MTV to Bring ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise Down Under in 2019: Get Ready for ‘Teen Mom Australia’

Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder? Then apply to be on ‘Teen Mom!’

MTV is bringing its trainwreck teen pregnancy show Down Under!

The network just announced that it will expand its Teen Mom franchise in 2019 with Teen Mom Australia. The Aussie version will join the three American versions of the show: Teen Mom OGTeen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, as well as Teen Mom UK…once it finds the perfect knocked-up teens to feature!

“‘Teen Mom Australia’ is heading Down Under for the first time ever and we’re looking for a cast of young mums to tell their stories,” a casting notice on the MTV Australia website reads. “The 10-episode local version of the franchise will premiere in 2019.”

It’s no surprise MTV chose to bring the series to Australia, as the US and UK versions of the show are immensely popular with Aussie viewers.

“’Teen Mom’ resonates with Australian viewers because the show is ultimately nonjudgmental and honest, and the success of the US and UK ‘Teen Mom’ franchises with Australian audiences has been incredibly positive,” MTV’s Asia Pacific VP Simon Bates said in a statement. “With a great team and brilliant format, we’re thrilled to bring our very first, locally produced Aussie take to this show that we are confident our viewers will love.”

“If I come to Australia, can I be on it?”

According to World Screen, ‘Teen Mom Australia’ will feature a slightly smaller cast than the US and UK shows, with only three girls to follow instead of five.

“‘Teen Mom Australia,’ produced by WTFN, will follow three teenage mothers from different areas of Australia and different backgrounds while they attempt to balance childcare, jobs and teenage hormones,” the site reports. “This adaptation follows the format’s successful launch in the US and the UK.”

Filming for the first season of ‘Teen Mom Australia’ is scheduled to take place from March to around June 2019. MTV has not announced when the show will premiere, though.

“I keep tellin’ ya, this show is neva goin’ away!”

If you’re an Aussie teen who thinks she may find herself knocked up around that time (or if you recently had a baby and want to get your mug on TV), you can apply to be on the show. However, you must be at least 16 years old, be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and have had a child between December 1, 2017 and December 1, 2019.

(Photos: MTV Australia, CBS, MTV)

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  1. I just……don’t think this will work. Even worse, because they are putting together girls giving birth until December 2019, some will get knocked up on purpose now! Seriously, W T F?!

  2. Yes please! Keep making money off of the pain and ignorance of young girls who are being taken advantage of by MTV as well as their babies daddies! Continue to propagate this myth that if you are anot unwed teen and you unexpectedly get pregnant, maybe you’ll get picked for a reality show and make it big! It’s time for the MTV Teen Mom nonsense to stop. It served it’s purpose but now it is beating a dead horse.

  3. This is turning into MTVs version of Love and Hip Hop…all of these unnecessary spin offs..TM OG, TM2, 16 and Pregnant, TM Britain or whatever it’s called, Young and Pregnant or whatever, TM Australia…and I know I’m forgetting some..there are starting to be too many to count.

    1. Teen Mom UK is actually great though! I genuinely like the girls (even Megan grew on me by now), and the dads are very active & responsible in comparison to the US version.

      1. Actually that’s why I was coming here to post… Is UK version still going forward? I didn’t think they brought in enough ratings and I didn’t find everybody terribly stimulating on that show.. I thought it fell off the map.

  4. ”Teen Mom’ resonates with Australian viewers because the show is ultimately nonjudgmental and honest….”

    Bwahahahahaha. Is he even watching the same show?!?

  5. But i dont know where to watch it when it would come out. I missed some other teen mom. I think it was in the uk. It was teen mom or 16 and pregnant

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