First Trailer for Next Season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Released: See What’s Missing

“Ready for another season, kid?”

MTV gave viewers their very first peek of the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, and, while it was full of cute baby smiles and sweet parenting moments, something was conspicuously missing from the footage: everyone’s favorite “Backdoor Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham!

The short 15-second trailer includes footage of the other ‘Teen Mom OG’ moms–Catelynn LowellAmber Portwood and Maci Bookout— hanging out with their kids, but Farrah is nowhere to be seen. Her daughter, Sophia, is shown very briefly in the beginning of the trailer (throwing a bunch of terrifying dolls from her mom’s yogurt shop into the air), but Farrah’s nipped ‘n’ tucked mug does not appear at all. 

While this may just be an oversight, there’s a possibility that Farrah was purposely left out, as ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans have been outspoken about wanting to see less of her. (There have even been several petitions made by the show’s fans in order to try to convince MTV to give Farrah the heave-ho again.)

“This is not OK, MTV. I am the star, duh.”

Farrah did, indeed, film new footage for the upcoming season, though, so she will be in the new season. (To be fair, it appears that MTV may have just extended the most-recent season to include a “B” season. The wording at the end of the trailer that invites viewers to watch the “Spring Premiere” rather than a new season seems to hint at that.)

Anyway, moments that were shown in the sweet trailer include the birthday of Catelynn’s daughter, Nova; Amber hanging out with her daughter Leah; and Maci playing with her newest offspring, Maverick.

The new (or extended) season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres Monday, April 17 on MTV.

Watch the mini-trailer below:

(Photos: MTV)


    1. Try to imagine all the teen moms without make up on. They’re all hideous. With the exception of Caitlyn (blue eye shadow aint hiding nothing girl), they plaster their faces to make them look like drag queens.

  1. I like how the headline is “see what’s missing”
    Farrah is definitely a WHAT at this point >.<

    1. But unfortunately, everyone is just teasing us. Farrah and Debz will be a part of the show so keep your remotes ready.

  2. Why are they still making Teen Mom OG? It’s so over. They should never have resurrected it. Give it up already.

  3. the show has been on since 2009 so 8 years, Beverly Hills 90210 lasted 10 years with amazing ratings until the last few seasons, it was cancelled because of the ratings, and so will Teen Mom just like Jersey Shore and the Hills, both on MTV and both had way higher ratings than the teen mom shows. I think by 2018 it will be over!

  4. Whatever happened to that show catelynn and Tyler were doing? Did it just take one episode (or lesss) for the world to realize that, although the show itself may be mildly entertaining, the presence of catelyn and Tyler just completely ruins everything! ?

  5. I bet the staff just wanted to work less with her and MTV was scared they would sue over abuse allegations 😉

  6. Farrah is the reason I won’t watch the show. She is awful and there is nothing interesting going on in her life. The others are boring but I would watch them only because I want to see Amber and Matt explode at some point.

  7. I’m over it. It’s not teen mom it’s almost 30 somethings who may or may not mother. Maci the miracle baby maker is married has her litter and her leather pockets great, Ryans parents are the only interesting part.
    Amber only cares about herself matt and their couch, leah isn’t safe in that front seat!
    Cate and Ty can’t stop complaining about boredom and smoking weed long enough to find something productive to do.
    AND we all know why Farrah is horrible to watch.
    Get out of here it’s garbage!

    1. Thank you!!! All I could think of when I saw that preview was Leah and the damn front seat. Quite frankly, she should probably still be in a booster seat. What is wrong with these people?!

    2. I imagine they’re driving some type of sports car, since that’s what you blow your Teen Mom paycheck on, right? And sports cars are notoriously safe family cars.

      Maci the miracle baby maker. Yeah, I want to know what all of these mystery fertility ailments are that these “women” suffer from, you know…since their fertility is in dire straits and they’re on their third kids.

      Cate and Ty are so irritating, particularly Cate. Get up and MOVE!!! DO SOMETHING!!! Other than stuff your face!

      Farrah’s portions of the episodes make me laugh. She is so far out in left field it’s hilarious and fascinating that this is her “real life”.

  8. I quit watching because of Farrah. I read the recaps but I just can’t take her voice and her horrendous attitude. I would be very happy to see less of her.

    1. We used to have cable, and I would PVR to be able to skip commercials, and it came in so handy to skip through the Farrah parts as well. We got rid of it, so its a little trickier to skip online through the parts you don’t wanna watch. Its made it almost too painful to keep watching.

  9. Is it okay for kids to be riding in the front seat now that airbags can be turned off? I know none of the teen moms have been good with car seat safety. Leah in the front seat was the only thing I noticed when I saw the preview last night.

    1. There isn’t a backseat, and while airbags turned off is better than nothing, Leah really should still be in a booster seat (either a high-back or backless depending on her height/weight). That seatbelt is up so far past her shoulder it could actually injury her in an accident.

      I’m a total car seat critic, it drives me insane watching some of the moms drive. Leah’s twin infant seats in the backs at during her 16&P were awful!

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