New ‘Counting On’ Trailer Hints That Joy-Anna Duggar May Already be Engaged to Austin Forsyth

“Is that an engagement ring in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Joy-Anna Duggar is only 19 years old, but she may be headed down the aisle very soon!

In a just-released trailer for the next season of the Duggar family’s reality show Counting On, Joy’s 22-year-old boyfriend, Austin Forsyth, is shown asking Joy’s father, Jim Bob, for her hand in marriage.

In another scene in the trailer, Joy’s sisters, Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, explain that Austin’s father had asked him to “flip” five houses before he settles down and gets married. Jessa says that Austin is currently finishing his fifth house flip, which means marriage should be right around the corner for him.

Joy and Austin have been courting since last fall but have yet to announce their engagement.

“I’m not sure when the next step will come,” Joy recently told People. “You would have to ask Austin what he’s thinking and my dad, but I’m excited to see what God has in store for us in the next year.”

If Joy were to get married this year, she would be the youngest Duggar daughter bride at the age of 19. Her sisters were several years older than she is now when they got hitched. (For reference, Jill was 23 on her wedding day, while Jessa was 21 and Jinger was 22. The girls’ mother, Michelle, was only 17 when she got hitched to Jim Bob.)

In addition to Joy’s possible engagement, the upcoming season will showcase the end of Jessa’s pregnancy and the arrival of her son, Henry. It will also show Jinger’s new life in Texas with her husband, Jeremy Vulolo.

The new season of ‘Counting On’ will premiere this summer on TLC. Click here to watch the trailer for Season 4.

(Photo: TLC)


  1. He is not gay. Probably came off as that to some because he was trying so hard to prove he is Christian enough to her family and viewers. He’s worth his weight in diamonds in Fundie World and Jinger no doubt feels lucky. (She mentioned early on she never thought Jeremy would like her – which kinda makes her more likable and relatable to viewers.) I bet the only things she’s miserable about is missing her siblings and having to live in a town that looks depressing as hell.

  2. These poor girls. No education and no options other than to get married as soon as possible and immediately start popping out babies.

    Such a sad way of life.

  3. Has anyone ever noticed how all the Duggar girls stare all dreamy eyed at their beaus/husband’s in ever single picture they take? You never see their mates eyeballing them like that.Are the girls programmed to do that? The girls are flying away from camp Duggar at record speed. They are so anxious to get away that they marry the first man they date

    1. Actually, it’s not really “dating” as most of us know it. I have fundie relatives that had chaperones on every get-together with their intended spouses. How in the H can one expect to get to know someone with a 3rd wheel always listening and watching in? To me, that’s nuts.

    2. I think they are programmed to always look at their husbands/potential husbands like that. Michelle does it too. They’re supposed to defer to the man or something. The Ashley may have covered it, but if you search Patheos you can find articles on it too. It’s really creepy.

  4. What happens if one of the girls decides they don’t like the guy they are courting? Are they allowed to break up with him or are they stuck unless he decides the same?

      1. I think so. It’s interesting how none of the girls, Bates or Duggar never ended a courtship. But I’m sure they are allowed to.

        1. I guess that’s why they get married off so fast. The courting and engagement period is only a few months long. By the time they actually get to know the guy and realize he might not be the one…they’re already married and possibly pregnant with their first blessing.

        2. One of the Bates boys ended a relationship. I actually really liked the girl he was seeing, but they said there were values that didn’t match well, so they ended it.

  5. The comment about “ask my dad or my partner” puts me off so much. I know she was learned to say those things and think like that but YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON! You are not your dad’s slave until he successfully puts the ownership to your (future) husband! And to think we all thought she will escape…….not in million years with this guy! (Btw, in World’s Strictest Parents you learn his dad is just as creepy as JB, if not more!)

    1. That was also the creepiest part of this article for me. Its like she has no personal agency at all. Cant she discuss marriage w her boyfriend and then they make the decision together? Without her father? I sort of barely get the whole asking for dad’s blessing after you have decided as a couple that you want to get engaged, but I do not understand why Joy getting married or not is up to her father andnher bf and notnup to herself and her bf. Thats so gross and wrong.

  6. She’s my son’s age. I can’t begin seeing my child in a committed relationship, much less married and popping out kids.

    Especially, without an education, or a job.

    These Duggar’s are going to be in for a very rough ride when their show is finally cancelled for good, or their parents die.

  7. This may sound stupid because I’m not really a follower of the show nor do I know any of these people personally, but I did dabble in the early Duggar family shows and the first season of this show. Joy always looked to me like she would be the one to break the cycle. She didn’t always seem to confirm to how a Duffar girl should look or act. From what little I’ve see, she seemed kind of tomboyish for a Duggar girl (if she weren’t a Duggar I wouldn’t have thought twice about it). She showed an interest in “male tasks” in addition to just learning “woman’s work.” I gotta say this news disappoints me. I thought she’d be the one to walk a different path & I don’t mean new record for youngest bride. Oh and off topic but Jana & John David are twins. How come she gets labeled a lesbian because she isn’t married but he’s just a bachelor playing the field? Just saying…

    1. I kind of thought she might too. Who knows though…one of these Duggar marriages will end in divorce or another scandal will happen. I’m not being a hater/troll or wishing ill, but statistically they’re not all going to ride off into the sunset or have more dirty laundry come out. They’re all still young; anything can happen in the future.

  8. In that preview clip Jinger looks like “wtf did I get myself into” as she’s crammed into a tiny apartment with a man who is obviously gay. Poor thing looks like she’s realized that getting married and having sex is not the magical happy fantasy land that’s been spouted to her her whole life.

  9. A world full of endless possibilities, destinations to explore..And these girls will only see the kitchen, marital bed and the OB clinic.

  10. Well, it’s not like she has any reason to wait any longer. She can’t go to college or have a career or anything. She can only choose between staying at the Duggar house and help raise her bazillion siblings or get married, move to her own house and start raising her bazillion children.
    What a sad life these girls have.

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