Girls From ‘Are You The One?’ Season 5 Set Up a Ridiculous GoFundMe Page

“This is important! Our reality TV careers are at stake!”

GoFundMe is used to raise money for many things. Need to pay for your dog’s chemo? Start a GoFundMe. Need to pay for a relative’s funeral? Start a GoFundMe. Need to move to L.A. and become a reality star? Start a GoFundMe.


Four women who starred on the most-recent season of MTV’s Are You The One? are have started a campaign in hopes that the show’s fans will give them cash so that they can move to Los Angeles to further their reality TV “careers.”

The GoFundMe page, started by Season 5 star Tyranny Todd, begs strangers to help her and her cast mates Taylor Selfridge, Kam Williams and Hannah Fugazzi fund their dream life.

“Hello! We are Tyranny, Taylor, Kam, and Hannah!” the GoFundPage reads. “We are planning a big move to Los Angeles, California! We all live far from LA and it’s really expensive to leave across country! But with your help, we can collectively move to LA and fulfill our lifelong dreams! Thanks in advance!”

The girls hail from Georgia, Washington, New Jersey and Northern California, respectively, so it can be assumed that they need the money for moving expenses.

There is only one snag in their plan: so far, they’ve only raised about $20 of their $20,000 goal Oof.

Jemmye Carroll, who has starred on The Real World and The Challenge, saw the girls’ GoFundMe page and had the same reaction we did.

“Ummmmmm. Wtf. This can’t be real life. What. Is. Wrong. With. People,” she tweeted over the weekend.

UPDATE: It appears that the girls have closed their GoFundMe page, having raised a grand total of $20!

(Photo: GoFundMe)

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  1. I have a high school classmate who started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for a nanny for his child. He stated that sending the child to daycare would be damaging to her early development and they wanted to hire a nanny to be with the kid at home.

    I about fell over dead when I saw this. People are seriously shameless.

    Glad these girls closed the campaign… get a JOB!

  2. rumor has it they lost their season is AYTO. How selfish of them. As I said in another form, we lost our house last year because of my husbands pay cuts. We didn’t start a go fund me. We made it work. Pathetic.

  3. It really pisses me off how a show which clear intention was to find someone perfect for you (I’m not saying true love because a machine still can’t determine that) is just a bunch of fame whores who want money. Like really all they get is a free vacation and most of them a free shag. It’s pathetic and there has been only one successful couple on it (Evan and Amber). Just cancel it, MTV.

    1. Well, the stated intention is to find perfect partners for the participants, but anyone with a lick of sense can see through that. MTV isn’t in the business of forming healthy marriages, and the participants aren’t paying MTV to do so. MTV is in the business of making entertaining television. Healthy relationships make boring TV. It’s much more entertaining to select people on the basis of attractiveness, promiscuity, and undiagnosed personality disorders.

  4. Hm. Here I am in my last semester of dental school $300,000+ in student loan debt because I stupidly decided my life long dream was to become a dentist. I should have just set up a gofundme to make money instead of wasting four years getting my bachelors and four years in dental school.

  5. Ooof. Instead of working 3 jobs clearly I should have landed me an MTV show then be a profession GoFundMe recipient. Somewhere in life I’ve clearly made a mistake.

    1. LOL Just saw your comment after I posted mine. Seriously. Why are we even working so hard??? We messed up.

  6. I give them 6 months to go from “I’m the next Kim Kardashian!” to “Try not to get it in my eyes.”

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