Mama June Shannon Accused of Wearing Fat Suit on Premiere of ‘Mama June: Not to Hot’

Fat or fake?

Mama June Shannon’s new reality show just premiered last week, but already fans are accusing June and her crew of trickery!

June’s new show, Mama June: From Not to Hot is supposed to capture the transformation as the former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star goes from 460 pounds to a size 4 over a period of 40-some weeks.  On the show’s season premiere, June is shown at the start of her journey…or was she?

Not all of the ‘Not to Hot’ viewers are convinced that Mama June was actually overweight in the show’s first episode. During the premiere, fans began to tweet that it looked like Mama June was wearing a fat suit in the confessional scenes of the episode. Some accused June of wearing a prosthetic on her chin to make it appear that her face is heavier than it actually is (so that it will be easier for her to “transform” later on in the show.)

During one scene of the premiere, June goes on a blind date with a man who eventually gets up and leaves during the date without telling June. A viewer wrote that June’s poorly done prosthetics were the reason he escaped the date.

“It wasn’t you Mama! Maybe the prosthetics turned him off,” the viewer tweeted.

“You can tell some ‘before’ surgery scenes were filmed after…fake neck and much blonder hair,” one viewer tweeted.

“If she isn’t in a prosthetic fat suit, then why can’t she turn her head?” another asked.

One viewer pointed out that during one scene, it appeared that June was wearing some sort of makeup on her face to make her look heavier.

“When your fake chin won’t stop falling off,” a viewer tweeted, along with a screenshot that shows June with something that does appear to look like a prosthetic edge on her face.

The show is claiming she lost all the weight with a mix of a healthy lifestyle and a gastric sleeve surgery. Earlier this month, the trailer dropped where we saw her talk a lot about her massive weight loss, but she’s yet to reveal the final transformation.

The Ashley has reached out to June’s manager (and ‘Not to Hot’ co-star) Gina Rodriguez to comment about the fat suit controversy, but so far has not heard back.

Mama June: From Not to Hot” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on WeTV. Check out the video below to see one of the scenes that Mama June is accused of wearing “fake fat” in:


  1. Eek. Not a fan of mama June, and I didn’t watch this but just looked at the clip in the article and some screenshots on Twitter and something does seem off. I do makeup as a side job/hobby and I’ve taken a course in stage makeup and prosthetics so this is mildly interesting to me. Definitely a bad makeup job in general for one, but I can also see why people are also accusing of of wearing fake fat and prosthetics. I noticed her face looks especially odd – she’s got the double chin and neck fat, yet you can see she’s lost weight because there’s a new thinness to the rest of face that she didn’t have before and doesn’t match up. Her previously pudgy cheeks are now considerably more slender than they were before, yet she’s still got chin and neck fat that look abnormally excessive and out of balance compared to the rest her face. Also, now you can actually make out her eyes a bit more, when prior her excess fat made her eyelids especially droopy over her eyes. I guess these scenes were taped after the weight loss or midway, and/or perhaps they wanted to exaggerate the “before” to make the “after” more shocking in comparison.

  2. That screenshot is honestly horrifying. Just another reason not to watch this garbage, not that I needed anymore.

  3. Something definitely looked off, but those confessionals are usually taped after the series has wrapped, so that would make a lot of sense. I’m sure they were doing it to hide the result, rather than try to “trick” the audience. You can also tell by the blurry Barbara Walter 20/20 filter they used on the camera. I thought that was strange. It seemed that she was the only person to have that.

  4. I could tell from the previews that she was using a fat suit and fat chin and hideous make up.. did you say her sister is the fit one other family… Oh my God

  5. Hmm.. I blame the make-up artist. Pancake layer or something of the sort and contouring gone wrong in the studio setting.
    I don’t want to insult her friend but her eyes and forehead look the same and she clearly has some weight issues as well.
    The amount of make-up she is wearing in that take in the restaurant is huge and horribly done too. Compared to her friends it is ridiculous too, they should have done the friends too or should not have given her such heavy make-up.
    Did she get the same make-up artist that “helped” Jenelle a few times?

  6. She also has a fake scale, there’s no way she’s 360lbs now ..more like 260. I like the family ,but this show seems so fake and shady ..bye bye mama june! ?

  7. You can tell it’s fake. Look at her eyes. When she was heavy you could hardly see her eyes and now that she’s lost weight the fat in her face stopped eating her eyes.

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