EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Missed Another Big Event– and May Miss Filming All of Season 8

“Stop being mean to me, MTV!”

Adam Lind was absent this weekend from yet another big event in his daughter Aubree’s life, and according to The Ashley‘s sources, the Teen Mom 2 dad has been a no-show for all of the Season 8 filming!

Over the weekend, Aubree– who is Adam’s daughter with Chelsea Houska— was scheduled to attend her school’s annual father/daughter dance. (As ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers remember, Adam didn’t show up to take Aubree to the dance last year, so she went with her stepdad Cole DeBoer.) Chelsea posted a photo on Friday of a smiling Aubree holding Cole’s hand, along with the caption, “Off to the dance…”

Since Adam was not in the picture, fans wondered if perhaps Adam met up with Aubree and Cole at the dance, but The Ashley’s sources tell her, unfortunately, that was not the case.

“Chelsea let Adam know about the dance over a week ago and he never responded to her,” one source tells The Ashley. “She never heard from him, and he obviously didn’t attend the dance with Aubree.”

The source added that Aubree wasn’t even upset about her father’s absence this time around.

“She didn’t seem bothered by it because she loves Cole so much,” the source said. “She was just kind of ‘whatever’ about Adam not being there. Cole was fantastic, and he was so happy to be there with Aubree.”

When the footage of last year’s missed dance aired last year, Adam claimed that the scene was edited to make him look bad, but another source tells The Ashley that there’s no way Adam can make that claim this year.

“He has been given so many chances to film while doing positive things with his kids, but he just wastes everyone’s time and treats the crew like crap,” the source tells The Ashley.

In fact, The Ashley can confirm that Adam has yet to film a single minute of footage for the upcoming eighth season of the show.

“He hasn’t been filmed since the time at Aubree’s softball game where he told the producer to get out of his face,” the source reveals. “The crew still contacts him to let him know every time they are filming, but he has yet to ever respond to any of them.”

Adam has been quite vocal about wanting to quit ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and it appears he may be making good on his threats. However, a production source tells The Ashley that Adam is not paid unless he appears in an episode.

“He only gets paid when he films,” the source says. “He doesn’t make any money unless he shows up in an episode.”

That means that Adam has made no money from MTV for Season 8 to date. (That, of course, can change at any time, though.)

According to a recent Radar Online article, Adam wants to live a “normal” life without MTV “bad-mouthing” him all the time on the show. That ‘privacy’ will come at a price, however, as he is now reportedly working a normal job that certainly doesn’t pay anywhere near the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year Adam is used to receiving from MTV.

“He is living the normal quiet life. He’s working on a friend’s car lot doing mechanic work,” an insider told Radar.

The same source told Radar that Adam has deleted all of his social media accounts, due to bullying. However, that is not true. Adam has an active Facebook account. In fact, while Aubree was at the father/daughter dance with Cole, Adam changed his Facebook profile photo– to a picture of his other daughter, Paislee.

(Photo: Snapchat)


  1. I’m so glad Chelsea found Cole and got off that Adam rollercoaster. That awful relationship was hard to watch, so it’s good to witness the positivity in her life now. It seems like since Cole has been in her life, Aubree seems happier as well. Aubree always seemed so unsure about Adam, but it seems like (at least according to MTV editing), that she doesn’t question if Cole will be there for her. It seems like when she gets older, she will develop her own opinion about Adam, and whether it’s good or bad, she has the support of Chelsea and Cole and will be okay no matter what. I hope for Aubree’s sake that Adam has a revelation in the future and changes for better, but if not, I’m glad she has a stable mother and stepfather. 🙂

  2. So I’m not sure if this has been misquoted elsewhere or I just read it wrong, but I kept seeing “he’s working on a friends car a lot doing mechanic work…” and I thought, that’s not a real job, this person defending Adam is doing a terrible job. But it looks like it’s actually “He’s working on a friend’s CAR LOT…” as in place you go to buy cars.

  3. if he disappeared off the face of the planet I don’t think anyone would miss him….except for Aubree and Paisley….unfortunately.

  4. He’s an idiot. All he has to do is show up to Aubree’s events and be nice and get paid a lot of money. Why would anyone not simply do that?

    1. I would be so psyched to get paid to do something I love like hanging out with son and going to cool events at the school that I didn’t actually have to plan. It’s like going to other kids bday parties with my child—it’s fun, we get to play, eat, hang out, but I didn’t actually have to do any of the work to make the party happen.

  5. Adam has made definite improvements in his life recently. He’s been staying out of jail and working a regular job. These are good things, and he should get credit for them.

    However, he still seems shocked and indignant over what it takes to be regarded as a good man and a good father. Yes, it really does take a long time of consistently good behavior to live down a criminal record. Yes, you really do have to go to work every day and pay all your bills, including child support. “Most of the time” doesn’t cut it. Making important events “most of the time” equals missing them “very often”. Adam seems to regard this standard as unreasonable and oppressive.

  6. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    So happy Aubree has Cole, he seems to actually care about her and not just for show. Adumb is adouche

  7. Ow Adam, jeesus. You think ‘they’ make you feel bad about yourself and your role as a father? Ha! You just wait what your daughters and life will have in store for you.
    It’s all so haaaaard? You just wait and buckle up.
    I know this guy who did the same thing and has been miserabele and depressed for years since he grew older and his daughters did. No idea how he is doing now, I decided to cut ties with my father two years ago. That man has nothing to offer me or my children but hurt.

  8. WHY are MTV chasing him to film anyway?? He’s a boring, self centred douche who no one likes, and no one wants to watch. By keeping him under contract and hounding him to film they’re just feeding his ego and making him think he’s a rock star. They should just drop him and ignore him because that’s the only thing you can do with people like that. They feed off any attention you give them, positive or negative

    1. Because he is the only “interesting” thing in Chelsea’s story line. (Which isn’t a bad thing. Chelsea has her life together)

      1. I’m expecting a ‘Pete the pig’ spin off soon, don’t you?
        I think it is good they leave Chelsea in. For contrast.
        MTV is already making poor parenting and choices look good and normal to lots of people who want to see that.

      2. No kidding. I couldn’t believe they got a fake baby to ‘practise’ on. You are pretty desperate for a storyline when you do that.

  9. Skipping the dance makes Adam a bad dad. Skipping the dance with no explanation and changing his profile pic to that of his other daughter makes him a terrible person. Luckily, Aubree’s too young to see that on Facebook. Unfortunately, if he’s behaving like a vindictive jerk while in the public eye, I’m guessing he’s not going to change when she’s older. Poor Aubree.

  10. Fuck, I loathe this scraggly bearded douche canoe more every day. Who wants to bet that his REAL motive for ‘quitting’ is to have his child support reduced so he can go back to skipping his bare minimum payments? Literally everyone on this planet is better off without this soulless prick in their lives. Don’t let the door hit your irresponsible, crybaby ass on the way out.

  11. I hate to say it but I think the only mother from the teen mom franchise that’ll be okay when the show ends is Chelsea. She doesn’t spend money like its nothing. Her kids have college funds. Her man has a degree and a job. She has a job and her life seems put together compared to the other teen moms. Leah’s a dick-hopping, pill- popping mess, who wastes her money on cars and houses but her kids always look filthy. Maci is an alcoholic without a job who drank when obviously pregnant. Catelynn and Tyler are lazy slobs who cant even bath their child. Jenelle well self explanatory. Amber lives with Matt their both lazy asf and sit on their asses all day. Farrah self explanatory. Although I dislike Kailyn she does seem like a good mom. Her kids are always clean and well dressed even though she’s a terrible, miserable, human being.

    1. Matt and amber wont even be able to sell that couch with those permanent butt imprints of their in it

      1. Plus who would buy a couch with two people’s asses rooted to it? It reminds me of those park benches with those sitting statues.

  12. It certainly muddies the waters when we’re trying to figure out WHO the biggest piece of crap on this show is…I’d have to say Jenelle & Adam are tied, with UBT, Matt & Farrah fighting for 3rd place!

  13. Adam is worthless. Poor little Aubree is probably so used to being let down by Adam that it feels natural to her. As she gets older, she will grow to hate him. Glad to see Cole stepped up to the plate.

  14. Oh please, adam is the biggest d bag. My mom and I have raised my 7 year old niece since she was a baby and even though I don’t get along with my mom I love my niece and am still a parent to her. I always know what’s going on in her life even without talking to my mom unless only necessary. It’s called parenting and taking initiative to be part of a child’s life. Not hard at all if you actually care.

    1. Ugh, this was supposed to be a reply to the person defending Adam but it made me reload the page?

  15. Thank Goodness for Cole! Not a fan of Chelsea really but she has done a great job with Aubree, has a real job and has a great relationship with her family/friends. She didn’t jump guy to guy and took their time to the altar. They are a great couple and Aubree seems like a normal happy kid with loving parents in Cole and Chelsea. Good job!

  16. OMG the fact that he clearly has zero knowledge of his daughter’s school functions is mind blowing. To blame it on the mother is laughable….besides newsletters there’s just about 100% chance he can access the calendar from the school website. It’s just not that hard! He’s just a shitty dad, Aubry is lucky to have Cole as a stepdad.

  17. I’m convinced he’s a sociopath. He has no feelings or empathy for anybody but himself. Fucking creepy as hell….

    1. I want to punch A-dumb in the face too! He’s such a worthless d-bag. I hope he doesn’t get anymore MTV money, not even a dollar.

  18. the show (as well as OG) needs to be canceled they all need to be moms single or not and figure out what life is really like without cameras it’s been entirely too long and I for one never thought I would say that but honestly I think it’s time all of them face whatever their reality is without a camera and a producer asking them questions.. apart from that Adam needs to figure out how to be a father because before he knows it Aubree is going to grow up and not care if he’s there or not and Cole will be the one walking her down the aisle

  19. All anyone is asking is that he be a semi decent father. Why does Chelsea have to be the one to tell him everything going on in Aubrees school life? Why can’t he figure out what’s going on himself by calling the school talking to her teacher, I don’t know engaging Aubree in a freaking conversation?! Thank goodness Cole seems to be such a great person to become her father figure. I’m glad he isn’t filming I hope he never does, and the show is cancelled so all of them can move on.

  20. Whatever, Adam. He’s never been a consistent father to Aubree and all the in and out of her life he’s done is probably confusing to her. Now that she’s old enough to understand what’s going on, maybe it’s for the best that he’s not around if he’s going to be flaky. It’s nice that Cole is willing to step up and fill the role in her life that Adam is too selfish to do.

    Also, MTV wouldn’t be able to give you a bad edit if you weren’t constantly doing crappy things. Good riddance. Let’s see how quickly the bank takes your expensive cars when you aren’t making tons of money.

  21. Ok that last part about him changing his profile pic. What a loser! He hates Chelsea and MTV so he’s going to punish his own daughter. She’s better off without him!

  22. I’m glad he’s not filming for season 8. I can’t believe for a time I actually bought into his “I’m a changed person” speech. He hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still the grade A asshole he was on Chelsea’s “16 and Pregnant” episode when he sent her that unforgettable text message. I hope one day he will start taking responsibility for his actions and realize that he needs to be a better person so his daughters will have a father to look up to instead of a father they will resent.

  23. Seems like one side of the story. He was told well over a week ago? Sorry, Chelsea knew about it well over a week before the scheduled event, she basically told him at the last minute. No comment on whether he responded to her or not because obviously I don’t know.

    1. He doesn’t do anything but sleep and work on his stupid cars all day. What exactly would he have planned so far in advanced? What would be SO important that he would miss it a second year in a row?

    2. You know, if Adam actually cared, I am sure that as Aubree’s father he could request his own school calendar and events schedule. He could be more directly involved. He doesn’t have to rely on Chelsea to tell him what things he might want to attend. He could take an active interest, but I guess it’s easier not to……

      1. But then who would he blame when he doesn’t show up? ?I agree though. If he actually wanted to be around (but not want to film) how hard is it to ask Chelsea (or even Randy!) for a copy of her schedule and the school calendar? Most teachers have multiple copies on hand. Chelsea already has her own life and family to worry about. Why is it her job? I’ve seen multiple comments from different sites bashing her and blaming her because he’s making it seem like she doesn’t tell him anything. Even if she doesn’t, it is NOT her job.

      2. Heck! Most school calendars and newsletters are on the school website. He could just look at that weekly. Another good way to know what’s going on is to volunteer in the classroom. I can’t see him doing that though.

        1. Where my son goes the district e-mails the upcoming 2 weeks worth of events if you choose to sign up for the notifications.

    3. Even if Chelsea waited till the last minute to tell him, Adam should be more involved in Aubree’s school to where he would know about it too. Most schools send out newsletters or calendars letting parents know about upcoming events. He could get a copy sent to him too. If Aubree actually wanted Adam to take her then I could see her bringing it up at one point to him. Also if it’s an annual thing Adam should’ve remembered when the last father/daughter dance was and try harder to make this one. This isn’t something that can be blamed on Chelsea. It’s all Adam’s fault

    4. People are down vote happy on this site. Lol I guess it’s that serious to you guys. Lmao Anyways, my point is that everyone can agree that he’s a poor excuse for a dad. However, we are getting one side of THIS story from an anonymous person. I take it with a grain of salt, not gospel.

    5. Charla, I’m missing your point entirely. Why is it Chelsea’s responsibility to tell him about the dance at all? Why isn’t he actively engaged in Aubree’s life to the point where he would know about these major things without being told? And why, pray tell, is over a week in advance considered “last minute” to you?! Adam is not Chelsea’s child, Aubree is! Why should she be responsible for parenting Aubree’s second parent? Blows my mind…

    6. Honestly, it’s not Chelseas responsibility to let him know about the events going on at school. He can put forth some effort and find out on his own what’s going on in his daughters school life. Chances are it’s probably as easy as looking on a website tbh. A month before, week before, or day before was more than Chelsea had to do.

    7. A week in advance is not “last minute”. It’s not Chelsea’s responsibility to be sure he’s not a shitty parent for his daughter.

  24. What a useless piece of shit. I really hope Adams bullshit doesn’t affect Aubree as she grows older. Luckily Cole is around and he seems to be doing a great job. I wonder if he’ll eventually adopt her?

    1. wishful thinking.

      I believe his disgusting ways will ABSOLUTELY impact her as she gets older (even more so).

      What do you think is going to happen to her self-esteem when she watches a video of her fathering calling her a mistake and where he can sign to cease having responsibility for her.

      Disgusting piece of trash.

  25. LOL, but HOW will he afford all of the expensive stuff he is buying if he is not filming?! (It’s not like he is paying any child support). Such a POS. I’m glad Aubree has Cole now as a father figure.

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