‘Teen Mom UK’ Renewed: Will Season Two Feature New Girls?

More “mums” coming your way!

Get the fish and chips ready and prepare for more British baby mama drama because…MTV UK has renewed Teen Mom UK!

The network announced on Wednesday that the second series of the show will premiere this summer with eight hour-long episodes.

However, the network specifically said that this will be a second “series” rather than a second season, so it appears that the upcoming episodes may star new girls. If this is the case, the UK version of the show won’t be replicating the American version’s pattern of following the same girls throughout the years. This may be MTV UK’s way of preventing the UK girls from becoming ‘celebrities’ like the U.S. ‘Teen Moms’ have.

The first ‘Teen Mom UK’ series premiered in November 2016 to great ratings. The first series’ cast– Naomi Konickova, Mia Boardman, Megan Salmon-Ferrari, Chloe Patton and Amber Butler–shared all their motherhood joys, triumphs and disappointments with us. While fans seem interested in continuing to watch these young moms as they grow, it will be entertaining to meet a whole new group of moms and see what their lives entail.

MTV UK’s Jill Offman said she’s excited about the new series.

“We’re so excited to be bringing the show back for a second series and will continue to capture all the joys and challenges that come with young motherhood,” she told MTV UK.

MTV has yet to officially comment on  whether or not the Series 1 girls will continue to be shown. The girls all tweeted about the new episodes, but none of them clarified if they will be starring on them. The Ashley has reached out to the network for more information, and will update this post if more info becomes available.

‘Teen Mom UK’ series two will air this summer.

(Photo: MTV UK)

17 Responses

  1. Megan is a complete and utter moron
    Amber is a bitch who doesn’t want Ste, but doesn’t want anyone else to have him, she’s a Farrah Abraham of the Uk version
    Chloe is as wet as the sea
    Mia a complete drip

    And the new one Sassi is an agumentative mouthy Twat with an attitude problem

  2. I actually really enjoyed the cast and hope we get to see more of them! Really liked Mia and Naomi! Amber and Chloe grew on me. Megan… well……..

  3. It was awful. They should have done the 16 and Pregnant series first and then they could actually pick interesting girls. I stopped watching halfway through.

  4. Not sure if this is relevant but us UK folk generally call your “seasons” as “series”. It may depend if the press statement was intended for american or UK publication. Or I maybe completely off the ball!

  5. The U.K./Ireland use “series” instead of “season” for tv shows. It means the same thing

  6. UK/Irish TV use “series” the way Americans say “season” so I doubt there will be a new cast.

    That being said, Teen Mom UK is extremely boring and uninteresting. I don’t know why they’re making any more episodes.

  7. I watch a lot of British television and I’ve never heard/read they use the word ‘season’, they always use ‘series’. So the deduction there will be new girls featuring might not be true.

    Can’t wait for your next recaps, don’t even care which show’s recaps!

  8. Is it possible to see this show in the US? If so, how? I think it is a GREAT idea to feature different teen moms, maybe with updates on fan favorites. Perhaps viewers will get a more realistic view of Teen Mom-hood as opposed to the over-paid, uneducated baby factories the US version has created!

    1. Hey, you’re not missing much! I didn’t really enjoy it, maybe there wasn’t enough “drama”. Plus, most of the babies were over 6 months when they started filming, so you didn’t go on the full journey with them. Xx

      1. I actually really enjoyed it, I liked that there was a range of ages of the babies and some of the girls brought plenty of drama. Ohh Megan and her shitshow of a life… imagine getting engaged to your babydaddy who cheats on you in your car with your best friend. Then he buys you a horse to make up for it that you can’t afford to keep for more than a week so you decide to have another baby at 17. Jeez.

      1. It will say there are files of it in Kodi but when you try to load them it’s says no stream available.

    2. I watched all the episodes while they show was on at MTV.com/AU never had any problems. Only thing that sucked is that they took forever to upload them so I’d have a new episode a week later then when it originally aired but it’s was no biggie. That’s besides the point now anyway, they’re all on there.

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