‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Banned From Gym After Posting Body-Shaming Photo of Trainer

“I guess I’m a *BULLY* for taking pictures of innocent people to make fun of them on social media. Geez!”

(One of) Jenelle Evans’ baby daddies is back in the news once again!

Nathan Griffith, the father of the Teen Mom 2 star’s son, Kaiser, has had his fair share of bad press over the years, for things such as an arrest for domestic violence, as well as one for DUI. However, this time Nathan’s in the news for making a very poor Snapchatting decision, and his actions just cost him his precious gym membership!

Fans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ know that Nathan loves to get his gym time on. (According to his now-famous quote from the show, Nathan’s gym time is his “me time!”) During a recent trip to his local Gold’s Gym, Nathan decided to also flex his bullying muscles.

Using Snapchat, Nathan posted a photo of a trainer at the gym, and captioned the photo, “When the trainer is fat than her client with no muscles.”

The Ashley has pixilated the trainer’s face in order to protect her privacy.

(Nathan was obviously flexin’ his “brain muscles” when he wrote that grammatically incorrect caption.)

Many of Nathan’s Snapchat followers were appalled by the rude post, and quickly took action. Some particularly sleuthy followers found out which gym Nathan was at and started tweeting the Gold’s Gym Twitter account to alert them of Nathan’s rude post.

Gold’s Gym was not having it. After being bombarded with tweets from concerned fans, the gym released a statement saying they were kicking Nathan out for bullying.

Gold’s Gym reacts to Nathan’s post…

“We have a zero-tolerance policy for this behavior. This person’s membership has been terminated,” the gym tweeted.

This is somewhat similar to the story of former Playboy Playmate, Dani Mathers, who is currently facing legal repercussions for a 2016 Snapchat she posted that showed a naked  woman changing in her gym locker room. Dani also body-shamed the innocent woman in the caption of the illegal photo.

Moral of the story? When at the gym, worry about your own workout and leave other people alone!

UPDATE: Nathan has offered his thoughts on the incident, and defended his fat-shaming actions in an interview with Real Mr. Housewife.

“I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t get jujitsu lessons from someone who didn’t do jujitsu or get my hair done by a hair stylist with fu**ed up hair,” he stated. “Hence I wouldn’t be going to a trainer that didn’t practice what they preach. To most people, (they think) I’m the biggest douchebag and I really don’t care anymore.”

But that wasn’t all Nathan had to say on the topic. He added that he did nothing wrong, and that the country is just full of easy-to-offend crybabies (who, like him, are unemployed, apparently).

“The only people who got offended were people who were overweight,” he added. “If they have a problem with me making a justified comment then they can go f**k themselves. America is becoming filled with a bunch of non-working lazy ass crybabies and I’m getting sick of it. We are so worried about making everyone feel comfortable that it’s f**king up our society.”

(Photos: Snapchat, Twitter)



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  1. He’s not wrong. If you’re going to get a trainer then that trainer needs to look like they actually workout.

    1. He’s wrong to post a picture and put the person on blast like that. Social media is so annoying in the sense that people can’t keep their thoughts to themselves. I agree that trainers should look the part but I wouldn’t go the extra step to be a complete douche about it and post my opinion publicly.

    2. I can agree with that line of thought and if he did not post a photo, okat with his thought process. However he mentioned hair stylist and F8ed up hair so any coherent thought process is null and void.

  2. I’m not fat or unemployed, but I’m offended that you would talk about anyone like that. Do you have a mother, a sister, an aunt? They will all tell you, that was disrespectful. Not everyone who worksout, looks like a roid freak.

  3. I lost it at “hence.” I love when Nathan tries to act smart almost as much as when Jenelle tries.

    Also I totally flashed to that “yeah, hence!” scene from The House Bunny.

  4. He deserves to have his membership terminated for posting the photo of the trainer without her permission and publicly mocking her. That being said though, I don’t disagree with his sentiments. He definitely shouldn’t have snapped her photo and posted it rudely in the open, but I understand the feeling of wanting to be confident in somebody’s abilities, which can be hard when they present themselves in a conflicting manner. I remember when I first signed up for the gym here, wanting to lose my baby weight, I was assigned to a heavyset/moderately overweight trainer, who openly snacked on potato chips and junk food during her break. I never thought I would be judgemental towards someone in regards to their weight/eating habits but when it comes to a fitness trainer/nutritionist, it does kind of make you wonder, how qualified is this person? It wasn’t exactly motivating and it made me kind of hold back on being honest with her about my weight loss goals and diet too, because even though I had a few pounds to lose, I was already smaller than her than her and I felt bad to complain. So I ended up making up some excuse to change trainers. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but you want to feel confident in what you’re paying for. I now know of others who switched to another trainer for the same reason. I don’t think it’s wrong to feel this way. I do, however, think it would be wrong to publicly out her and make fun of her. I know you could say but hey, here I am rehashing my story publicly but I haven’t given a name, photo or any identifying information and I don’t say this to be rude. It’s just an awkward position to be in.

  5. Who knew that being nicer to people is what’s ruining our country?! Here I thought it was douchebags like him dragging it down. ?

    1. “non-working lazy ass crybabies”
      Hey you braindead Pot, meet Kettle!!!
      Also does anyone know if Nathan finished the 5th grade?

  6. Did we really expect anything less from this imbecile? He fat shamed Jenelle on the reunion show last year, and Jenelle isn’t even fat….at all.

  7. Body shamer: a person obsessed with own weight and appearance, who wastes a large part of the day being afraid to get fat and thus not accepted and liked. Very frustrated and irritated due to hunger. Jealous of people who are able to have a life without all the “rules” they have to live by. Often not accepted and liked because they ridicule or hurt others while venting their frustrations, insecurities and fears and come across as a total assholes/ bitches.

  8. People like this douchecanoe make me laugh. He’s “physically fit ” in the fact thst he has muscles, but guys like him have zero cardio. Any semi decent runner would blow the doors off him. That’s why you see so many guys like him in their late 30s and older with big arms and bigger guts. See douche it’s easy to critique others, you’re not immune from it! This guy is a joke!

    1. Not to mention that it is all drug-enhanced. That means a small pee-pee and rage issues. What a prize he is! 😀

  9. This makes my blood boil. What a pathetic waste of skin he is. I’m glad he got banned from the gym, sometimes the Internet can be used for good. Total Z list “celebrity” with Z list opinions.

  10. What a d-bag. Nathan should take up fishing or mountain biking where he can have me time far away from society. He has proven several times that he has a problem with alcohol and people. Best to just keep him away from both.
    Hopefully some mentoring group can help the kids get a positive male role model in their lives.

  11. Yet another reason I feel bad for Kaiser. His male role models are his father, who body shames women at the gym, or David, who calls him a “little bitch” when he expresses an emotion. That kid is going to have some amount of messed up issues when it comes to women when he’s older.

    1. “The world is full of crybabies…”-Nathan (the same guy with the ugly crybaby face yelling, “Jenelle, PLEASE, tell them I didn’t do anything”, while in handcuffs being escorted to the back of a police car!)
      Lol ?

  12. Sadly, this crap is why I am scared to go to a gym to get in shape. It happens all the time with “fitness experts” either judging other’s bodies or techniques. It sucks.

    1. Ignore them all. You do you. Besides, most people in the gym aren’ttreally paying attention to who’s there. Only annoying children who don’t have enough self esteem do that.

  13. At least she is trying to better herself and help someone also-all you do is be a dick… You know fat can be lost but the ugliness in your soul will be with you forever you mooching loser! I hope your son doesn’t reflect you but more his step daddy david!
    Get a life and a real job and stop judging ppl!

    1. I don’t think Nathan knows how to open the doors to the library. Also all the books would grow legs and run away in fear.

  14. He’s such a stupid jerk. I’m glad his membership was revoked, and I hope other gyms in the area close their doors to him too. People don’t need to be body shamed in environments promoting self improvement, trainer or not.

  15. Again, social media is making people so stupid. Why post something that you know will get you in trouble?! Or is he too stupid to realize that?! He deserved to be banned from that gym.

    1. Well, he did propose to Jenelle Evans, who’s never had a relationship that didn’t involve an arrest. So it’s safe to say there’s some kind of problem with his trouble-detection abilities.

  16. Maybe instead of fat shaming someone he should get a job… or give some of that MTV dollars to charity or go and spend time in the eating disorder wards and see how many of them where fat shamed.
    He is nothing but a waste of space.

  17. Correct me if I’m wrong but the playmate is facing legal charges because the person she photographed was naked and it was taken in the locker room.. it wasn’t just because she photographed someone at the gym. Nathan didn’t do anything illegal by photographing the fully clothed trainer on the gym floor. Morally is he wrong? Of course. But he didn’t do anything illegal. It’s like apples & oranges.

    1. No this shit needs to be nipped in the bud, Nathan was on Gold Gym’s property where bullying their employees is not allowed.

      Now if he would have posted/said this on public property or his own property (bahaha like Nathan owns any land) is an entirely different issue of his awfulness.

      1. Bullying is not allowed on Gold’s Gym property. He violated their terms and therefore had his membership revoked. But none of that is against the law. And no, taking pictures of people isn’t illegal. How many times have you taken a photo out in public and someone who is not the subject of your photo happens to be captured in the shot? Should you go to jail because you’re at Disneyland and taking a picture of the castle and there’s at least 50 people in the shot. Would you ask all 50 people their permission before posting said photo on Facebook? No.
        The issue with Nathan is he was clearly violating Gold’s Gym’s terms. Not the law. Which was my initial point.

    2. If that’s not the lazy ass pot calling the fitness club employee…employed. It wasn’t even the trainer that reported it. He’s such a fuckin’ douche that somebody second party snitched on her behalf. I hope the ‘roids shrink his dick.

  18. I would like to point out that that girl is not even fat. She looks healthy and normal to me. It’s people like Nathan who discourage others to go to the gym. Shame on him.

  19. What a complete tool!!!! Not everyone is looking to have a rock hard body. People may have different physical limitations than him or flat out may have a different idea of how they want to look. Who is he to judge anyone? What kind of person could be so shallow and cruel?? Good ole’ Nathan…. still a stand up guy! ?

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