‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar Bucks Duggar Family Dress Code By Stepping Out in Shorts

“If I’m feeling really crazy tomorrow I may try culottes!”

Stop the presses because… a Duggar girl is wearing shorts—in public!

A girl in her early twenties wearing shorts is hardly news…unless of course that girl comes from a family that only permits its female members to wear skirts and dresses. The Duggar family is known for their modest dress and intolerance of pants on females, but it appears that Jinger Duggar is stepping outside her family’s strict dress code!

Jinger, in all her shorts-wearing glory…

Jinger, who moved from the Duggar Family compound in Arkansas to Texas after marrying Jeremy Vuolo in November, recently sashayed around town in some knee-length shorts and a pair of Keds. The pair posed for a photo with a Counting On fan who didn’t seem to realize she was witnessing Duggar fashion history in the making!

A Duggar girl has never been out in public in shorts before. In fact, the Duggar daughters have rarely, if ever, even worn pants in public. Jinger’s sisters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, have each been photographed wearing snow pants while sledding, but this is the first time any of the Duggar gals have veered into shorts territory for no reason except to be fashionable.

Jinger’s mother, Michelle Duggar, has been outspoken about why she and the girls dress modestly and only wear skirts and dresses.

“My daughters are the second generation of modest dressing in this family,” she has said. “They’ve grown up being dressed modestly, and in clothes that are definitely more feminine apparel. I’ve told my daughters this has been a joyful journey for me to learn what my Lord has called me to. I really feel like the Lord is impressing upon me that I should be modest in what I wear. And also, that I really should be defining who I am as a woman by choosing to wear dresses and skirts.”

No, you are not hallucinating: those are, indeed, Duggar kneecaps…

Up until now, the Duggar daughters have strictly adhered to their parents’ dress code. In one memorable episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Jill refused to wear a standard firefighter’s uniform (that included pants) while working as a volunteer firefighter EMT. She opted, instead, to modify the pants into a skirt. (Jill did wear firefighter pants while around flames, however.)

Both Jessa Seewald and Joy-Anna Duggar have been photographed in the past working out while wearing a skirt over their exercise pants.

Anyway, judging from the ear-to-ear smile on Jeremy’s face in the fan photo, he doesn’t seem to mind that his wife is bucking her family’s fashion guidelines by rocking some printed baggy Bermuda shorts and a lunch-lady-inspired button-down top. She’s even wearing—gasp!— a ponytail and not the trademark, Jim-Bob-approved long-flowing curls the Duggar girls are known for.

While Jinger’s outfit may be ‘risque’ (by Duggar standards, anyway), she’s still technically within the Duggar modesty rules. They believe that females should keep the area from the neck to the knees covered so there’s no “defrauding” going on. (The Duggars define defrauding as “stirring up desires [in men] that cannot be righteously fulfilled.”)

(H/T Pickles For Truth Facebook page


  1. Kissing is not a sin, you don’t have to go any further than that if you dont want. Also the fashion is changing ladies. There is nothing wrong in wearing pants.

  2. I don’t think women should be held responsible for men’s lustful thoughts what she is wearing is very modest but if she desires to wear a modest one piece bathing suit that should be ok. They have implied that we as women are responsible for men’s lustful thinking and ideas. It says stuff i. The bible about men and their thoughts too not just women. So in other words if a female family member if yours wore something that could be construed and giving away to a man’s lust full thoughts and behaviour and he decides he can’t control those thoughts and rapes that family member because it was her fault she wore something that was considered immodest you would be ok with that. Just Saying

  3. Your last paragraph is unfairly stereotyping the Duggars by using the phrase “Duggar modesty rules” and “the Duggars define defrauding as…” The “rules” are guidelines they adopted as a family based on sound moral principles found in the Bible, and all families should adopt similarly. The Duggars didn’t cook up what defrauding is. These are principles taught in the Bible, and they are simply echoing them, and perhaps educating us all to what has been lost in recent times. But the principles have been known by Christians throughout the centuries.

  4. How are these shorts any different than a skirt? They cover up the same amount of skin. I could just picture the phone call from Jim Bob and Michelle to remind Jinger about modesty, I bet he’s seething because he has no control over her anymore. If the Duggars are so concerned about modesty I’m surprised they let their daughters put on a pound of heavy makeup and spend an hour curling their hair every day.

  5. Ok, I’m ignoring the whole Duggar thing, because, frankly, it’s sad that’s news, lol.

    But, seriously, why in the hell do people pose like that for pictures? By people, I mean the chick that got her pic taken with them, of course. Do people not realize they look like idiots when they pose like that?
    Don’t answer that…the whole duck face crap people participate in pretty much answers it for me.

  6. She looks quite respectable. It’s hot in Texas she should be comfortable and wear the hair off her neck. Jinger and Jeremy are their own family now with the beginnings of their own family and should set up their own structure

  7. I don’t understand the whole “skirts are more modest” thing. Pants/shorts keep you physically covered. Skirts are open. Hey Fundie Dads-is that what you really want?
    More like-that’s what Old Fundie men really want. Yeah. I went there.

  8. Good for Jinger!!!! She looks like a “normal” person! Who says ya have to dress FRUMPY all the time like the rest of the cult. Hopefully she & Jeremy will spend their time getting to enjoy one another before children.

    1. So very backwards. I am normally and live and let live kind of person but I do hope these young women get a taste of the modern world someday. They may be very happy living they way they do but how could they really even know?

    1. I have to disagree with you on your comment. Jinger is a well polished young lady with morals and respect. Amy is far from that. Amy is loud and brash.

  9. I’m glad Jinger is startingvto come into her own. It looks like she is finally out if her parents control. Thank goodness she has a husband who will stand up to parents. It’s about time one of the Duggar children broke free of their controlling parents.

  10. I was pretty shocked (sadly because it’s totally normal) that she was wearing sleeveless dresses on her honeymoon! This coming from a family who wore sleeved potato sacks as swimsuits!

  11. Now that one of them is wearing pants maybe one of them will start using birth control until the time is right.

    1. Jeremy actually seems half normal to me… If there was ever one to be in favour of not popping out kids every 5 minutes, it’d be him

  12. Jeremy has preached before about female modesty and how it can be achieved with pants/long shorts just the same as it can be achieved through dresses/skirts. Jinger probably has just made the full transition from obeying her parents’ rules to obeying her husband’s rules. Womp-not a victory.

  13. It seems like Jinger is the only one to have married a decent man (Jill’s husband didn’t seem bad but I think risking his pregnant wife with Zika has made me lose all respect for him). It looks like he can actually support a family on his own, thus freeing them to be their own people. Also living far away will be good for them. I hope she has the space to grow and be her own woman.

  14. Good for her! I’ve been waiting for one of them to come out of that shell I mean Who doesn’t agree that having morals and respect is the way you should live but I’m so happy one of them is figuring out what that is for themselves and not just being told to follow someone else’s lead

  15. YAY! I had a feeling it would be Jinger, between her lively personality and her completely normal husband. I bet money she’ll move to even more “shocking” (aka normal) clothing soon. The shorts are a big step, even if these particular ones are baggy and unflattering. One of the Bates daughters, Alyssa, dresses totally normally now; Jinger can start borrowing clothes from her.

  16. Good for her! Now that she’s away from her controlling family she can spread her wings and become the young lady she should be. Her husband did right by getting her the hell away from Duggarville

  17. For the first time in her life she probably feels free and able to breath and think for herself. Welcome to Texas, Jinger!!

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