Duggar Boys Say They’re ‘Terrified’ They’ll Have to Do Household Chores Now That Sisters Have Left Home

“Without the girls around to shop and cook for us, how will we eat!?”

Jinger Duggar left the Duggar Family home and moved to Texas, after marrying Jeremy Vuolo in November. Jinger’s absence has apparently made life harder for her brothers, Joseph and Josiah.

In a new video posted by TLC, the Counting On stars say they’re worried that they’ll be forced to do some of the domestic chores, now that so many of their sisters have left home.


In the interview, Josiah and Joseph they tell Dani Starr that they miss having Jinger around because she (and their other now-married sisters Jill and Jessa) would always do the family’s grocery shopping.

“The other day I went into the pantry and I noticed there were so many groceries missing,” Josiah says. “I was like, ‘What’s up with this?’

“There’s only so many sisters leftover in the house, so I was like, ‘Oh no! That means us guys are going to have to go [grocery] shopping!'”

Currently there are only two Duggar girls over the age of 18 left at home– 27-year-old Jana and 19-year-old Joy. However, Joy is currently in a courtship, which means she may be high-tailing it out of the Duggar house (and grocery shopping duties) very soon herself.

“I was terrified,” Josiah says of the moment he realized he may be forced to take over the grocery shopping. “I don’t like shopping. Nobody likes shopping. Just things like that, hitting you every day.”

The guys also state that they miss having Jinger and the other girls around to give them fashion tips.

Watch the full interview video below:

(Photo: TLC)


  1. Nah, Momma only cares for the babies while they breastfeed ( six months, tops). Then, it’s time to pass it along to it’s buddy mom to raise, while a new one gets cooked up.

  2. Oh no, Y’all! Maybe we should start a go fund me so they can hire a housekeeper.

    Who would want to marry these two?! Also, I think we should start a FREE JANA campaign. Get that girl out of there so she can be something more than someone’s brood mare.

  3. I wonder if these boys are even aware of the fact that they’re incredibly sexist. Probably not. WHAT is going on with Jana. 27 and unmarried/not courting??? I remember hearing a rumor about her being lesbian and being sent to some christian camp. Any truth? Poor Jana.

    1. I know it is so strange. It doesn’t make sense. She is beautiful and sweet as well as famous so I am sure she has had plenty of courtship offers. But I also think it is weird John David hasn’t courted anyone being the same age as her you would think they would be chomping at the bit to get out of their parents house.

      1. If you knew your parents were going to choose a mate for you that would basically keep you as his housemaid and broodmare wouldn’t you stay single?

    2. They can’t let Jana get married or be free because Jim Bob and Michelle need a nanny for their brood. Who will buy the food?!!

  4. Well, I don’t see any young women lining up for a life shackled to a half bald, bible thumping Duggar male, ready to spit out an infant at the rate of one per year. They’d best get their asses off the couch and hurry on down to Aldi. That tater tot casserole ain’t gonna bake itself.

    1. Well, you never know. I mean someone married Josh so…..I have no doubt there is a fundie girl out there for these two as well.

  5. Anyone else think they have that Bible passage where god smites children for making fun of a bald man hanging on their wall?

  6. Aren’t these two adults? The fact that anyone, especially their sisters, are going grocery shopping for them is pathetic.

    1. Agreed.
      If they did their own shopping, they could at least pick up some badly needed Rogaine.

      Those foreheads make Tyra Banks look like Teresa Giudice in comparison. Egads.

  7. Poor, lazy, sexist shlubs. Catered to by the women in the family and now they can’t function. They should thank their parents but their parents are probably off trying to make baby number 22.

  8. Because heaven forbid the parents of these children take care of their own household duties. Aren’t the parents responsible for all the “blessings God gives them?”

    1. I agree, except that these two men are adults. Neither their sisters NOR their parents need to be buying them food. They need to grow up and take care of themselves, and the parents need to go grocery shopping for the U18s they are still responsible for.

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