‘Finding Fido’: 5 Reality Show Stars Who Have Adopted Shelter Dogs

The Pleasant family is shown meeting Blackjack, a pup looking for a new home on Z Living’s ‘Finding Fido’…

There are plenty of reality TV shows that help people find their perfect match (or, in The Bachelor‘s case, match-of-the-month). Finding Fido also helps people find their perfect match– only these matches have four legs and a tail.

The show, which premiered last month, focuses on a cause that’s very close to The Ashley‘s heart: getting shelter dogs adopted into happy homes. On ‘Finding Fido,’ dog photographer and behaviorist Seth Casteel, makes people/pooch matches based on the type of dog that would best fit the families’ needs.

“He works to understand the lifestyle as well as physical and emotional challenges of the guests to help him determine which dog is the perfect fit for them,” the network said in a press release.

To showcase the importance of adopting and not shopping when it comes to pets, The Ashley has created a list of a few reality TV stars who have adopted shelter dogs!

The Pleasant Family (Finding Fido)

On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Finding Fido,’ the Pleasant family will work with Seth to find a pooch that can adjust to life in the big city.

“Chris and Kali are looking for a smaller dog who will be a perfect companion for their young daughter Brooklyn and also have the energy and right temperament to help the family stay active,” the episode description reads.

“This show is all about giving rescue dogs a second chance, and in the process, saving people, too,” the network stated.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of The Ashley’s heart melting!

Chris Soules (The Bachelor) & Moose

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In December, Chris (aka the “Farmer Bachelor”) announced that he had adopted his pooch pal just hours before the dog was to be put down. The dog, later named Moose, came to the shelter as a stray, and is now living large on Chris’ Iowa farm.

Lauren Conrad (The Hills) & Chloe and Fitz

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Lauren rescued Chloe in 2008, and soon decided that the pup needed a pal. According to Lauren’s blog, she adopted Fitz from a high-kill shelter near Los Angeles. The pooches quickly became best friends, and both make frequent appearances on Lauren’s social media accounts and website.

Lisa Vanderpump (Vanderpump Rules) & Gigi and Harrison

Lisa is passionate about animal rescue. Not only does she have several rescue pups of her own, but she runs the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which rescues and helps dogs in the United States and internationally. Lisa’s dogs Gigi and Harrison pretty much go with her wherever she goes!

Vinny Guadagnino (Jersey Shore) & Tita

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In 2013, former ‘Jersey Shore’ star Vinny adopted a pit bull puppy from a local shelter. He named the pup Tita, which he said was a Hawaiian word meaning “strong woman.” Tita is the fourth dog that Vinny has adopted.

(Photos: Z Living, Instagram)


  1. I adopted 2 GSD’s from local shelters, who have both sadly passed a year apart from each other.

    The first came in as a stray that the city had been trying to catch for awhile. He had a chain dangling from his neck and was a mess. It’s thought he’d been chained in a yard and somehow got loose. Poor thing.

    We found out the day we got him and took him to the vet that he had a horrible case of heartworms. We called the shelter to notify them and they offered to take him back, but no! We just wanted them to know he couldn’t undergo his city mandated neuter until he was cured, but that we were sticking by him. After his immiticide treatments were over (for those with dogs, get your dog on HW meds! I cannot stress this enough!! Cheap medication for a perfectly preventable disease!) and he recovered from the pain of it, which was heartbreaking to watch, he got his neuter and was with us for over 10 years.

    A few years after we got him, we decided he needed a pal, so we went to our local shelters and found a girl GSD who’d been surrendered by a family because she was tied in a yard and a kid on a bike rode up short in her face and scared her… she nipped him. She didn’t hurt him, the police on the military base where it happened found the dog wasn’t a danger.. but the family dumped her anyway.. so she had to go to people who had experience with the breed, no small kids and a secure, fenced in yard. We took our male to meet her and they fell in love. We brought her home and found she had the worst case of hip dysplasia our vet had ever seen. She never bit anyone in the many years she was with us, though she guarded our home and us with the fiercest loyalty I’d ever seen. I miss her.. 🙁

    Our male passed first.. a year later, terribly sad over his loss, she passed too. I can’t bring myself to get another dog.. though it’s been a few years.. but when I do, I’ll be going back to the shelters to find someone to bring home.

  2. That picture Lauren Conrad made of her dogs is really adorable.
    We are hoping to adopt a dog maybe this year or next year. (First a move and a remodel) I don’t want someone to breed a dog for me while there are so many good dogs waiting for an owner.
    I’ve had rabbits for over 15 years, all adopted. Would love to adopt an old animal to give an older dog a new chance but I do have young kids so I’m afraid it would not be a good match right now.
    We are looking for a quite specific type of dog so we might have to wait a while when we are ready.

    1. For what it’s worth: we adopted a very old Labrador when our youngest children were small. She was a true blessing to the whole family and taught us much and touched each and every heart. She is with her maker now, but we have beautiful memories of her kind spirit and we deeply feel we are better people for having the privilege of having had her in our lives. Her kindness and patience with the little ones set an example for us all to follow. Her gentleness influenced all of us to be kinder and more loving to each other. Our lives were changed forevermore in a most positive way.

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