‘Survivor’: By the Numbers

“It’s no fair: I have had to work way harder than Chris Harrison from ‘The Bachelor!'”

The new season of Survivor premieres tomorrow and, since this premiere also marks the airing of the 500th episode of the show, The Ashley felt it was a great time to take a look at what is one of the longest-running shows in reality TV history!

The next season, ‘Survivor: Game Changers,’ will bring back memorable cast members from previous seasons who played a significant part in changing how the game is played. However, the previous 33 seasons of ‘Survivor’ have brought us plenty of memorable contestants and moments, not to mention questions about how the show works.

Here, The Ashley breaks down ‘Survivor’ using only numbers…

0          Number of razors provided to ‘Survivor’ contestants for shaving purposes

0          Number of ‘Survivor’ contestants who are not strip-searched before heading to the game (This rule went into effect for all contestants after it was discovered that Richard Hatch had smuggled matches in his butt cheeks during the ‘All-Stars’ season.)

1          Number of times a tribe has voted out Jeff Probst during Tribal Council (This occurred during the show’s very first season. The tribe, who voted for Jeff as a joke, had to redo their vote.)

1          Number of people who have won ‘Survivor’ twice (Sandra Diaz-Twine is the only person to date who has won two seasons of ‘Survivor.’)

         Number of ‘Survivor’ contestants Jeff Probst has dated (He dated ‘Vanuatu’ contestant Julie Berry from 2004-2008.)

2          Number of ‘Survivor’ seasons that premiered after a Super Bowl (They were the ‘Australian Outback’ and ‘All-Stars’ seasons, by the way.)

3          Number of years a ‘Survivor’ contestant has to wait after their season airs to talk about the “rules of production” of the show, per their show contract

4          Number of former ‘Survivor’ contestants that passed away after their season (The list consists of Palau’s Jennifer Lyon who died of breast cancer in 2010; Borneo’s B.B. Andersen who died of brain cancer in 2013; Blood vs. Water’s Caleb Bankston who died in 2014 after an accident; and Gabon’s Dan Kay, who died in 2016)

7          Number of months between the filming of the final Tribal Council and the finale announcement of the winner of ‘Millennials vs. Gen X’

12        Number of years Boston Rob and Amber Mariano have been married, as of this April

14        Number of females who have won ‘Survivor’

14        Number of ‘Survivor’ contestants who have been medically evacuated from the game

17        Number of years ‘Survivor’ has been on the air

18        Number of different countries that ‘Survivor’ has filmed in

19        Number of males who have won ‘Survivor’

20        Number of castaways on the upcoming ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ season

22        Number of dollars it costs to purchase an official ‘Survivor’ Season 34 buff from the CBS online store

55        Number of years old Jeff Probst is

56        Number of Emmy award nominations that ‘Survivor’ has earned

75        Number of years old the oldest ‘Survivor’ contestant was at the time he played the game (It was Rudy Boesch during ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ in 2004.)

380      Number of dollars ‘Survivor: Micronesia’ contestant Natalie Bolton spent on a giant piece of chocolate cake during her season’s Survivor Auction

498      Number of people who have been castaways on ‘Survivor’ over the years

500      Number of episodes of ‘Survivor’ that will have aired once the new season premieres

100,000      Number of dollars CBS had to pay in fines when ‘Australian Outback’ contestant Colby Donaldson took a piece of coral from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia during his season

511,000       Number of followers the official ‘Survivor’ account has on Twitter

1.4 million  Number of dollars the ‘Survivor’ $1 million prize would be in 2017, if inflation was factored in

4 million     Number of dollars Jeff Probst reportedly earns for each season of ‘Survivor’ he hosts

9.0 million  Number of viewers who tuned in to watch the finale of 2016’s ‘Millennials vs. Gen X’ season

51.6 million   Number of viewers who tuned in to watch the ‘Survivor’ Season 1 finale


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  1. I was 19 when this mess started and I used to love it! I haven’t watched in probably 8 years because each season was the same thing.

  2. I have watched every season since it first aired when I was 9. I have thought about trying out but the bugs and rats freak me out too much.

  3. Wow….interesting numbers! I remember watching Season 1 and I knew it was going to be a hit show.

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