‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed This Weekend

“Wow! I missed a lot of ‘Teen Mom’ news!”

After a two-week absence, The Ashley‘s Teen Mom News Pile is back!

If you happen to be one of those people who have a life and spend your weekends doing exciting things, there’s a chance that you may have missed some of the Teen Mom-related news that broke over the weekend. In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 things that happened over the last weekend…

Jenelle Evans got called out for leaving her newborn to go on a trip. 

Jenelle was skewered by critics on social media after she announced that she would be flying from North Carolina to Southern California to appear on Monday’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ live After Show. Although Jenelle’s daughter Ensley is only a month old, this will be the second time Jenelle and her fiance David Eason have left her in the care of someone else in order to take a trip. (The first time was when Jenelle and David traveled out of town to get engaged.)

Jenelle attempted to defend her actions on Twitter by stating that MTV and the show’s producers were forcing her to go to the taping, and that Ensley was not able to go along with her because the baby’s doctor advised against it.

Although Jenelle claimed she was required to go to California to film, Chelsea Houska (who gave birth to her son Watson just one day after Jenelle had Ensley) said that the show’s producers  had no problem with her not attending the live tapings.

“They were very understanding of me not leaving Watson or flying before he has shots,” Chelsea told a fan on Twitter.

While all of the cast have, indeed, been getting requests from production to fly to California to attend these live tapings, no one has been forced, not even Kail Lowry and Leah Messer, who have done more of their share to cover the ones right after Jenelle and Chelsea gave birth. Each cast member who has attended a taping has flown into California for one day, and gone home on a red-eye flight after the taping ended.

Jenelle has yet to explain why David had to also leave Ensley to go on the trip.

Most of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast went on vacation together.

While the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls were worrying about filming, [most of] the ‘Teen Mom OG’ gals (and their beaus) were jetting off for some fun in the sun. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, and Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney are all currently in Puerto Rico on vacation.

Needless to say, the girls’ nemesis and co-star Farrah Abraham was not invited on the trip.

Adam Lind quit ‘Teen Mom 2’…again.

Adam Lind has once again declared that he is done with ‘Teen Mom 2.’ A “source” told Radar Online over the weekend that Adam is telling everyone who will listen that he’s not signing up for the show’s eighth season…should he even be invited back.

“If they offer [a Season 8 contract] to him, he says he’s gonna say no,” the source claimed. “He’s sick of getting bashed all the time on the show…He just wants to live his life and not be bad-mouthed all the time. He is living the normal quiet life. He’s working on a friend’s car lot doing mechanic work.”

Adam has been outspoken about wanting to end his time on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ claiming that even the sizable paychecks aren’t enough to keep him filming. (Given how difficult he has been to work with during Season 7, he may not even get an offer anyway.) Adam has stated many times that he is quitting ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (He was still under contract to film for the current season because the network exercised its option to extend the seventh season. Adam was required to fulfill his obligations to film, even after he declared that he was done with the show.)

Kail Lowry provided some hints about the identity of her baby’s father.

“I’ll tell ya this: it ain’t me!”

The big ‘Teen Mom’ news that broke last week was that Kail confirmed to The Ashley that she is pregnant with her third child. Kail had declined to give any information about the baby’s father at the time, but over the weekend, she began to provide more hints as to who fathered Baby No. 3.

In a tweet, Kail told a fan that she is not currently in a relationship, meaning that she is no longer with the person who is the father of the baby she’s carrying. Fans have been throwing the names of several guys who they believe may be the father, and this weekend one of those guys spoke out.

Responding to claims on Reddit that he was the father, Tyler Hill said that he is not the dad of Kail’s baby. Kail has also denied that Tyler fathered her child.

Kail also shot down the fan theory that her ‘Teen Mom 2’ producer, JC Cueva, is the baby’s father.

“My producer and I have never had that kind of relationship. It’s strictly platonic,” she told Real Mr. Housewife.

Kail confirmed to The Ashley that the baby’s father is not her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

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59 Responses

  1. This might be a weird question but I don’t really understand why everyone says that David is super controlling. Obviously he’s creepy and totally has a serial killer-esq vibe, but am I missing something? does it actually show him being controlling? I just think jenelle has serious codependent issues and that’s why she’s so overly accommodating and up his ass.

  2. Kail pregnant? Gross… Someone got super drunk and put a paper bag over her head, ass, and skull tattoo arms??? It is probably easier to use a really big bag like the one you get at Home Depot for leaf collection and poke a hole in the lower-middle area lol.

  3. Jenelle hasn’t provided a reason why David had to leave the baby too because there isn’t one lol. She can’t go anywhere without David tagging along. And let his meal ticket out of his sight!? Are you crazy?! I will say it now, I think Kails baby daddy is one of the black men we saw on TM2 over at her house while she was cleaning up dog puke. Javis not there, we’ve never seen either of these men before, she says they’re “friends” that she invited over to “her house”. I’m not buying it, she liked one of them and invited him over and he brought a friend. My money is one of them is the father.

  4. Funny how David insulted Barbara’s job at Walmart just like Keiffer did when he doesn’t even work! He was quick to jump into the MTV gravy train and milk Jenelle for all she’s worth. At least Babs held on to the job that she had before the show came along because as she pointed out, this can all go away just like that and where would that leave Jenelle?

    As another commenter pointed out, Kail conceived right about now in the show. Anyone else suspect that it’s the same guy Javi caught in THEIR house? And I don’t believe for a second that she had this child by choice. She’s just trying to save face. I can’t wait for Javi’s tell-all! Javi and Jo are great dads.. she’ll be lucky if baby daddy number 3 is just as involved in his kid’s life as Javi and Jo are in theirs.

    1. If Kail had said she didn’t plan Baby #3 it would be a little bit more understandable, despite her financial gains, the family isn’t really that stable right now. To plan a baby while everything is changing is more irresponsible than an unplanned pregnancy. She actively thought through everything and was like “It’s a good time!”

      I don’t know if I’m making sense….

  5. I cant believe Jenelle flu all the way to California just to bail once she got there and not show up to the live taping because she was “sick” She left her daughter for nothing just a free damn trip

  6. Jenelle…I didn’t leave my babies until they were over a year old and even then it wasn’t for an all expenses paid trip, hours away from them when they needed me most. I’m not saying that parents can’t leave their children ever but her excuses are poor. Ensley is already an inconvenience to her busy life, clearly.

    I always always like Kailyn, I just thought she had a s**t deal in life and really thought she’d come out the other side fighting.. Except now she a ho. Let’s play guess the daddy (like guess who but more risky, new merchandise right there)

  7. Idk if janelle is lying or not..but mtv probably cared way more about janelle being there than chelsea…chelseas storyline is kind of boring bc she actually has her shit together.

  8. Aubree’s birthday was recently shown, which I believe is October. If all the TM2’s segments are around the same dates…and Kail is currently 4 months pregnant at the end of February, she would have conceived right around now in the show.

  9. Seriously, what happened to Kail? As I’ve said before, they are ALL a product of their upbringing.
    Unfortunately DNA has a bigger part to play in our lives than we care to believe.
    All these woman could have taken a different path in life, but they all chose to make the life they now have.
    Sux to be them!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! WTF happened to kail??? She was literally my favorite up until about 4 episodes ago. I know people don’t like her but if you consider where she came from… Smirnoff suzi who basically abandoned her when she was pregnant, leaving her completely dependent upon jo and his family. Jo then dumps her, she moves back in with Suzi and basically learned at a young age that the only person she can depend on is herself. Can you really blame the girl for being closed off and selfish? I’d have an extreme fear of letting any one in as well, BUT her attitude and behavior the last few episodes is atrocious! Then on top of everything else, she gets herself knocked up AGAIN! If she wants to be selfish, it’s none of my business but GIRL, selfish/emotionally screwed up mom +3 different baby daddies will very unlikely equal healthy/emotionally stable offspring

  10. It seems like Kail can dish out the insults but can’t take them..As soon as Javi walked in she tried to embarrass him by taking the piss out of his shirt but as soon as he says something she doesn’t like, she storms off..And she’s not in a position to criticise when she was clearly poured in to those extremely tight (too small for her) pants! She keeps bringing up how unfair it is that Isaac doesn’t get to see Javi as much as though it’s Javi’s fault but she seems to not really care either way. I’m sick of seeing her miserable face, her attitude, the way she speaks to the producers and dictates to them regarding what she will and won’t film (hello, you get paid, this is your job and your gravy train so try not to bite the hand that feeds you!) Also what does she think she is going to achieve by keeping the father of the baby a secret? I’m not totally convinced she even knows who is the father. I used to like her and have read her first book but now I can’t stand her and won’t be supporting her by buying any of her other books.

  11. It’s interesting the only two to not have more kids is Farrah and Amber. It pains me to say this…they might be the smartest ones.

  12. See ya Adam! Don’t let the door hit you on your overly steroid ass on the way out!

    Also, does Kail even know who the father of her child is? For some reason playing a guessing game of “Who’s your daddy” doesn’t seem fun if even she doesn’t know. Of course, if the guy is a total deadbeat that is just another way Kail could take Pity over Pride.

    As for Jenelle, “Jenelle has yet to explain why David had to also leave Ensley to go on the trip.” Please, like Lurch ever passed up anything that was free.

  13. – I reaaaaally hope that MTV doesn’t ask Adumb back next season. He’s such a douche bag. I don’t think anyone would miss him…nobody on the cast, and none of the viewers. He’s such a sucky person, always has been and always will be.

    – Jenelle is too stupid to realize that David is a controlling psycho and has now trapped her with a baby…and of course she left Ensley to go on vacation. We all know Jenelle has no problem ditching her newborns for the soulmate of the week. Just like Babs said when Jenelle would leave Jace when he was an infant “You think this baby is like a dog or a cat that you can just leave at home!”

  14. You people are all dumb bashing Jenelle. It’s called doctor’s advice, duuuude! Sorry but the doctor advised that Lurch and her both should go and she is a trained medical professional so she knows best okay? Leave her alooone!
    I mean, one parent stays with the new born, the other goes away for work, who does that?!

    When your lawyers only understand criminal charges and not the normal contracts…
    When you don’t get anything normal…

      1. (wispers)You can built that wall but we will outnumber you all.
        Just kidding, again.
        (Seriously, I’m not Spanish speaking and trouble seeking. Oh crap, wait, I do speak Spanish, it was my fourth foreign language in college. Nevermind. I have no trouble reading my own language and get the sarcasm, you?)

    1. Its crazy isn’t it! What kind of parents DON’T take two vacations/”work trips” with in the first month of their daughter’s life? And we know how much she deserves these vacations. It’s so hard to take naps all day while growing #3. Chelsea really needs to take advice from Jenelle and see what’s it’s like being a devoted mother.

      And if y’all believe this, I have some ocean front property for sale in Kansas. ?

    2. Duuuude! That’s hilarious. I almost thought you were serious. Medical professional, that cracks me up. It’s almost as funny as Lurch having a job other than controlling Jenelle.

  15. Kail is just looking for another payday in the form of child support. Gotta hand it to the girl, when the MTV paychecks end, she will still have a monthly income thanks to all her baby daddy’s!

  16. Kail either got knocked up to keep her fling attached to her until she doesn’t need him anymore or she used a sperm donor. If an actual man fathered that child, we all know he’d be shouting it from the rooftops AND off buying luxury vehicles and kicks sponsored by MTV.

  17. Kudos to the poster who coined Kailyn “the hustling tart”. I couldn’t get it out of my head watching the show tonight.

    Kailyn making fun of Javi’s shirt was nothing short of hilarious when she’s wearing skin tight too small clothes, ESPECIALLY over her lumpy fat ass.

  18. Did you see where Janelle said that her doctor told her that flying with a newborn was bad because of the “pressure in her head” from a plane? I mean come on. If anything, you don’t want them getting sick but nice reason haha! And for real no one needs to be leaving their newborn twice in a month. She has NO maternal instincts whatsoever. Chelsea is a much better mom! She actually wants to spend time with her kids. Weird.

    1. scarier is that she did medical classes and still doesn’t know what most parents do that don’t have those classes behind them

  19. Anyone else notice the ultrasound pictures on Leah’s fridge in her opening scene tonight? Quick internet search turns up a YouTube video of Addy whispering to Leah “tell them about the baby in your belly!”. Dear God I hope that’s not true. Has anyone heard anything?

    1. There was an issue with her FB video during the show. Addie comes up and whispers something Leah’s ear and Leah’s expression changes. She ends the video very shortly after, then deletes it. It sound like Addie asks her if she’s “going to tell them about the baby in your belly.” It’s not on her page, but you can hear it on YouTube. I listened but honestly I couldn’t really tell what Addie said. Maybe the Ashely can get to the bottom of it all.

      1. Specifly the ultrasound pictures in tonights episode almost 100% belongs to Victoria.

        I haven’t watched the video, but the if Leah’s pregnant she’s even more stupid than I’ve always thought she is. She joins the 3 baby daddy club too.

    2. There’s something weird about that video. I think it might have been set up by Leah to get people talking and attract attention to herself. The way she was acting at the beginning, I feel like she was waiting for Addie to come and whisper that to her…I don’t know, maybe it’s just wishful thinking because I REALLY don’t want her to have another baby.

      1. I see your point, the video was very odd how she was just saying “baby” and then very oddly stared into the camera for like 10 seconds. I agree with you that I hope she was doing it for attention. No more babies for these hussies!

  20. I smell a feud brewing between Jenelle and Kail. Some people think that what Jennelle posted on Twitter was directed at Chelsea (“super hilarious when people think their shit don’t stink. All shit stinks. You are no different than the rest of us sweetheart”) but she and Kail had been taking subtle potshots at each other since Jennelle spilled the beans about Kail’so pregnancy. Thoughts?

    1. I’m pretty sure Kailyn will take revenge in some way, shape or form for that one.
      Jenelle was just too thrilled. She is probably keeping the Kail bashing online going with every troll account she controls ;-).

  21. The baby probably pulled on some of Jenelle’s fair feathers and oh her God, dude, you just don’t understand, dude! You can’t expect her to put up with that kind of nonsense.


  22. I wonder what Jenelle would look like without Lurch by her side 24/7. He can’t let her go to CA for one day on her own?? ?

    Bye Adam ??

  23. I wonder why the father of this baby isn’t selling his story to a magazine yet?? He could make a ton of money for spilling details…

  24. I’m on an email list for various tapings and shows that tape in LA because I live in the area. A week ago they were paying people to be in the audience for the Teen Mom 2 after shows. If they are offering money just to fill the studio the interest must way down. I’ve been in the audience for a few Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 reunion shows, I was never paid for those because they never offered money before. Now they are, that’s very telling, what do you think Ashley?

  25. Despite what kail says to me this pregnancy seems to be accidental. There is no logic in having cosmetic surgery and getting pregnant just a few months later, nor get pregnant while she is still married (and filming marriage boot camp), still in college, no job apart from mtv(and quoting kim “no offense but this aint”)etc, etc. but she is to entitled to admit it. So she brings all this “i wont be able to conceive later” crap to pretend it was her desition and she has everything under control. Do this girls still believe they are role models??

  26. Yall,
    I used to really love kail.
    And now I can’t even stand to look @ her
    She treats javi so poorly.
    And now she’s pregnant with another child from a different man

    Nobody should make fun of jenelle anymore.
    Because kail is now, just as bad

    1. I know! I honestly used to feel for her, all the stuff she went through.

      Too bad she chose to use it instead of learn from it.

      Next to Farrah, Kail has become the one I can’t stand.

  27. Ensley is already a few weeks old. She’s super old news to Jenelle now. I’m sure after a few diaper changes she is seriously going to need a vacation without the baby. But since there might be a man or person in the area that could talk to her , David, who looks like a love child of the cast of the munsters and the family from Texas chainsaw massacre, will not let her go alone. She’ll just toss kaiser and the new baby in a dark room and say stop fighting your sleep. It’s nap time. Bye. As far a kail goes I think it’s ridiculous that she needs to continue to find men to make this idea of what she wants in a family. She had a boyfriend and when they broke up she didn’t even wait to move out of his house before she started dating someone else. She had jo drive her to meet him with their son! I could care less about how many kids with different fathers. It’s the lack of concern for how this is changing their lives. Make sure the kids you have are stable before you add to the party. Love Chelsea. Hate the baby voice. Adam sucks and will most likely shrink and disappear after he gets rid of his MTV paycheck and can no longer buy steroids. Can he fight in court and have aubree taken off the show out of spite?

    1. I don’t think Adam has much say over Aubree. Pretty sure Chelsea has sole legal and physical custody while Adam gets visitation rights he doesn’t even use.

      Also, I love how Jenelle was trying to blame MTV for leaving a newborn for the second time in one month and Chelsea blew up her spot.

  28. She seems to like being a single mother so the father was probably just used as a sperm donor.

    I’m just sorry for those boys and that Javi even got involved with her, it was obvious from the start she just wanted the financial security from that relationship.

    1. My theory is that she always wanted a deadbeat dad. Javi and Jo couldn’t be one so she found another guy just to ride the pity train. And a human being will be born in this mess. Despicable.

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