Javi Marroquin & Other ‘Teen Mom’ Stars React to Kail Lowry’s Pregnancy News

“So are you guys just keep tweeting and deleting or…?”

Kail Lowry was expecting a mixed reaction when she announced yesterday (via The Ashley) that she is currently pregnant with her third child, and she definitely got it! Teen Mom 2 fans weren’t the only ones offering their thoughts on the pregnancy, though; Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin, as well as some of her ‘Teen Mom’ cast mates, used social media to share their feelings on the topic.

While Kail’s pals Catelynn Lowell and Chelsea Houska each posted congratulations for Kail on Twitter, it was the posts made by Javi and Kail’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and nemesis) Jenelle Evans that were the most interesting.

Jenelle posted about Kail’s pregnancy…before Kail announced it. In a now-deleted tweet, Jenelle decided to break Kail’s pregnancy news herself on Twitter.

“Congrats on your pregnancy girl!” Jenelle tweeted. “Heard the news from the crew. Super happy for you. Three is hard but so worth it.”

Jenelle later claimed that she thought that Kail had already announced the pregnancy and took a jab at Kail for “hiding” her pregnancy. (Isn’t it ironic…dontcha think?)

“I thought it was confirmed all day by everyone,” Jenelle tweeted. “My bad. I just got done filming and I heard the news. Didn’t know she was hiding it.”  (Jenelle later deleted both tweets.)

Still, the most juicy responses came from Kail’s ex-husband, Javi. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Javi came out swinging after the pregnancy was confirmed. In her pregnancy blog post, Kail had mentioned that people close to her had “sold her out” by revealing her pregnancy to the tabloids before she was ready. Javi apparently thought that statement was aimed at him.

“Hello Radar Online? Have I got a story for you! My name? Um…Panelle Crevens. Yeah, that’s it…”

“Word is you’re saying I sold this story for money,” Javi tweeted seemingly in response to Kail’s post. “If I needed money I would’ve sold this weeks ago when I found out by your friend.”

Javi later posted a screenshot of a conversation he was having with someone about Kail’s pregnancy being blabbed. In the conversation, Javi mentions that “literally everyone” blabbed about Kail’s pregnancy.

He later responded to fans’ who were consoling him via Twitter.

“I’m not upset,” Javi wrote. “I’m upset for the boys…”

He later posted a photo of Lincoln, the three-year-old son he shares with Kail, along with the caption, “My son, follow your dreams. I’ll pick up the pieces for you. Love, your daddy.”

Kail’s other baby-daddy, Jo Rivera and his fiance Vee Torres have yet to say anything publicly about Kail’s pregnancy announcement.

(Photos: MTV)


64 Responses

  1. Her custody arrangements are already a mess, how is she going to manage 3 kids with 3 different people? How sad is that, the siblings only get to spend time together when they’re at their Mom’s house? Insanity, I can’t imagine the chaos. And for Isaac being such a sensitive kid, this is going to be so confusing for him.

  2. Why does Kail keep digging at Javi? Like we’re all gonna keep believing he’s the bad guy? “He sold my story for money!” Kail he doesn’t need the money, you should know that after marrying him for his military benefits. He works, so he makes money. You know what that means Kail? Work? He does a service in exchange for money? He doesn’t just get to be a bitch on tv and have illegitimate children and have money given to him? No, I guess not.

    1. She never said Javi is the one that blabbed it, he’s the one that pointed the finger at himself, acting like she did say that.
      I am NO Kail fan, by a long shot, but damn….what is with everyone supporting Javi, a misogynistic asshole that actually blames and mocks a woman for having a miscarriage.
      Personally, I consider that to be a blow well far below the belt…one you can’t take back, nor one you should expect anyone to ever forgive you for throwing.

      1. Look idk exactly what happened, because I’m not Kail or Javi, but since when did it become he “mocked” her miscarriage? He did blame her for it, and he’s admitted that. But he also opened up to kail about his feelings at the time saying he felt like he needed somebody to blame, but that nobody was to blame. Now I’ve had a miscarriage, and I was blessed with an extremely supportive partner. Yes, if my partner had blamed me for my miscarriage I’d be devastated. It would be something I’d never forget. But if my partner came to me and opened up about their feelings, and why they felt the way they did, I’d be understanding. Because I love my partner and I was going through a lot of emotions during my miscarriage and would expect the same from them. But instead kail strings Javi along while he is deployed (probably for those sweet, sweet benefits). Yes, blaming somebody for their miscarriage is extremely wrong, but there is a lot that happens when you lose a pregnancy and yes I do commend Javi for finally opening up about how he truly felt in the situation and apologizing for it.

  3. I’m not as willing to give Javi a pass as some posters. Don’t get me wrong, Kail was selfish and irresponsible and for sure cheated on Javi. But he has always acted like a controlling, immature drama queen. Blaming Kailyn for her miscarriage and being mean to her because of it was basically unforgivable. Constantly tweeting about her is super immature. And I’m pretty sure Lincoln can’t read and doesn’t have a Twitter account, so posting some bs tweet assuring Lincoln that you will pick up the pieces for him (implication being that his mom ruined his life) is just attention-seeking. These two deserve each other.

  4. Javi needs to stop talking crap about the mother of his son in public. Call your friends, pretend in public for the sake of your son like Jo does.

  5. I was just thinking how funny it is that MTV pretends this show has the effect of reducing unplanned pregnancies. LOL!

    Of course the entire democrat agenda is one of govt dependency and Morgan Freeman is a staunch Dem. But it’s hilarious that they try to act like their performing some kind of public service with this show when all it does is glorify and encourage irresponsible behavior. Notice how none of the girls on the show became welfare queens but many that follow their example will. Actually, Kail and Jenelle will most likely eventually be welfare queens. Amber for sure!

    1. Seriously, were politics necessary? Like this is a site about reality gossip. No one wants to read about your political agenda on here.

  6. I love how she despise Jenelle and get choices Kail fais to see how similar the two of them are. They both need men to feel secure and put their needs before their children. I uswill to like her but not anymore. I see Leah making progress and learning to be by herself but Jenelle and Kail are so insecure they will continue to jump b around and put themselves before their children, so sad. I loved Javi and you could always tell didn’t ever want him, just someone to buy her a home and support her children and babysit n them so she can do whatever she b wants with her friends because b she “deserves” it. Take the b drugs b out of it and b she’s Jenelle

    1. I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you about Leah. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t she start dating her current boyfriend literally hours after she split with Jeremy?

  7. She led us to believe she was a college student, a go getter, looking to raise her children to be amazing sons. And she let’s this happen. She should be ashamed of herself. She knows birth control by now. Hang your head girl. You’re officially a whore.

  8. Jenelle…just becuase mtv betrayed u by telling of you’re pregnancy before u were ready dosent mean u should betray kail as a revenge…and jenelle u know that wasnt you’re idea either..u are not that type of girl to care…it wasnt you’re idea..hmmm

  9. I thought she was a lesbian??? What about that? Any male involved with her, is there for money and fame no other reason, just like Matt Slimey on Teen Mom OG, a year later she will not be with this 3rd father and she will be having someone else that is poking her for cash. Kail please get your tubes tied and go to a good therapist and get your head screwed on right for the sake of your beautiful boys.

  10. I still can’t understand how in her right mind she thought this was a good idea. Apparently she had some health problems but that is no excuse to bring another child to this world so thoughtlessly! I mean, you have TWO sons and if that would mean you can’t have another because of some sort of health problems then so beat it. Some people can’t even have one.

  11. Javi isn’t fooling anyone…he’s definitely upset and thats ok, because what she did to him is unforgivable. He’s probably questioning if she ever loved him at all, because you don’t do crap like that to people that you love. I have no idea why men still date her after what she did to Jo, his parents, Jordan and now Javi. She’s a man eater and not in a good way…her karma is gonna be something brutal.

    1. I agree. Javi is definitely very hurt which he has every right to be. If she wanted to have another child, she could’ve at least waited another year or two. Isaac obviously was having a very hard time with the divorce. He needed more time to heal before she put him through something like this. It was just plain selfish of her.

  12. There are more holes, gaps and slip ups in Jenelle’s lying lately. I mean nobody believes this right.
    Quite often behavior like lately was the intro of the downwards spiral.
    Poor kids but here we go again.
    The facade is cracking.

  13. She’s getting reamed on other sites, EW/Radar/US. What a fool. Javi was too good for her anyways, what an incredibly stupid and selfish girl she is.

  14. You are a very selfish person…You got a divorce cause you did not want more babies…Now here you are have a baby with someone you barley know…Wow you sure fall in and out of love quickly and you sure change mind just as quick….You are one class act…You should start loving yourself first…Cause you are busting alot of people and you kids will hurt because of your selfish actions….

    I seen what you did to Joe and what have done to Javi…Babies are gifts a man gives to a woman they love…Created out of love not because you forgot to use a condom

    Thank you
    I am 59 and I call it the way I see it…!

  15. How funny that Jenelle initially told Kailyn having three is hard but worth it. Jenelle doesn’t even raise one of her own.

    1. That was my reaction. Jennelle, how would you even know that three kids are so hard? You are not raising three children.

  16. I wish Javi would be more like Jo and stop tweeting his every thought and feeling like some hormonal 16 year old girl.

  17. She’s dumb for saying that she was force to announce her pregnancy because someone “sold her out”. It was VERY obvious she was pregnant on the last two after shows that aired after Teen Mom 2.I almost think some of her scenes from Teen Mom 2 were filmed later and that’s why she is always sitting down hiding behind her laptop, I think she probably looked pregnant then.

  18. It’s a slap in Javi’s face! How could she get pregnant with another man’s child when she’s not even over her current relationship? This has to be extremely hurtful for Javi. Can’t wait to see who the baby daddy is on this one.

  19. I’m happy Jenelle broke the news, it serves Kailyn right for being a snot to Jenelle when her baby news broke. Kailyn is so critical of everyone all the time and never apologizes. What I don’t understand is why so many people continue to defend her and her behaviour? I have to assume that her supporters have chosen to ignore all of the things Kail has said and done to Javi, Jo, Vee and her kids in the past few years because nothing else makes sense!? No one’s saying Javi is perfect but at least he puts the kids first and thinks before he acts. He is one of only a few cast members who actually works and earns money not given to him by MTV. He is also one of the only cast members who will be well-established long after the cameras stop rolling, which tells me that he is more than capable of picking up after himself and his young son. Let’s not ignore the fact that he had good reason to be suspicious of his wife, she’s cheated on every man she’s ever been in a relationship with and refuses to take any responsibility for her actions or her behaviour. He should be applauded for not selling her out, as I’m sure he could have done many times by now. It’s high time Kail grows up and stops blaming Smirnoff Suzy for her problems. None of us have perfect childhoods, but that isn’t a free pass to be a selfish, entitled, nasty brat to those who attempt to love us. Kail is a user and always will be. She takes what she needs from those around her (Jo and his family, Javi and his family, Jordan, that young mothers housing group, and even Suzy) and then tosses them aside when she no longer needs them.

    1. I agree with all of this EXCEPT–No, Javi does not deserve a pat on the back for not selling out the mother of his child, no matter how shitty she is. You don’t get a cookie for basic human decency. He just looks angelic compared to the other POSs on this show. That said, Kail will get what’s coming to her. If she’s going to look down her nose at everyone else it’s high time she learns what that feels like. Cue the media parade!

  20. I get where Javi is coming from. He is obv lying he is not upset, ofc he is. She didn’t want a child with him but she had with someone she’s not even emotionally involved with. I guess now she will get the deadbeat she always wanted because I figured he doesn’t want to be a father for this kid otherwise he would step up and claim his paternity (or she would say who he is). So yeah, Kail will have her “magical” third child while her sons will grow up confused as to why their mom had a child with someone who even won’t be their step daddy. Poor Isaac and Lincoln, they don’t deserve this. Hope they will grow up knowing this in unacceptable.

    1. Why would anyone want to have a child with a POS that mocked someone, and blamed someone for having a miscarriage? I don’t even like Kail, at all, but she sure as hell shouldn’t have been expected to have yet another child with him, when it was very clear he was quite glad she miscarried. In fact, don’t think ANY woman now, or in the future, should be expected to ever want to have a family with someone who has that kind of mindset towards women. He’s a sick POS for treating her the way he did after the miscarriage, regardless of ALL of their previous actions combined, and even since…that was wrong on levels most people can’t comprehend…
      Kail is far from saintly…but Javi is just as far from sainthood as she is. It is, sadly, the only thing that held them together as long as it did.

      1. Out of curiosity, do you know Kailyn and Javi? I’ve watched every season and not once did I see “Javi mocking Kailyn over the miscarriage.” Yes, he admitted that he should have been more supportive of her and he apologized for the way he reacted, but I didn’t see him behave the way you’re claiming he behaved? He certainly wasn’t “happy that she miscarried,” if he was, he wouldn’t have been so distraught over the news and he wouldn’t have pressured her for another baby. A miscarriage is a terrible loss for both parents and it was clearly difficult for both of them, but when two people love each other and have committed themselves to a lifelong partnership, they work through tough times, they don’t give up and throw in the towel because they’ve hit a roadblock. Marriage isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, it’s hard work, but in the end, it’s worth it when you succeed in overcoming your challenges and create a stable and loving environment together for the benefit of your children. Had these two genuinely loved each other and had they behaved in mature ways, they may have been able to overcome this loss if it was their only problem, but their problems started long before the miscarriage. Yes, he was controlling, but he had every reason to be because his wife WAS looking to cheat. Husbands and wives are permitted their privacy but there’s a well known rule in marriages that you shouldn’t be talking to someone from the opposite sex in a manner that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in front of your spouse. Kailyn’s unwillingness to let Javi in on her “friendship” with the man wishing her a “good morning” was a clear indication that her friendship was not innocent. A man wishing a married woman good morning via text message is flirting no matter how you try to spin it. We all know men don’t text for the heck of it. They only text women when the woman is on their mind and how many men do you know wake up in the morning and decide to text all of the women I their address book a “good morning”? When a spouse is cheating or about to cheat, the other partner always knows. They may not know for certain, but your intuition let’s you know something is happening or about to happen. Kail’s sneakiness was only necessary because she was starting something she shouldn’t have been starting with a “male friend” that conveniently became the man Javi caught her with at his house two episodes ago. I don’t know about you, but I would certainly be suspicious and controlling too if I knew my spouse was stepping out on me.

        1. Thank you! You said I perfectly! As someone who has had a miscarriage and gone through many emotions it upsets me to see someone from the outside saying how Kail or Javi felt or what they said/did/how they acted. Blaming someone for a miscarriage is wrong but he did not act in any way like this person is saying and they don’t have a say over how a man felt about losing his child.

        2. Not to mention he’s rumored / most likely the father of of this baby. I personally am scared about Kail raising a child that is half black considering all the racist damaging things on social media.

          By the way, her and Javi were officially divorced in December and Kail is ‘half way ‘ through her pregnancy, that means she was pregnant while still married to Javi, much like Jenelle with Courtland …yikes. she was defintely cheating. And what makes it worse was that Kail was on twitter along with all her fame hungry friends, shading Javi for that girlfriend for like a month, all the while she was pregnant. Not to mention she told Javi if he dates someone he better tell her first thing but she didnt tell him she was pregnant. Her friend did. Well after the fact.

        3. I would be suspicious too, and I can’t stand Kail, ftr, I never could. I think she’s trash. I just don;t, and will nevr support anyone that can blame a woman for having a miscarriage in the nonchalant way Javi did. That really is not something anyone can ever take back, or explain away. Though I realize my opinion is a minority on that front.

          While I would be suspicious, I would *never* be controlling, because I know what that feels like. I may have a different perspective than some, which fuels my opinion on these matters.

          Neither Javi nor Kail should be in a relationship with anyone, other than themselves, until they get their shit together. Neither one is a fantastic parent(though they are far better than a lot of others in the TM franchise..that’s not saying much considering what we have to work with), and they are both awful, awful partners in relationships.

          1. I think there’s more to this ” miscarriage” than were told. My opinion, less miscarriage, more likely abortion. That’s just my opinion though.

  21. Have any of these girls ever heard of birth control? Geez, just because u sleep with someone don’t mean u gotta get pregnant. Grow up already.

    1. And she was actually TRYING to get pregnant. She claims it was plannwd and that she and the person shevwas with at the time had decided to try conceiving. Sure Javi appreciates all this considering she claimed the readon she wanted a divorce was because Javi wanted more kuds bit she did not want anymore.

  22. Again I’ll say…Selfish, entitled, immature, irresponsible, deceitful, tacky, basic, and low. Wanted the wedding but not the marriage. No morals, no values. Changes likes and interests based on whoever she’s currently seeing at the time. What she does with you, she’ll do to you. History has proven that…Can’t keep the same friends. Can’t keep a man. The men in her life are far from perfect but they’ve always tried and stuck around. When you’re the common denominator in all your problems, it’s not everyone else, it’s you. How quickly we forget sleeping in someone’s else’s basement. Getting on government assistance. Driving around in that little get me where I’m going car. And that little apartment you use to call home…but remember what’s here today can be gone tomorrow. You get what you give. Your kids will see this one day. Humble yourself or the world will do it for you.

    1. Bravo, I couldn’t agree more with your post! And let’s not forget that when she was living rent free in Jo’s parents house, she thought it was okay to sneak around and date other guys.
      This girl is totally full of herSELF. Selfish, self-absorbed, self-entitled, self-centered, self, self self.
      Those poor boys (Javi and Jo included), breaks my heart.

      And let’s all say another prayer tonight that Janelle doesn’t get custody of Jace back. Just to hedge our bets, so to speak.

  23. Okay, I guess Javi isn’t the daddy. I am so confused. As I thought that’s why Kali left him cause she said NO more kids and he said, I am not sure if I can live with that as he wanted another child. It will upset me and a lot of people if she was with another man while your husband is making the ultimate scar ice for the whole country. I believe that is truly the worst thing a women could ever to do and there is NO words or excuses as is completely disgraceful and disgusting. She would lose so much respect for herself and how terrible for her boys in the years to come!

    1. The “ultimate” sacrifice is dying. Dial down the drama. They were both fucking around on each other… Match made in petty heaven

    2. But him mocking her, and blaming her for having a miscarriage is somehow saintly? There is NO excuse for his behavior towards her about that. Then later claiming he still wanted children….I call BULL. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have children with a man that can do that to a woman who suffered something as terrible as a miscarriage…I don’t like Kail, one little bit, but I don’t blame her for not wanting to have any more children with that POS. You just don’t come back from that shit, there is no forgiveness, and no forgetting when you mock a woman, and then blame her, for losing a child. That’s absolutely disgusting.
      The dude was far from “making the ultimate sacrifice”, though, and that is a huge slap in the face to military personnel that actually do, and have, on a daily basis.

    1. Completely agree. Jenelle definitely knew that Kail didn’t confirm the pregnancy and was keeping it private. She was just trying to rub it in Kail’s face and probably loving that the attention is off of her. At least until jenelle and David break-up and she finds a new soulmate to make another child with.

      1. Jenelle is still with her 3rd baby daddy. It’s more than Kailyn can say.

        It’s hilarious when Kailyn is more a mess than Jenelle is.

        For the record, I don’t like ANY of these girls “Mom’s”. These shows need to be cancelled immediately.

        1. Definitely needs to end. Like yesterday.

          I still think Jenelle is worse than Kail by far though. At least kail has always taken care of her children. I’ve always respected Kail for her hustle coming from her childhood, her attitude is awful and hard to get past but I’ve always respected her..until now. BUT Jenelle is and will always be useless trash. Doesn’t want to take care of her kids but cries about getting jace back for the past 7 or so years. She expects jace to up and move in with her from the only life he’s ever known, new school, everything, instead of her moving closer to Jace to makes things work. I mean, not like they have jobs holding them down in that area?. That’s as selfish as Kail right now in my opinion. Jenelle also has a new soulmate each year and a baby if they’re lucky enough for her to not abort it before trying for another one. She’s been engaged more times than I’ve actually dated guys and will *maybe* get married to Lurch. Oh and not to mention all the drugs and 20 something arrests while jace was home being raised by Babs . Kail is definitely up on Jenelle’s trashy level but I still think Jenelle is and will always be the biggest train wreck of them all. I can’t f***ing stand Jenelle so my opinion may be a bit biased lol.

  24. 2020: ‘Okay kids, shhhhhh, I bought all these stickers, glitter and Sharpies and we are going to make something for the daddies and for xx (latest guy) for father’s day. You can each only use two sheets of cardboard. Mommy can’t afford more cause the daddies are not even making a dent in your expenses okay?

  25. Jenelle says having three kids is hard… how would she know? Jace doesn’t live with her and she took a vacation 3 weeks after Einsley was born.

    1. They do get to play house, I mean photograph, I mean have all the kids together sometimes. But that would be 4 kids, not three. So I wonder who Jenelle left out?
      Soon there will be even five kids at the same time, all with different sets of parents. They beat Kail.

  26. I don’t think it’s right that Jenelle felt like she could comment before Kail maybe she didn’t know small possibility however her tweet sounded fake regardless if you’re not happy for someone don’t act like you are no need to comment on the situation

  27. How old is Javi? He can barely pick himself up, let along a child. If he wants to do something for his child, stop slamming Lincoln’s mom on social media.

      1. He treated her like shit too..that was a two way street o’nothing but shit, from both of them. He is far from a saint himself. At least she didn’t blame him for the loss of their child, nor mock him for it. What kind of POS does that anyway?

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