Fighting Words! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin Lashes Out at Ex-Wife Kail Lowry in New Interview

“Talk to the hand ’cause the face don’t wanna listen!”

The battle between Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin continues!

It should come as no surprise that the hits keep on coming between the Teen Mom 2 stars. The parents of three-year-old Lincoln have been battling it out on social media in recent months, but this week Javi stepped up his game and went straight to a mainstream media outlet to deliver some definite “fighting words.”

“I’m disgusted when I look at her,” Javi recently told Us Weekly, adding that he and Kail are “absolutely” done for good.

“I thought things were really great [between Kail and I until] a very reliable source came up to me and brought some new things to light that I didn’t know about, so all of that went right out the window.”

Unfortunately for us nosy fans, Javi was being cryptic, and did not reveal what those “new things” were.

Before Javi spoke to Us Weekly, he and Kail had been having some nasty spats on Twitter. Their Twitter rants have included accusations of infidelity and the blame-game when it comes to the subject of having more children.

When Javi indicated he thought the basis of their 2016 divorce was that his ex-wife did not want any more children, Kail tweeted that she just did not want additional children with Javi, and indicated that he blamed her for a prior miscarriage – an allegation Javi does not deny, but also indicates that he has apologized and thought they had moved on.

Kail tweeted that her “marriage was toxic,” which was why she didn’t want to have any more children with Javi.

As The Ashley previously told you, Kail and Javi taped a season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars last fall that will be airing soon. During his interview with Us Weekly, Javi said that he and Kail tried to settle their irreconcilable differences while filming the show.

“I went in there with open arms,” Javi told the magazine of his ‘Boot Camp’ experience. “I was open to the advice from the doctors and maybe we can make this marriage work. It’s easier for her to say no when you have something going on at home…you’ll see.”

Although Javi told Us Weekly that he had hoped that going on the show would save his marriage to Kail, The Ashley’s sources tell her that the marriage was way over by the time the show was filmed, and that Javi and Kail only agreed to do the show for the money, and to try to work on their co-parenting.

Kail has yet to respond to Javi’s remarks about her and their marriage.

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  1. Wish Javi would either spill the dirt already or stop with the vague hints already. LOL.

    Kail doesn’t seem like a bad person. She definitely seems like a good mother and a person with actual, real friends (unlike some other moms on the show…). But when she’s done with a relationship, she’s freaking cold-hearted. Your ex-husband and son’s father just got back from deployment and you won’t even let him sleep on the freaking couch for one day! The one who unforunately will get hurt the most out of this is poor Isaac. Hopefully in the future Javi and Kail will have a better relationship, just like Jo and her relationship turned around.

    Kail really needs to take things slow with her next relationship, especially before introducing the person to her kids. She doesn’t need to be a nun or anything. But I hope this experience with Javi and Issac make her and her future partner have these conversations that it’s not just a relationship between 2 people, but with her boys as well.

  2. Javi is acting like a woman scorned…..both of them seriously need to stop bashing each other on social media. They both look ridiculous.

  3. Do think it is weird that everyone said “okay” or forgot about it, when he said the lady in his bed was just a friend. His friend became his lover when he came home. Even openly, while he is not divorced yet. Actually, he just got home, he did not even had the time to talk things through with his wife but he started dating her within one week. We saw them dancing really close.

    Now he is making a lot of drama and playing the victim cause a guy was at her house. A guy was at her house and he is painting a picture like the “caught them” in his bed. And everyone’s like, oooh, she cheated, she’s so horrible because she is not even divorced. Huh?
    Ooh, poor Javi, she is so horrible to him.
    Two things:
    We agreed that men and women were equal a long time ago. He dumps her over the phone, he sees others, she is allowed to see others. You think she is tha puta, you should believe he is one too.
    It – is – bitterness. That is what you see, would you not be a little bit sour, getting dumped over the phone, talked shit about while your ex is already seeing others? She was not sure she wanted a divorce, he insisted. She probably feels like she failed as a wife and mother.

    1. lol what? Are you talking about the same Kailyn? Nobody said Javi is innocent but really? She cheated on him WHILE they were married. It’s not that hard to figure out. Also lets not forget her saying she didn’t want to have anymore kids. THEN goes on national TV and said she wants 1 more. I would be livid too if one of the reason you were getting a divorce was over having another kid.

  4. “I’m disgusted when I look at her,” Javi recently told Us Weekly
    That makes two of us…
    Put a bag over her head…and arms…and butt…

      1. Ugh.

        Javi, hot? Has the world gone insane?! He looks just like Mr. Potatohead.. lips and ears and all.

        Here, I made this as a comparison:

    1. I think it her new a$$ make sure her look heavier. Not a good look for her, well, aside from the d Hoppin, acting like like her momma and getting prego from a guys she’s been with for less than a year. Just sayin’.

  5. When was this taping?
    Javi started dating his ‘friend’ when he got back and made her officially his girlfriend.
    They also said before they did not go there to save their marriage but to get along better as co parents.
    Am I so confused or is Javi creating drama to get pitty and money?

    1. I feel like Javi is creating drama for pity and money, and honestly it makes him look kind of psycho. None of the other dads have behaved this way…not even Nathan.

  6. It grates on me every time she says that ….. it’s been pretty easy for her to get her degree ( even tho it took her several years !!) when she’s had MTVs money to help her!!!! She’s basically worked 3 or 4 months a year so has had PLENTY of time to go to school ….. am way more impressed with those single moms who have to go to school , work part time worry about bills rent etc as well as raising their children not this entitled whiner!!!

    1. Sorry !! This was a reply to someone who said that kail is always on about ‘ in the only 1 who has a college degree on this show ‘

      1. As far as I know, she STILL DOESN’T have it. She’s been a semester away for a while now. Maci claims to have an AA degree, but I’ve never seen proof of that either.

        If either of these girls had graduated, we’d have seen photos all over the top internet of them in graduation gowns, and pictures of their degree’s. Heck, their respective TV shows would have filmed something to acknowledge their educational successes. We saw none of that.

    2. It is interesting that I posted something very similar a couple of weeks ago and got pretty much the opposite of you in terms of voting. I sometimes wonder if there is a click clique running around here…
      Be glad they like you.

  7. We get it. Kail most likely was fooling around while Javi was deployed. They were already talking about divorce so it doesn’t surprise me. Javi needs to let it go and move on with his life.

    1. yeah but who was first? Was she really fooling around, cause we all know Javi, even Jo was not allowed to be in the same room as Kail when he was not around and a guy dropping something off; you puta!
      And if she did, was she doing this before or after Javi instructed her to get their divorce going, cause he could not wait for that before he touched US soil?

      I don’t give a d when she is seeing the guy she texted before now, that happens, that friends become lovers, it does not prove anything.
      Nobody besides Kail or Javi knows what went down when with who.

  8. Does it matter what she did? The marriage is already over. Be mad in private. Tell her off if you must. But find a way to be a man and move on so the children don’t have to suffer.

  9. These two are as bad as each other. Kail will never be satisfied. She has become entitled and bitchy and thinks she’s better than everyone. Even to say on the show recently “I’m the only one to graduate college with a degree” ?

    1. I hate when she says that because she’s not the only one. She’s so full of herself. It’s so annoying when she lists off all the things she has to do while raising two kids. Like she’s the only person in the world to ever do that lol

  10. Didn’t he just recently come out and plead with teen mom 2 fans to stop bashing kail and saying mean things about her online? At first I liked kail and thought Javi was needy and controlling; then this season I swung towards liking Javi and thinking kail was just a super cold, vindictive, mean, alienating person….. now it seems like Javi is constantly running to some media outlet with vague accusations that are always cryptic but obviously hint at something big and bad like infidelity. I don’t know who to like anymore! They both just seem like immature, fame-hungry, attention whores who revel in drama and want to constantly be in the news and fan the flames of their divorce fight without ever actually saying what really happened or giving any concrete proofs or evidence of what awful thing the other person has supposedly done. It’s always so vague, like they’re trying to get their fans to openly speculate about what the horrible thing the other person did was, while still being able to say “I never said anything bad about the other person.

    1. you don’t think her having Issac call Javi “Dad” or not even explaining to the children that her & Javi were getting divorced was being a bad Mom? She told Sterling & her Mom when they were on vacation and didn’t even bother to talk about it with her kids

    2. I always thought she was a good mom too, especially compared to the others, but it seems like she is getting worse. Each year she becomes colder, more distant, less human, less relatable or likeable even towards her children. The way she didnt seem to ever explain that there was going to be a divorce and the reasons why Javi wouldnt live with them anymore. As your kids get older (Isaac) they have more questions that need to be answered and emotions that need to be dealt with. They suffer more when someone they love is suddenly gone and they dont know why or if theyll see them anymore. They want to know why and who was right and who was wrong. Im not advocating complete truth telling here, but you have to give them something that they can understand and process.

      1. But how do you know she didn’t tell the kids? All you really know is that she wasn’t filmed telling the kids on the show. I’m not a Kail fan, but it’s not inconceivable that she told them and just didn’t have it filmed.

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