‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer’s Boyfriend Jason Jordan Discusses the Hardships of Dating a Reality TV Star; Plus Leah Explains Their Brief Split

“It ain’t easy datin’ a girl on The TV, y’all!”

After a temporary breakup, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is back together with her boyfriend Jason Jordan, and the couple recently spoke out about what caused their split, and how they are making their relationship work.

As The Ashley previously reported, Leah and Jason broke up about two months ago. At the time a source told Us Weekly that the couple’s relationship “just wasn’t working.” Leah later elaborated in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“I’m not saying Jason’s not the right person,” she told the site on November 5. “He wasn’t in a great place in his life, and it is what it is.”

By Thanksgiving, though, the couple was smiling together for a family portrait, along with their four kids. (Leah has three daughters while Jason has one son.) During an episode of her Life Reboot podcast (that was obviously recorded while she and Jason were broken up), Leah explained what went wrong with their relationship.

“As the relationship grew, I found myself being way more needy or co-dependent on [Jason],” Leah said. “I felt like I needed him around. I found myself caught up and so consumed in his life, so I really had to hit the reset button…it was all about that person and doing everything for them. It was taking more from me than it was giving….I felt like everything was getting chaotic. When I finally broke off the relationship it was like taking a deep breath. I just felt a sense of relief.”

But Jason was apparently not ready to call it quits with Leah.

“It doesn’t help when they’re like, ‘I’m going to do whatever I can to get you back,’” she added.

Judging by their recent Instagram post, Jason’s plan to woo Leah back worked. On Tuesday, Leah shared a picture to her Instagram of Jason kissing her cheek.

“Find someone that knows you’re not perfect but treats you as if you are,” Leah wrote in the photo’s caption. “We rise above all that is stacked against us. I love you so much! Where have you been?”

When a fan asked Leah in the comment section what she meant by having everything “stacked against” her and Jason, Jason responded, explaining the hardships that come with dating a reality TV star.

“Just to clarify because I usually don’t respond to anything, but with her three, my child, TV, tabloids, rumors, her travel and work, my work, friends and family, and exes, it’s not a simple love story,” Jason wrote. “People have baggage and sometimes behaviors have to change on both sides and it takes lots of work and patience and time to make the ‘love story’ happen. I hope that makes sense.”

“You’re right, babe,” Leah responded in the comment section. “It’s definitely not easy but it’s worth it. We have something special and we both know that. There’s a lot of things added to our relationship that’s just not found in your typical relationship. We got what not everyone finds and I’m so blessed God sent me you!”

(Now we know what Leah meant when she said the “schools are not well in West Virginia…”)

Jason chimed in again to respond to Leah’s comment.

“We may not be perfect apart but we are perfect together,” he wrote. “I love our blended family and our kids mean the world to me! I can’t wait to see what our future has in store.”

Leah has not dated much since she her divorce from her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, in 2015. (She had already divorced her first husband, Corey Simms.) Like Leah, Jason is also divorced. According to online records, Jason was married to his son’s mother from June 2014 until October 2017.Leah and Jason began dating this spring.

(Photos: Instagram)

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  1. Hopefully #3 will work out for her. I really think Germys job was the #1 issue and the cause of divorce. I know I surely couldn’t handle my husband being absent that much. Anyways good luck girl and I hope it wrks out for u and your kids .

  2. She should listen to her podcast after the break up again. It’s not cool to be dependent on someone. Trust me, I went through that and it made me think all I need is him. Well, it wasn’t true and that day when I was done was the best day of my life.(which I realized later) My life has been going up since I left him. If you are continuing the same relationship now (if it’s without being dependent, cool but I kinda doubt it), I’m sorry but that’s not the way. I love you Leah but no, don’t be one of those who only rely on their man.

    Why is society making women feel ashamed if they’re single?! Whenever my next relationship happens, I KNOW for a fact I won’t depend on him. I learned my lesson.

  3. I don’t understand….with the break up happened she said it was because ‘he was not in a good place’. But now that they are back together, she says they broke up because she was too dependent on him. Which one is it?

  4. I’m still rooting for her. She’s the only cast member that was totally at rock bottom, went to rehab, stayed the course, and seems to be back on track…she didn’t revert back to that I’m the victim BS she use to always pull, like SO MANY of the current cast members…so if he’s a genuinely good guy, and this relationship is healthy and good for her and her kids, then I’m here for it.

  5. Happy for any of these girls who can get up off their couches at home (or the faux leather banquette of some local diner), and do ANYTHING besides bitch and wail to friends about how their lives suck.

    Leah’s come a long way, and right now she and her new guy seem content. Wishing them the best with it.

  6. She is so pretty! I hope she has really come into “her own” in this relationship, as she certainly has in her life. Leah, please, do what is best for you and your lovely daughters ??

  7. I was kind of relieved when I heard they broke up since it sounded like Leah was taking time for herself and not depending on a man. Nonetheless hopefully she winds up happy and Jason is her Cole because Jeremy is certainly no Cole.

    1. Jeremy has a very different job than Cole does. I think him being gone a lot from home contributed to at least 1/4 of the divorce. Obviously Leah’s problems contributed.

      1. True re: the job thing, but hopefully Jason won’t go on belligerent rants on social media. That’s where Germy’s true colors showed.

  8. this is a damn mess. im guessing she’s already pregnant. she hasnt been with this guy for six months and she already has her girls playing house with him

  9. The couples who are constantly flaunting their “love” on social media are the ones who break up..i bet theyre sitting next tp eachother as their “commenting”…so lame

  10. Seems a bit premature for “our blended family” and “our kids” talk. Especially since they were broken up last month.

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