EXCLUSIVE! The ‘Teen Mom’ Cruise Has Been Cancelled: Here’s Why

“Sorry guys!”

Put your bikinis and beer koozies away, Teen Mom fans, because The Ashley has some bad news.

The Ashley can exclusively report that the Teen Mom Cruise has officially been cancelled.

The Ashley was the first to tell you that three of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast members– Maci BookoutAmber Portwood and Kail Lowry— were teaming up with a cruise company to provide the ultimate ‘Teen Mom’ fan experience on the high seas. The cruise, which was set to sail this July on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas, was to be a five-day getaway where fans would have the opportunity to party with the ‘Teen Mom’ gals and guys.

Unfortunately, though, it was not to be. A representative for Vacations by Design, the company putting the cruise on, has confirmed to The Ashley that the Teen Mom Cruise has been cancelled– and it appears that Kail Lowry‘s surprise pregnancy may have been the reason the cruise got the ax.

The rep tells The Ashley that the cruise was cancelled “due to the production company having to make a change.”

“They didn’t tell us much about why the cruise was getting cancelled, just that one of the actresses scheduled to go could no longer go,” the rep told The Ashley.

“We’ll get through this!”

As The Ashley told you, Kail is currently pregnant with her third child. The cruise was scheduled for July, which would be after the point in her pregnancy that Kail is allowed to travel.

‘Teen Mom’ fans who were excited to drink margaritas with Maci, Amber and the gang will be happy to know that, while the Teen Mom Cruise isn’t happening this year, the girls may be trying to make it happen again in 2018.

“We have been told that they may be doing one next year,” the rep told The Ashley.

Any fan who had already paid to be part of the Teen Mom Cruise will be getting a full refund, with no penalties, the rep added. It is not known how many fans had actually signed up for the cruise at the time of the cancellation.

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  1. Let’s get real here, the cruise was probably canceled due to low response and bookings, and Kail’s pregnancy provided a handy excuse.

    I love cruises! And Teen Mom! But combining the two seems a little weird to me.

  2. Thanks kail leave it up to you to get pregnant, You don’t need anymore kids. I thought you were the responsible one. Figures it’s your fault the cruise is cancelled.

  3. Serious question- who would go on a cruise like this? I watch this show religiously, and even I wouldn’t want to do this with my time. Five days? That’s a loooong time. On a cruise ship. With Maci, Amber and Kail from Teen Mom. Like it literally sounds like a nightmare I would have… ?

    1. Like, seriously. Can you imagine your friends/coworkers/family asking you “so what are you planning this summer?” and responding “well, I’m going to an overpriced cruise with z list reality tv celebrities who are always either drunk or pregnant, and sometimes both”.

    2. Exactly, while I watch this show religiously, like a lot of ppl do, I’m not a “fan” of the girls. A lot of ppl watch bc they love to hate on them, and bc they need to see if things can possibly get any worse than they already are. This show is like a public service announcement for all of the things that can happen when you sleep around, have children super young, and keep switching baby daddys. The girls on this show have “viewers,” not “fans.”

  4. I’m hoping that either Maci or Amber will throw some shade at Kail for ruining this opportunity for them.

  5. Well, I guess that’s at least one bonus of Kail’s crazy pregnancy. The can cancel the ridiculous cruise without shame, and cite her pregnancy as the legitimate reason. As opposed to cancelling due to barely anybody purchasing tickets. Or having to go ahead with it, with the embarrassment of barely anybody showing up. Kail gave them an out!

  6. Anyone who would buy tickets to go on this cruise probably:

    Has an instagram account for only putting up pictures of their favorite teen mom(or dad) and consists of pictures from Google and have the name team javi. Also has portraits drawn of them by the fan.

    Defends the worst of all the parents in the tv franchise

    Their role model is farrah and her mother

    Has bought all their books

    Thinks their babies are the cutest things on this planet

    Think that the dads who are awesome fathers are actually the worst. And the worst fathers are doing great and are changing their life around.

    Are a teen mom themselves with multiple baby daddy’s

    Would for sure leave their family and young children at home to go on a cruise with these 3 women. Because hello teen mom!!!

    Anyone else want to add to the list?

    1. These “super-fans” are the type people who spend hours defending their favorite Teen Moms on social media, to complete strangers. I once made a snarky comment on Twitter about Maci during an episode. Nothing awful or nasty, just a bit of snark, and a few of these super-fans came out of the woodwork, randomly attacking me (with terrible spelling) for daring to say anything less than positive about the world’s best mother and role model (according to them), Maci. It was especially funny/ridiculous because despite that specific tweet, I don’t even mind Maci. She’s full of BS half the time, but she’s not the worst on the show. You’d think I’d viciously attacked her or something, which I definitely didn’t. But these people must defend her on all accounts, even to a total stranger.

    1. How little research does this cruise company do into the ppl that they agree to let “host” a cruise? Isn’t the cruise company paying to advertise this cruise and yet they don’t even know that teen mom 2 does not have actresses on it?

      Or maybe they just couldn’t stand to say “stars” and so went w “actresses.”

        1. Cruise would still happen – Amber will have to get money wherever she can because you know she isn’t going to get any money out of Matt.

    1. Exactly what I thought when I read it. By summer 2018 there will be at least 2 more pregnancies/babies on the show, and one of them will be Amber’s.

  7. I use to like Kail but not any more. She is nothing but a lying mean bitch n a slut! She is so mean to Javi n kicked him out of THERE home when he came back fighting for all of us after being gone for six months. Had I been Javi I would have told her to kiss my ass n I was staying in OUR home n if she didn’t like it she could leave until the divorce was final. She wouldn’t have that home if not for Javi cause he got it with a military loan for them. She cheated on Joe when she was with him n he flat out told her she was a whore. She is just sorry just lihe was gke her mom. She has none cheated on Javi while one n now pregnant again. I know one thing I would NEVER want her to be a female my daughter would ever look up to. I could say more but want. I am sure as many messages as I have left her on Twitter she knows exactly how I feel about her…just go out n keep getting pregnant n let the TEEN MOM show keep paying u n supporting u that tells all the teen girls it is okay to live how u r doing u piece of crap KAYILIN! Jenelle has 3 kids by 3 different men but at least she hasn’t run around on any of them n she s marrying the father of her last child more than Kayilin can say for herself!!!

    1. Ummm lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Jenelle has been “marrying” all of her baby daddies/soulmates at some point, she’s been engaged at least 4 times.

    2. The hell did I just read…?
      You seriously think Kail gives even two shits about your “many messages”? lol I can’t stand her either, but damn, calm your tits a little there.
      Defending Jenelle is about as productive as trying to nail prepared jello to a tree, and almost makes as much sense.

  8. Kail’s getting really good at solving her problems. Nowhere to live. . . Have Jo’s baby. Needs money and military benefits. . . Have Javi’s baby. No one wants to pay to travel and party with your miserable a$$. . . Have some random dude’s baby!

    1. Oh yes. If course she “planned this baby”. It’s not like THE ENTIRE Reason she gave Javi for ending thier marriage was that she wasn’t having any more babies because of “her career”. I die a little every time MTV humors her by letting her read a teleprompter, as if she’s going to be delewares new weather girl. Lmfao.


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