Rumor Patrol: Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Really Pregnant with Her Fourth Child?

“Don’t be causin’ trouble for your Mama, child!”

Teen Mom 2 fans got a big shock last night when Leah Messer was seemingly outed for being pregnant– by her own four-year-old daughter!

Or was she?

Leah’s idea to do a fun Facebook Live video stream last night with her daughter Addie seemed to blow up in her face when Addie loudly whispered to her mother to tell the viewers about “the baby in your tummy.”

Leah looked surprised, and instantly began to struggle with the camera. She later deleted the Facebook video. To add to the Baby Mania, sonogram photos were seen hanging on Leah’s refrigerator on a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Since then, the show’s fans have been buzzing that Leah could possibly be pregnant with her fourth child. (After all, Baby Mania seems to have spread throughout the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast. Kail Lowry recently announced a pregnancy, and both of Leah’s other ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast mates, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans, recently had babies.)

The day after the video incident, Leah told fans on Twitter that she was not pregnant.

“I am definitely not [pregnant],” Leah wrote. “I have the IUD.”

“Kids say the craziest things,” Leah tweeted to another fan. “Side note: you have to be sexually active to get pregnant.”

Is Leah telling the truth? (As we know, the girls of ‘Teen Mom’ are famous for lying about being pregnant!) The Ashley checked in with several of her sources to find out. According to each one of them, Leah is not pregnant.

“She has never mentioned anything to the crew, and there have been no indications at all that she’s expecting,” one source tells The Ashley. “She’s really, really thin right now, too. There is absolutely not tummy whatsoever.” (For reference, this photo was taken two weeks ago when Leah was in Southern California to film one of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ After Shows.)

Another source says that Leah is flat-out denying it when asked.

“She’s not pregnant,” another source tells The Ashley.

On Wednesday afternoon, Leah posted about the incident on her private Facebook page:

As for the sonograms, that scene was filmed at the time when Leah’s sister Victoria was pregnant (and possibly living with Leah). There’s a great chance that those sonograms were actually of Victoria’s baby.

The Ashley will update this story if more information becomes available. Watch the video in question below:


  1. I really hate to put this out there, does anyone else think she’s as high as *uck? Lord please don’t let there be a baby in that belly…but it almost seems like that’s the norm lately. Three babies three baby daddy’s so why not? Lol only kidding!! I just don’t belive this iud or birth control pill nonsense anymore!!

    1. Her saving grace has always been that she picks good men to be the fathers of her children. Seriously, space aliens watching Teen Mom to learn about humanity would come away thinking “work” was a local tradition unique to West Virginia.

  2. LOL, just what we needed. The last Teen Mom 2 cast member pregnant. Glad it’s not true. (And yes, TMI Leah, we know you’re single but some people are still active with random people *ahem* Kail *ahem*) even while being single, I’m glad you’re not one of them tho.)

  3. Jesus God saved Leah ;-). Leah is not sexually active?! A bit TMI but wow.
    Or was this set up and meant as a stab towards Kail?

    1. How do you know she’s not sexually active?

      When she and Jeremy split, she immediately dick hopped on a guy the show pretended didn’t exist. Google TR Dues.

      1. I’m not saying I know she is, she said she was. I know: when the lady says, she is single, she is single ;-).
        (FOI: that’s what TR said when Leah denied they were together).

        1. Hahahahaha, I haven’t followed Leah that close. I have actually despised her since her 16 & Pregnant. She’s lying liar who lies, a lot, and a user.

  4. I’m convinced that she planned this whole thing just to get attention. All the other girls from Teen Mom 2 had been on the spotlight lately with baby related news, I guess she didn’t like to feel left out.

  5. I saw this last night and was curious how she would react. I have young kids and they don’t say things like that. I honestly hope it’s not true though. She don’t need anymore sex trophies.

      1. Wow, wait what? I have had a IUD for 2,5 years and nobody told me you can get pregnant with them! Aren’t they fuctioning as…. you know.. anti-conception? I don’t mean to sound rude, I’m just shocked if that’s true!

        1. @ kaiser & endless escape plan, yes it’s possible to get pregnant on the IUD. My one friend and mirena and my other had the copper one. Both got pregnant & had term babies. The IUD can shift & not do its job. I have also heard of people getting pregnant and having miscarriages because they have to remove the IUD after pregnancy and that can cause a miscarriage but I don’t know anyone personally that that happened to. I have mirena and had to have my first one removed because it shifted. My second one has stayed put though.

          1. Thanks for answering me, didn’t know if you would see it. I guess I’ll go get a check-up to make sure then, never had one after the one month after placement. Can’t get over the fact my GP never told me!

        2. Well since I’ve been down voted so many times I’m assuming you’re not the only one whose never been told LOL. It’s not common and it is one of the more reliable forms of BC but things can happen. I had pre cancerous cells on my cervix so I go every 3-6 month for a pap and they check mine.

    1. My nephew was 5 when I gave birth to my daughter, and he was always asking if there was another baby in my tummy. Or saying there was a baby in his moms Tummy. Kids can be very creative and very confused at the same time.

  6. Honestly I don’t understand why she would post that video to begin with she wasn’t doing anything besides sitting there

  7. Before I was pregnant with my son my daughter told random people that I had a baby in my belly. Once it was twins lol i wouldn’t put it last Leah but kids do say things like that

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