Nick Viall Does Have a Job! ‘Bachelor’ Star Reveals More About His Men’s Grooming Product Line

No word yet if Nick will also be hawking turtlenecks on his brand’s website…

What the hell does Nick Viall do for a living? Well, currently nothing, but the Bachelor star says he’s preparing to launch a new business.

Nick, who was questioned extensively about his job (or lack thereof) by the parents of his potential fiances during his Hometown Dates, recently launched the website for his men’s grooming product brand, The Polished Gent.

“Since my mid-20s I have put more time than I would like to admit into keeping a youthful appearance,” Nick, who’s 36, wrote on the brand’s homepage. “Most of that time was spent just buying random products, hoping some of them might actually work! Sadly that method resulted in a huge amount of time and money wasted. A handful of products really stood out over the years and I am excited to share them with you.”

Although there is currently no merchandise for sale on the website, People reveals that Nick’s line will include men’s hair and facial products. No launch date is available, but the magazine reports that Nick will discuss his brand during the upcoming “Women Tell All” episode of ‘The Bachelor.’

It’s been a while since Nick has had an actual job. The former software salesman headed to Los Angeles after appearing on Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s season of The Bachelorette to try to become a male model. After he got the ‘Bachelor’ gig, though, he focused his efforts on the show and his new business venture.

“Before ‘The Bachelor,’ I was out in L.A. kind of dabbling in modeling a little bit,” Nick told Glamour. “A few months before I was asked to be the Bachelor, I actually started a small business with a couple partners. It’s online and for men’s grooming products, so I’ve been focusing a lot of time on that.”

Nick will also be focusing on furthering his fame. Although he’s already appeared on ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Nick will soon be foxtrotting his way to more reality TV fame when he joins the cast of Dancing with the Stars on March 20.

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  1. Right now, He’s kind of a loser. I would not say yes to him if he proposed this minute. Let’s see if he manages to turn things around after Dancing with the Stars.

  2. Ummmm I see this not doing that well. First off, the vast majority of Bachelor fans are women, and they aren’t the market for men’s grooming products. Maybe a few of them will buy some for their boyfriends or whatever, but I feel most men want to buy their own stuff, and knowing some bachelor dweeb is selling it isn’t going to convince them to buy it. So, I don’t think his fame is going to help him a whole lot there.

    Second, Nick may claim to have spent a ton of time searching for the fountain of youth, but, in my opinion, he doesn’t look particularly young/glowing/whatever he’s trying to market. And no one really wants hair that looks the ways his does. But you know, good luck Nick on your sketchy business venture.

  3. Well… ummm…hmmmmm. That’s even worse than sock designer…. maybe he should hook up one of those TMs, like Matt.

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