Recent ‘Intervention’ Participant Karissa Hilts Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

Karissa, during her 2016 episode of ‘Intervention’…

Karissa Hilts had finally gotten her life together, only to have it cut tragically short.

The recovering heroin addict, who starred on a memorable 2016 episode of Intervention, was killed earlier this week after she was hit by a car while pulled over on a Florida turnpike. She was only 29 years old.

Karissa, whose episode of ‘Intervention’ first aired last April, was sober at the time of her death, according to her family’s social media posts, and had been clean since February 2016.

Karissa’s episode focused around her trying to keep up with her job, working as a chef at her family’s New York diner, while being what she called a “functional heroin junkie.” She eventually went to rehab at the end of her episode.

After a relapse that resulted in her overdosing, Karissa went back into treatment and had over a year of sobriety at the time of her death.

According to, Karissa was in Florida on vacation at the time of her death on March 8. She was driving on a turnpike when her cell phone fell out of her car. The site reports that Karissa pulled over and got out of her car to look for her phone. She was hit by a passing car as she exited her car. The driver who hit Karissa did not bother to stop, but police have since found the suspect they believe hit her.

On Friday, Karissa’s mother Robin posted a message to the family diner’s Facebook page, confirming Karissa’s death and stating that services for her daughter have been tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday.

Watch a clip of Karissa’s episode of ‘Intervention’ below:

(Photo: A&E)


  1. This is so very sad!!!
    Just checking how she’s was making out to learn of her death.
    I do hope that driver gets their justice which sounds like it was overdue.

    At least Karissa did it before leaving her family and they im sure were very proud of her. I felt so sorry for her Mom!
    RIP Karissa

  2. Reminds me of a depeche mode song “Blasphemous Rumors.” (Are any of you old enough to remember depeche mode?) She worked hard to get her life together and fight a serious addiction. Unfortunately, her life ended so suddenly at the prime of her life. My thoughts and prayers are with Karissa’s family at this difficult time.

  3. I just watched Karissa’s intervention episode tonight. I felt her pain through the television. I was so happy to see she went to rehab and was hoping she remained sober. I googled her to see how things where progressing with her recovery. I so sad and distraught to hear she was killed in a hit and run. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. She was a talented cook and had goals and dreams still despite her addiction. I did not know her personally. I know she is in better place and free from any pain she experienced as a child that affected her as an adult. I’m so sorry this happened.

  4. aw is is so sad…..they just played her episode the other day…..she was a total mess, and I’m glad that she got sober, because I didn’t think there was any hope for her. May she RIP.

  5. After living in Florida for the past year, I hope they give the driver that hit her a life sentence. People drive like anuses here. They will go across six lanes of traffic with no blinker and still have the tiny balls to honk at you because you are in their way. I have seen a lot of shitty driving in my years but this state takes the cake. Also folks do 80-130mph on the Turnpike REGULARLY, so I always ask myself what the person was doing when they got pulled over (a hooker doing blow on the hood of the car?).
    Very sorry Karissa came all this way in her life journey to have it ended by a Floridian. I will have to follow the news on this story. I would hope the family files a civil suit as well for their loss. The only thing Floridians care about are money and stds.
    Very sad turn of events.

    1. ****Newsflash**** Florida is NOT the only state with shit drivers.. What is your malfunction with Florida?! I am proud to be a Floridian! & Wtf did you get We only care about money and STD’s Maybe you are not hanging with good people.. SMDH..

      1. BECAUSE THE STORY WAS ABOUT A DEATH IN FLORIDA, weirdo! Go gobble some valtrex and get back to hookin at the boat ramp…

  6. R.I.P sweetheart.
    its a shame. I’ve lived in florida most of my life and I’ll tell you the driving is terrible. People do not slow down if they see you and hit and runs are so common. I hate to see another life taken due to someones irresponsibly.
    I wish her family the best in this hard time.

  7. Another one who died as tragically as Anton Yelchin. Why does this keep happening?! She was in a good place but then dies like this. Rest in peace.

  8. Rest in peace, Karissa. How sad for her family to lose her even now after she’d done the hard work of getting sober. At least she was able to accomplish that!! What a sad and needless loss of life.

  9. RIP!! I am so grateful she showed her family and those who desperately need help. Can ALWAYS succeed in recovery I pray they find the person whom ever hit and ran. Needs Justice. But on every social media and someone will come forward.

  10. I would like to know what I ever did to have my posts always say, “Waiting for moderation”.

    I don’t use profanity and I’m not a troll. I don’t attack people who have a different opinion from mine. Heck, I don’t even argue with people who think Janelle should have custody of Jace or those that defend Farrah.

    Why my post about this tragedy wasn’t posted, I can’t figure out.

  11. Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. I’m watching her episode right now.

    In the state that I live in, teenagers are not allowed to have their cells phones turned on or have them in their reach. This is a good rule of thumb for everyone. If her cell phone had been turned off and in the glove box, she would be alive today. I’m not blaming her but she trusted the drivers on the road and that was a mistake.
    Who knows maybe the coward that hit her was high on drugs themselves. Maybe drugs had a part in her death anyway, how ironic, what a twist of fate.
    Her parents never thought she would die this way, how sad.

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