‘Teen Mom 2’ Exclusive! Inside Kail Lowry & Javi Marroquin’s Nasty Court Hearing Yesterday: Here’s What Went Down

It’s safe to say that these two will not be getting back together.

Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin are already divorced, but things between the Teen Mom 2 stars are getting nastier than ever!

The Ashley has learned that the exes had a brutal battle in a Delaware courtroom yesterday. After The Ashley received several tips from folks who spotted Kail and Javi (and a full MTV camera crew, naturally) at the courthouse yesterday, she investigated and found out the shocking reason Kail and Javi were there.

The Ashley has confirmed that Kail and Javi were, indeed, filming at the courthouse, and according to records, the court hearing held yesterday was in regard to a PFA (Protection From Abuse) order that Kail recently filed against Javi!

The order (which was not an emergency order, meaning that Kail did not feel she was in immediate danger when she filed it) is valid for up to one year from the approval date. It is not known what type of abuse Kail is accusing Javi of, as PFAs can be filed for several different types.

Although the exact details of the PFA are not available to those outside the involved parties, in the state of Delaware it can mean that the respondent (Javi) can no longer abuse Kail, have contact with her, in addition to other possible things.

Per the rules of the state of Delaware, where the couple lives and the PFA was filed, Javi was given the choice of whether or not to consent to the PFA. He chose to consent, which means there will be no further investigation into any abuse claims.

It does not, however, mean that Javi is admitting to any type of abuse.

“On the day of the full hearing, the respondent will be asked by a Court staff person if he/she is willing to have a Consent Order entered,” the Delaware Courts website states. “If the respondent is willing to have a Consent Order entered, he/she does not have to admit that there was any abuse and the Court does not decide if there was any abuse, but will enter an Order for some or all of the relief requested.”

It does not cover online interaction, from what The Ashley can gather.

Anyway, one source tells The Ashley that things between Kail and Javi were incredibly tense while they were at the courthouse. In fact, the source says that the pair were kept in separate waiting rooms at the courthouse, and that MTV did not have them interacting at all.

“There were a ton of people at the courthouse that recognized Kail and Javi from the show, though,” the source noted. “[The producers] were trying to be sneaky and get them in and out without people noticing but that just didn’t happen.”

It’s safe to assume that the hearing will be eventually be covered on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8.

Kail and Javi have not mentioned their court hearing or the PFA on their social media accounts.

UPDATE: After The Ashley’s story posted, Javi provided his thoughts (via Twitter) on the PFA.

“I guess people are desperate when they have no ammo they’ll make up lies to try and take me down,” he tweeted. “[I] never once put my hands on any female. I guess texting someone the truth falls under that now.”

(Photos: MTV)

70 Responses

    1. I just pointed this out on a Facebook thread. She has destroyed Isaac. She poured on the javi-is-daddy thing real heavy and now wants to take it all back.

  1. Agreed-crazy jealous with jowls and a skull sleeve is no way to go thru life. Kail is looking pretty pathetic these days…again. I never particularly cared for Javi at all but Kail has a gross personality that has slithered its way out and sat there this season like a big ol placenta.

  2. Maybe she should move then if she is in danger, shes’s not married to Javi anymore which is why she moved to begin with…. then watch Jo follow her like a lost puppy dog instead of getting a JOB!!!

    1. Are you saying a dad moving near the mother of his child and his child is a bad thing? I’d take a co parent like Joe who would do anything for Issac and anything to get more time with him any day. Also both Joe and Vee go to school and have a young baby. Also Joe moving close to Kail turned out to be very beneficial to Kail this season.

  3. She also filed a PFA on Jo, it’s her paltry go-to defense. Basically to make her to appear the “victim,” and to make a mockery for women who actually are threatened and abused. What’s even worse is SHE is one who has admitted and been filmed being physically and verbally abusive.

  4. Just keeps in getting better… Is this part of her “hustle?”. Obviously, no one knows the full story but it sounds to me like she accused javi of being verbally abusive and he’s acquiesced to the order for a quiet life. I think she’s hoping to get javi out of her life but you can’t delete the Father of your child if they dont want to be deleted. Keep searching for that dead beat dad so you can show us all how hard you have it girl… Sigh.

  5. Kail is a hypocrite, she accused Javi of taking “potshots” at her, yet she kept making snide comments towards him. Then acts like a child storming off repeatedly, she seems like the one more likely prone to a violent or immature outburst.

    Anyways I have no respect for Kail for what she is putting Issac through needlessly, she doesn’t put her kids first. She puts Kail first or else she would act like an adult, suck it up and be civil. She went into the sit-down dinner over the holidays for the kids by making fun of Javi’s shirt that frankly, looked fine. The level of her anger toward Javi is bizarre too, she’s the one who slept with someone else. Then flipped-flopped around, you can’t be so flippant toward a relationship that is a marriage and have two little kids involved.

    It seems miscarriage cracked their foundation, but she needs to stop throwing that in Javi’s face (like a potshot) and seek counseling to deal with her anger/pain. It’s not helping anyone by using it as ammunition.

  6. I feel sooo bad for sweet Issac. He’s one of my favorite Teen Mom kids – bright, intelligent, sensitive and loving. And he obviously really, really loved Javi. In fact, Issac probably loved Javi more than Kail ever did (if she ever even loved him in the first place). The whole thing is clearly very painful and confusing for him. I haven’t caught up on all episodes yet, but from what I’ve seen so far Kail’s surprisingly insensitive in regards to handling it (the divorce) with Issac. She’s always been one of my least favorite girls on the show, she just seems like a rotten person and I hate how nasty and entitled she is. But despite that, I’ve always given her props for being a fairly good mom, and putting her kids first. Or at least she was/did. Doesn’t seem like it anymore. On top of the mess with Javi, her getting pregnant again, during such a time, was incredibly selfish and irresponsible on her part for many reasons. Too many to list, but along with being a big slap in the face to Javi, it truly saddens me to think how difficult/confusing this must be to her other two boys, especially Issac. Issac needs his mom’s full attention more than ever right now, but instead, pregnant Kail is busy battling it out with Javi and preparing for another baby. Although something will have to be worked out for Javi to see his bio son, Lincoln, since Kail and him can’t communicate – and Kail has now gotten some order to absolutely ensure they can’t – that puts the kibosh on any chance at creating stability for their kids. You’d hope in a situation like this they could put on a united front for the little ones, especially when there’s such a strong bond between the stepparent and stepchild. Javi considers him a son, and Issac sees him as a parent, yet they have no legal rights to continue their relationship. Who knows what’ll happen with that. Kail is not the mom I thought she was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kail purposely kept him from Javi, claiming it to be for his safety when it’s really out of spite towards Javi.

    All I can say is, thank goodness for Jo (and Vee). Thank goodness Jo isn’t a deadbeat or non-existent parent. Thank goodness, no matter what happens with Javi, Issac will still have a loving Dad who wants to be (and is) involved in his life. And despite his Mom’s dysfunctional life, Issac still has an example of a stable relationship/family life with Jo and Vee. Perhaps Jo could even help facilitate some type of relationship with Javi and Issac. They’ve never been on the best terms, but Jo, unlike Kail, seems far more willing to try and make it work in difficult/uncomfortable situations, if it’s in the best interest of his son.

  7. I think this has something to do with the Twitter war they were involved in, courtesty of Jenelle in now-deleted tweets. Jenelle tweeted Kail that it was Javi who sold the story to Star Magazine about her being pregnant. Kail then apologized to Jenelle and took potshots at Javi. That said, I’m beginning to doubt Kail’s “I was raped” twice story. I’m not diminishing rape, because if it did happen to her then that’s horrible. But from what we’ve seen, she loves to play the role of the victim even if she herself is displaying abusive behavior. And she uses it to justify her behavior (ie. cheating on Javi). Look at what she did to Jo’s family! But this time around though, her playing the victim is harming her kids. She’ll be lucky if baby daddy number 3 and his family will be just as involved in her kid’s life just as Javi and Jo’s are.

    1. Why is Jenelle involved? Trying to earn brownie points with Kail? She needs to take a seat.

        1. Right, by why is she continuing to involve herself in something that has nothing to do with her? I know that’s Jenelle’s style but seriously, doesn’t jenelle have enough of her own drama to deal with?

      1. In her first book, she said she was raped by her boyfriend in ninth grade. This was when she lost her virginity. She felt that she had no choice but to give in to his advances because she believed he loved her and she wanted to please him. She wanted him to wear a condom but he didn’t and she said he was rough with her and made her bleed. The second time she was raped was when a friend came to her door drunk and she let him in and he forced himself on her.

        1. After her first time she got pregnant and had an abortion on her 16th bday, because boozy Susie made her. It didn’t take her very long to get knocked up by Jonathan so it seems like she’s super fertile.

  8. Kail has always been selfish! She uses guys in order to get what she wants i.e kids, then tosses them aside like yesterday’s trash. Then puts on this “mother hustler” role as if she was forced to be a single mom. I think she is mentally incapable of being in a healthy relationship. I don’t fault Javi one bit for blaming Kail for the miscarriage. He told her to stop doing crossfit when they found out she was pregnant and she wouldn’t even listen to him. He’s allowed to feel whatever he wants because that was HIS child too. Now, 3 kids will have to be split up every which way for life because she doesn’t think about anyone but herself

  9. So he says he was texting someone (aka Kail) “the truth”. I’m guessing perhaps he finally snapped and sent Kail a brutally honest message describing what an awful person she is or even what an awful mother (he thinks) she is, or something along those lines. Maybe he said she was a b*tch, or a wh*re; it was likely a put-everything-on the table and tell her how he really feels in a very harsh way. Maybe he even brought up her pregnancy and said something about how screwed up the kid will be. It was probably really bad, but man, as messed up as Javi is too, Kail is really just a god-awful person and I can see how incredibly used and abused he probably feels. I’d always thought his jealousy and extreme insecurity issues were annoying, and he definitely has his faults, but now I can kind of see where he might’ve been coming from. Who knows everything she’s done. She’s probably cheated on him more than we even know. And she clearly used him. This pregnancy is probably the final slap in the face to him. As much as I try to be happy for anybody expecting, I can’t say I’m happy for Kail. She really messed up. It’s ironic now she’s the one seeking the abuse order when it’s her who’s been mentally and physically (we’ve seen it on camera) abusive.

  10. I feel so bad for javi he is a good guy n dad. Just got with a bitch he needs to stay far away from kayle n be happy she is rude bossy n emm lets see here pregnant again so fast well that explains alot , cheater lier wow.. well good luck javi u deserve better

    1. Yep, on top of the lying, cheating, manipulation etc – how she blatantly used and (mentally) abused him – she’s also physically abused him. She couldn’t control herself, not even for the cameras. Who knows how many times that’s happened in the past as well. She’s crazy.

  11. They are both idiots and so caught up in hurting and getting back at each other they are losing sight of what really matters. I feel so bad for all three of Kail’s children.

  12. Javi seemed heartbroken when discussing his marriage with his friends. Kail seems numb for the most part. Based on her relationship with her parents (lack thereof), she seems to have a hard time fully committing to anyone. Javi, who has his faults and pushes Kailyn’s buttons which isn’t good, never stood a chance. No boyfriend or husband will because she’ll never let anyone get too close to her. Not bagging on her, but she needs to work things out with herself.

  13. Kail does nothing but USE people and “systems”….she USED Jo, she USED Jo’s parents; she USED the govt (to get a subsidized apartment when she was making MTV money); she USED the military (to get Javi to quickly marry her to get medical insurance); and she USED Javi in a fake marriage. Ever notice that when Kail it trapped and/or things don’t go her way she IMMEDIATELY starts talking IN WARP SPEED to confuse the other person and then ultimately walks away from the truth. All she did last summer while Javi was gone was snap her and her menagerie of friends out gallivanting while Javi was deployed. I wondered where her kids were. Now we know. In day care!

    1. OMG, that’s so true, I can’t believe I never noticed that before! She starts babbling and doing these over the top hand gestures when she’s cornered in an argument, and then storms off or else gives one of them a punch. She should never have gotten away with hitting these guys and she shouldn’t get away with what she’s doing now

  14. I could see Javi being very passionate when arguing with Kail to the point that it could be scary…BUT with all that’s going on, I think this is Kail’s way of being vindictive, conniving, vengeful, and evil…In this previous episode, you could tell that Javi is not going to be as easy going as Jo when it comes to custody. Javi knows what time he deserves and he is going to take that time (as he should), and not be at Kail’s beck and call…Kail knows co parenting with him isn’t going to be a walk in the park, so I think she’s doing this to make it hard for Javi to have custody, and for her to get her way….that again shows how terrible of a person she is…This is going to be very ugly.

  15. Poor Issac another BR akup.thank God he has Joe and Javi..Kailyn is confused been thru a miscarriage it Hard to come out of a loss of a baby.. God bless them all..

  16. His friends are attacking her,he is attacking her the TM fans are attacking her. When does it stop she did this because she doesn’t want to deal w the B’s anymore and who could blame her.Now with that being said I’m sick of hearing Javi is such a great guy. We have no clue the type of mental abuse her is putting her threw especially after she announced that she was pregnant.i can only imagine the ugly texts he sending her and the harsh words he’s saying…I am a victim of abuse and I do believe kail did the right thing here.

  17. How does she keep getting away with this? She did exactly that same thing to Jo, even though she has openly admitted to beating them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not Javi’s biggest fan at all but she is abusing a system put in place to protect vulnerable people by playing the victim time and time again. I really thought she was better than this but she’s just trash.

  18. Could it be all the mean jabs Javi is constantly throwing at Kail falls under this protective order? If she can prove he’s insulting her in front of the children thus causing a hostile environment, maybe that’s why she got the order?

    1. He says he only texted her something, probably a lot of things. It does not matter legally whether you verbally abuse someone in the same room or text the exact same words to the victim from the other side of the world apparently. And it should not make a difference, it is still abuse.
      Legally, she is right.

      1. Lol shut up she literally punched him in the face while being filmed. She’s a physically abusive piece of shit and just wants to paint herself as the victim.

        1. She did it again while off camera. She admitted to it during an special with Dr.Drew. He literally said it wasn’t a problem because Javi didn’t hit her.

        2. She did and it would be fair when Javi could and would press charges for the physical abuse towards him now that she has turned to the legal system and blames him for abuse.
          He also has proof to show the court.
          The fact is that he was abused by her but I don’t know how strong his case would be as much time has passed, they are in a divorce now, she went to counseling I think?, they went to couples counseling, etc., etc. How do courts see that? I mean lots of people who are abused in a relationship sweep it under the rug for a long time first. It would not be just when they are not heard because it took them so long to see what was really going on.
          Maybe this order is better for both of them, otherwise we might hear “I f…ing hit him!” again very soon.
          Could be a reason why she does not want him near her, he knows how to push her buttons, she might be afraid she will lose control over herself again.

          It would be a bit sour when she is legally in her rights all the time and gets what she wants while he is not heard, but the law is not always fair.

  19. And another child suffers, two in this case. Well done, both of you.
    Raising your child right together should mean more to you than being right or be seen as the one that is right.

  20. Guess Javi had valid reasons for not trusting Kail after all…and once she crossed the line he was over it and I think that caught her off guard. He’s hurt and now he’s exposing her, so she’s trying to hurt him back the only way she can, by playing dirty! It’s really sad to see she hasn’t matured throughout the years.

  21. She really is less likable as every day passes! Javi was a decent guy, not an angel at times, but how does she always go straight from civil to PFA with BD1 and BD2? And how does this work with Javi’s visitation with Lincoln? Watch out BD3, you’re next in line.

  22. My stars, she really is a vile, manipulating selfish hustler bitch, isn’t she? I echo whoever above me said “I don’t have a dog in this fight”, because I don’t, but goddamn this girl really is an ice cold narcissist!

  23. She fights so dirty. It’s not worth it in the end. Plus Javi is in the military; these things can affect his job and security clearance.

  24. She’s such a vindictive C U next Tuesday.

    She pulled this same BS on Jo during the first season of TM. She does it every time the father doesn’t kowtow to what SHE wants. She’s exactly let me Jenelle.

  25. They are a train wreck, not just her. Both of them. Why with an audience that is mostly women we still place all the blame on the women? It takes two people to have a dysfunctional abusive relationship like this one.

    1. With Kail, it’s always her way or the highway. Once Javi wouldn’t agree to let her always have Lincoln for Christmas, she throws a fit and storms off. I mean did Jo sign an agreement that she always will get Isaac for Christmas? If not, her request makes no sense. Her job is being on a reality show, and yet she constantly says “I’m not filming” when she makes herself look bad. She wants everyone to think she’s this great person, and mother, but the cracks in her fascade are starting to show.

      1. jo didn’t do that with issac because he gets paid to be on m tv so he doesn’t have to work unlike javi who does that is why joe doesn’t fight it

    2. Are you suggesting that TM viewers should defend Kailyn’s abusive behaviour and selfish actions because she’s a woman and most viewers are women? I get that it takes two, but we’ve seen Kailyn hit Javi on camera and openly admit to Dr. Drew that she’s hit both Jo and Javi on multiple occasions. It’s a double standard to suggest that Javi is to blame for the abuse he’s suffered at her hands and no different than saying a battered woman is to blame for the emotional and physical abuse she receives at the hands of her husband. If roles were reversed and Javi was the cheating, lying, abusive spouse, no one would jump to defend him. Kailyn clearly filed another false PFA against another baby daddy because she’s bitter and wants to make Javi out to be the bad guy. She’s in this situation because of her choices and has no one to blame but herself.

    3. You do have a point there, it does take two and we haven’t been watching over their shoulders to see things unfold the way they did.
      I do think Javi has been horrible to her lately, with all the bashing. Totally unnecessary and very childish. You don’t treat anyone like that, let alone the mother of your child when you want to co-parent. Having said that, was there really no other way to better her situation? This is very drastic. How about communication and cooperation when you do have a child together?
      What really should have happened is that they were forced to go to mediation. I sometimes hear plans to give a child a lawyer too in a divorce and I think that is not such a bad idea. So much harm could be prevented.
      I’ve seen it around me and the parents that did go to mediation or got help are happier themselves and the kids are so much better of now.
      A friend has an ex who is absolutely crazy, he told the court he wanted to terminate his rights as a parent cause his child was not his child anymore, she changed the child and turned the child against him.
      You know what the judge said? Sir, I’m not going to do anything with your request, you are clearly not thinking clear at the moment and I will not allow you to abandon your child. You decided at one point it would be a good idea to have a child with the mother, now deal with it. I’m ordering that the both of you go to mediation.

  26. I wonder if her filing for the protection order was so he can’t release a tell all book…..damn I was waiting to read the dirt in that one!

  27. Kailyn is the abuser- mentally, verbally, emotionally and physically! Javi can do so much better! She’s nasty!

  28. Wow! Kail is the one that we’ve seen physically shake Javi’s head out of anger and admitted that she hit Javi the night before a reunion taping when they were arguing. When she got the PFA against Jo she even admitted she hit him first. Kail will stop at nothing to ruin any guy that doesn’t fall in line with what she wants. She wants to be the ultimate victim and doesn’t care who she hurts in order to paint herself that way. She is a nasty person to her core.

    1. I know! Javi has probably said a lot of things about her since he found out she was pregnant and that was her way of retaliating. She is a total bitch.

    1. She lost custody of Leah over that too. She had to agree to let Gary have sole custody to get CPS out of their lives.

  29. I feel like I can say this because I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I think this is more of Kail’s manipulative bull. She gets bent out of shape when she doesn’t get her way and then files papers. She has been hauling Javi to court for years now.

  30. This sounds familiar- Kail did this to Javi. It’s her routine: fuck over baby daddy and file PFA. GTFOH, Kail. Weren’t YOU the one that assaulted Javi?! Yup, you were.

      1. She did, and flat out said in an episode she did it moreso so he’d know “don’t eff with me”. It was when she had the blue Jeep if any super sleuth fans need a reference point to go researching. She’s just plain cruel.

        1. Did she really say that? Wow.
          There are millions of women out there that are actually suffering horrible abuse and here is kail using a PFA as a weapon just to hurt 2 decent guys and prove what a badass bitch she is. Disgusting.

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