be wrong) that they believe in predestination, so essentially it doesn’t matter if she is pregnant or Derick is ill. If God wants them to be well or be sick or contract Zika or not, it’s already been decided and is “in God’s hands.” Living that way really frees you up to do all sorts of dumb things- like put your family in harms way or tell everyone they are going to hell. When everything is “God’s plan” you can just be an idiot and pass the blame onto God.

    1. If that’s true, then Michelle should have not gone to the hospital while pregnant with Josie for the emergency C-secion that saved both their lives. The preeclampsia was God’s will that they both die, emirite?

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