EXCLUSIVE! The Latest on the Custody Case Involving Jenelle Evans’ Fiance David Eason

“Hey lil man! Wanna come live with us?”

Normally, The Ashley doesn’t like to follow the court cases of Jenelle Evans‘ soul mates (because, let’s be honest, that’s basically a full-time job in itself). However, The Ashley is making an exception here, since many Roundupers have been asking The Ashley for more information on this particular case. There’s been quite the surprising turn…

As many faithful Teen Mom 2 fans know, Jenelle’s fiance, David Eason, has been in hot water with the North Carolina court system since March 2016, when he approached his young son, Kaden, in a grocery store, despite the fact that Kaden’s mother, Olivia Leedham, had a no-contact order filed against David. He was arrested for violating the no-contact order, and in October was sentenced to 60 days in jail for the crime, but has yet to serve the time behind bars.

The Ashley has received some surprising information regarding the case. The Ashley’s sources tells her that the reason that David has not been thrown in the slammer yet is that his baby-mama Olivia has had a massive change of heart, and is trying to get the charges against David dropped!

A source close to Olivia tells The Ashley the following:

“It’s been crazy. David sued Olivia for visitation of Kaden a while back, and he and Olivia had mediation and were able to work out something in terms of a custody schedule,” the source tells The Ashley. “They are working toward having joint custody of Kaden.”

There is currently another court date pending, and the source tells The Ashley that Olivia and her family are trying to get it dismissed. (So far Olivia has not been successful in doing that.)

“She was able to get the restraining order she had against David for Kaden dropped though,” the source said. “The one Olivia herself has against David still stands, but just for the time being. She’s trying to get it dropped too.”

The source is not sure what brought on Olivia’s change of heart toward David, but did say that it’s likely that Kaden will be added to Jenelle and David’s House ‘o’ Children as soon as possible. (Currently, Jenelle has two kids, Jace and Kaiser, and David has a daughter, Maryssa. Jenelle and David also recently added daughter Ensley to their ever-expanding brood.)

“The whole thing is really, super weird,” the source said. “Even Olivia’s family is on board with the joint custody.”

This unfortunately means that David will probably not be delivering another Class A mugshot like this one in the near future. (At least, not for the no-contact violation case, anyway.) But, it does mean that he can scratch “Get son back” off of his, um, “bucket list.”

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  1. No fan of David but if he and his ex can work it out in the best interest of their son then good for them. Hopefully it all works out for the best.

  2. What kind of mother does this to a child?
    She (and her mom) probably told that little guy the truth about his father first, that he is a dangerous man he should stay away from. Now she is planning to let him live there half his life?!
    She was probably prommised child support and free babysitting so she can study or something. Manipulated at least, probably misled and decived soon.
    And oh god, this will help in Jace’s custody case too.
    Five kids living rural with zero control in the ‘care’ of two people who have proven again and again to be neglectfull and abusive.
    But I do hope David’s ex will enjoy her life. She should be forced to pay for all the tax payers money she wasted. She is either lying now or she was when she filled.

  3. to play devil’s advocate here for a sec: david WAS found not guilty of abusing his pregnant gf, the issue ppl go on and on about. it’s possible she lied (we all know women have done this for revenge. see the tv gold that is nathan crying, why am i a guy?!) jenelle later admitted he didn’t hit her. i don’t think it’s right that ppl are still treated as if they committed a crime if they’re found not guilty. it’s not always a technicality or stupid jury, sometimes the person really wasn’t guilty. herego, no supporting evidence. maybe she thinks he’s really changed because he has. it’s possible too. my husband and i both used to run around, do drugs, brawl. and, within a year of meeting, you could find us on the couch, watching tv or reading books, sober. ppl can and do change. let’s hope for all of their children’s sake that david really has settled down. and jenelle, and that it lasts.

    1. But she had a restraining order against him and the son too, didn’t she? He was obviously doing something bad, they don’t just hand those out to ex boyfriends.

      1. Actually they do. All you have to do is SAY you feel threatened or in danger and it goes before a judge that sees 40 people a day. I’ve never seen a judge refuse to grant a restraining order unless there was a private attorney arguing against it and in most cases the attorney would get the order dropped before appearing in front of the judge.

        1. Considering there is a no contact order for the child against the father…that’s not a common request one and you’ll get it type of deal. Did David not care to fight it in court then?

  4. It won’t be long before they are constantly fighting with all the kids around. We know how stressed Jenelle gets, although I’ve never figured out what she does that’s so stressful except being on the lookout for her next soul mate/baby daddy. Soon enough, she will be screaming, crying like a lunatic, flying out of the driveway in the car, barely able to see from the crying. She will accuse David of beating her, she’ll claim he took her property, there will definitely be some despute over that Dodge. The cops are involved, because there is always a claim of some sort of trespassing or argument during custody exchange. Trusty Dusty is called, she will again have a mystery illness and will claim she’s dying. The cycle starts over with the newest soul mate. I could go through the drama that will ensue over Ensley, but we’ve seen this play out how many times? We know the script pretty well. And all the while, Barb is drinking her red wine, complaining about Jenelle to the film crew while practically screaming as she talks. Both Jenelle & Barb are too worried about beating the other in court, that no one notices that Jace looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. What a sad little world for all of these children.

    1. David and Jenelle are engaged now… don’t forget the part where she throws her ring at him or flushes it down the toilet lol

    2. I’m pretty sure that the die is cast for Jace. He’s going to grow up to be a huge piece of shit, just like all of the role models he’s ever known. That’s the worst part of it all, the cycle just continues generation after generation. Jace will end up with 3 illegitimate children of his own that he neglects, and who in turn grow up to be worthless douches.

  5. I just keep thinking back to kaiser” fighting his sleep”. He’s sick you moron! If a juice being spilled and a baby that’s sick because you didn’t take him to the doctor yet are too much to handle then stop having kids!!!

  6. This relationship of Jenelles’ surprisingly hasn’t resulted into physical or verbal abuse between them, but my first impression of him was the cringe-worthy/verbal abuse to the kids when they went boating. I don’t really pay attention to the kids diet during their segments but they look healthy especially Kaiser who looks like a plump grumpy cherub. At least this season he appears to be more gentle with the kids, and his relationship with Babs is civil, the last episode I watched was Eason dropping the kids to Babs and Nathan. Though Jenelle did call him out over calling Nathan names in front of Kaiser, hopefully these two can achieve some stability.

    Hopefully for the kids sake, Eason will get a steady job with benefits for the family, he does have experience in pipe fitting and welding which is hard work but can pay good and Jenelle could find a secondary income, the Teen Mom 2 gravy train isn’t going to last. And now they have enough children to start a band.

  7. Sounds like P-nut BUTTer and Jenelly has sweetened the kitty for Olivia and her family. Poor kids – being sold out for $$. Parents of the Year – the lot of them. :p

  8. Not sure I would say Kaiser is thriving. He seems neglected, stressed and unhappy. David has been filmed yelling and swearing at this baby. What do you think happens when the cameras aren’t around. This baby also lives off of hotdogs, which is not a healthy diet for anyone, let alone a toddler. Maryssa also looks distressed around David and Jace is a bundle of nerves around them. These two are not Doug great. It is literally painful to watch their poor kids suffer

  9. I would not be surprised if money changed hands to facilitate this – either indirectly with the promise of MTV cash if Kaden appears on the show, or a direct hand out from the Bank of Jenelle.

    Olivia disgusts me, your son’s safety should be your first priority and now you’re suddenly fine with him seeing the man who beat you into premature labor?! Shouldn’t be supposed, anyone who is associated with this crowd is always a few cards short of a full deck

  10. So this means that the mother realized if she lets him have custody and her son is on tv she might get some money out of it and maybe even some screen time.

    1. Was literally going to comment the same thing. Funny how extreme her accusation was but of course, the story will change now that MTV money is involved? How do you explain that to the child? Sorry you’ve never known your daddy your whole life because he strangled mommy, but now that daddy has a sugar mama on TV it’s okay? Sad.

  11. He seems to have his daughter a lot and Kaiser seems to be thriving. With this turn of events do I dare say they are doing great/ok with their brood? Maybe they are gonna beat the odds (and track records). Wish them best of luck.

    1. I think it is more so that they just happen to film pretty much every time David has his daughter. I’m not sure what that custody agrangement is but you know that every time they have Maryssa (or Ryssa as David says, whihch really annoys me) they make sure the cameras are there to document what great parents they are. Yuck.

    2. Thriving? I think not. All of the “parents” in this mess of a daytime tv courthouse drama are completely inept and self absorbed. Nothing Jenelle does is for her children. If she cared even the slightest bit about getting Jace back, she would have worked that out years ago. She has fully given herself over to the victim status she loves so much. In no way can she or nathan or david provide a stable home where children can thrive.

  12. Ugh, I started with good hopes, but once I got to the end I was annoyed. I really hope Kaden is not going to join that House of Horrors, I don’t want to add a third child to my name! (I didn’t add Maryssa because I don’t know if she really lives there full-time or if UBT just drags her in front of the cameras when MTV comes by, playing the “I’m a great dad” role)

    1. I don’t want to change my name either, lol. But, I wouldn’t add jenelle’s soulmates children or else you’d have to change your name each season to the next soulmates batch of children

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