‘Teen Mom UK’ Stars Amber Butler & Ste Rankine Expecting Second Child

“Smile for the camera and say ‘Oops we did it again!'”

There’s another baby on the way for Teen Mom UK star Amber Butler and her (clearly on-again) beau Ste Rankine!

Amber announced the big news on her Instagram account on Friday, sharing a photo of Brooklyn— her four-year-old son with Ste— holding a roll of sonogram photos.

“Coming soon 2019 ???,” she wrote. “Finally happy to announce Brooklyn is going to become a big brother this year and he’s ready to take on the roll.”

In a video posted to the ‘Teen Mom UK’ Facebook page, Amber made a video announcement.

“So me and Ste have some really exciting news to announce,” she said. “So Brooklyn has a little sibling on the way! You’ll be able to see the journey on the next series of ‘Teen Mom UK’ coming soon!” 

Amber, who hails from Blackpool, England, is one of the original girls from the series, which started on MTV UK in 2016. She gave birth to Brooklyn when she was 17, and has been on and off with Ste in the years since. Viewers watched as Ste moved on and got into a relationship with a woman named Kirsty— who was featured on the show. In January, Amber told MTV News that she and Ste were in a “really good place.”

“Me and Ste are much closer now,” Amber said in January, “We’ve got a good friendship going on.”


“I’m glad to say we’re actually in a really good place right this minute in time – yeah it’s really good for me and Brooklyn, we feel like we’re a family unit again,” she added.

Back in December, Amber started to post pictures of her with Ste, and on Valentine’s Day, she revealed that they were giving their relationship another try. She posted on Instagram that this was the first Valentine’s Day they had spent together “in years.”

Amber has not revealed if she’s having a girl or a boy, or when the baby is due.

Judging by his reaction on Instagram Stories, Ste seems to be a bit nervous about becoming a dad again.

Ste seems thrilled…

MTV has not announced the premiere date for the next season of ‘Teen Mom UK.’

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

7 Responses

  1. Two and a half months after they decide to “give the relationship another try” and she’s posting what I assume is her 12 week scan photos? Jesus H Christ. They’ve already had one accidental teen pregnancy, at least one pregnancy scare after that, and Ste has previous for cheating (and I assume he was too stupid to figure out how to use a condom then too), but yeah just carry on having unprotected sex. I mean, what could go wrong?

    I feel so sorry for poor Brooklyn, he watches them screaming/shouting/crying/swearing at one another, and yet they cannot understand why he then starts acting out himself.

    The two of them are well matched at least, both as thick as pig sh*t.

  2. Ridiculous. They don’t co-parent together as it is because Amber can’t move on and they are simply too immature to make adult decisions. They have no stability or consistency in their relationship yet want to bring another baby into it. Very smart.
    Suppose they have to secure their place on the show somehow, Amber constantly starting loud arguments when Ste comes round wasn’t going to keep them rolling in the MTV money for much longer was it. Just my opinion from what I’ve seen.

  3. “Take on the roll” sounds like he’s ready to throw down with Kaiser in toddlers fight club.

  4. My friend often uses the grimace face as a sign of genuine excitement and it confuses the hell out of me. Perhaps Ste also uses it that way?

    I think they’d work well together if they would just DEFINE their relationship. Not setting any boundaries or deciding whether they’re together or not was what caused all of their drama since both of them weren’t fully committed but also weren’t fully single. I hope it works out for them, they seem to love each other, and I hope the fact they seem to have chosen to be together officially and bring another child into the world together means they will stop being childish and most importantly STOP fighting in front of Brooklyn.

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